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How to Get in Shape? Essay

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Updated: Aug 28th, 2020


Nowadays, there exist numerous guides on getting in shape, but they do not always appear to agree with their ideas. It is not surprising: the process of getting in shape is rather long and difficult, and one method is unlikely to fit every person. Still, a couple of suggestions can be relatively universal, including the advice of making sure to enjoy the process.

Thus, the first step to getting in shape for any person is to understand that he or she wants to be in shape. The process needs to be completely voluntary; otherwise, it will be difficult to enjoy it. One could suggest that this stage provides motivation for the remaining elements of the process, which makes it crucial for success; it is the basis for getting in shape, and should not get skipped.

The process of getting in shape

Once the decision is made, it is time to begin the investigation. Indeed, doing anything without knowing how to do it is not a good idea. Reliable sources (for example, health magazines or professionals) need to be consulted with the aim of gathering enough knowledge to customize the process of getting in shape. The need for customization is apparent: everybody is special and unique, and, apart from that, people tend to have different tastes, which may affect their enjoyment. Getting in shape is typically related to physical activities and dieting, and there is a wide variety of ways to perform both. People who do not enjoy jogging might like powerlifting, and those who dislike vegetables might like fruits. Choosing what is most pleasant and convenient for every particular person appears to be another motivational technique that promises success.

Having established the preferences, one can begin planning the process. This stage can be customized as well: some people prefer detailed plans while others are more comfortable with a gliding schedule. Setting goals can be motivational, but it is important to make them manageable and achievable while also ensuring a certain level of challenge, which should also be specific for every person. The knowledge from the previous phase should be used extensively here and, if possible, consulting specialists is also helpful.

The next stage is the implementation, and it is likely to require much effort. Planning should provide the guidelines, and the customization of activities should provide motivation, but it is advisable to search for other sources of inspiration during this stage of getting in shape. For example, friends and relatives can be a source of support, and new ideas for getting-in-shape activities can be found during traveling or surfing the Internet. Thus, it is possible to return to the research and planning stages at any moment to modify the process for one’s enjoyment.

Finally, if a person enjoys it, the process of getting in shape can and should become a habit and an integral part of one’s life, which brings along multiple benefits that do not have to be related to health. For instance, jogging with pets can help one to become a responsible owner. Engaging in group sports can help one to socialize, spend time with friends, and make new acquaintances. Learning about healthy products and dishes can be educational and very entertaining. In general, finding new healthy ways to enrich one’s life can be very engaging.


To sum up, there are many ways to enjoy the process of getting in shape. Moreover, this process comes with multiple bonuses. By determining one’s preferences, planning the process, and searching for continuous sources of motivation and inspiration, a person can make sure that he or she will not stop halfway and achieve their goals in this field.

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