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Human Sexuality: A “Mock Interview” Essay

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Updated: Feb 21st, 2021

What is your definition of human sexuality?

J. Chisholm: human sexuality refers to the ability to make responses to erotic experiences. It can also refer to the sexual attraction of one person to another one (Bolin & Whelehan, 2009).

Is there a connection between sexuality and sexual orientation?

J. Chisholm: Yes, the sexual orientation of individuals determines their sexuality. Sexual orientation can be an attraction to a person of the opposite sex, called heterosexuality attraction to the same sex, called homosexuality, or having no sexual attraction to anyone, which is called asexuality (McWhirter, Sanders, & Reinisch, 1990).

Does sexuality affect many aspects of human life?

J. Chisholm: Yes, human sexuality affects the legal, political, cultural, and philosophical aspects of human life. It is also linked to morality, religion, ethics, but it is not directly related to gender. Sexual activities that are associated with human sexuality increase when a person reaches puberty. According to some researchers, genetics and the environment in which an individual has to live in can determine his/her sexual behaviors. In essence, environmental factors have a greater influence on behavior, emotions, and human thinking (Bolin & Whelehan, 2009).

What are the norms of human behavior, and do sexual norms exist in American society?

J. Chisholm: Yes, a norm is something that is regarded as an appropriate and desirable behavior expected in a specific situation. A norm can be part of a culture, but it is not a law; it is not formal. My work as a social worker has exposed me to sexual norms in American society, so it is true, sexual norms do exist. A sexual norm in society refers to a personal or social norm. These norms are used by American society to gauge sexuality. They are used as determinants of sex between individuals who meet specific criteria in terms of age, race, and social roles (Koppelman & Goodhart, 2010).

What are these sexual norms?

J. Chisholm: sexual norms are related to premarital sexual relations, homosexuality, extramarital sexual relations, and pregnancy out of wedlock, incest, and rape crimes (Koppelman & Goodhart, 2010).

Are pre-marital sexual relations accepted in American society?

J. Chisholm: in some cultures, it is not accepted, but in many radical cultures, it is accepted. Many cultures declare that it is wrong, but it is still rampant. Sex before marriage or sex at an early age is widely discouraged. However, the contemporary culture is somehow contradictory prohibiting it and, at the same time advertising most films, television content, and books that encourage pre-marital sex. There is a high rise of teenage pregnancy among the American youth showing that pre-marital sex is rampant (Covitch, 2012).

Have you ever encountered homosexual relationships in your work, and are these relationships acceptable, in your opinion?

J. Chisholm: Yes, the greatest part of my work is about meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures of different sexual orientations. The question of whether this relationship is acceptable or not is hard to answer. In my opinion, this is a new form of relationship that is encouraged by leaders who gain from the spread of homosexuality among Americans. What is unacceptable is to not accept the new changes. However, accepting the new changes does not make those changes right or wrong (Koppelman & Goodhart, 2010).

As a social worker, does the sexual orientation of a person affect your judgment or opinion?

J. Chisholm: Not. Social workers are guided by ethical and moral obligations. Discrimination is detrimental in any society. Social work is about bringing and maintaining social order in a society. The most important thing is to understand a person, his or her sexuality and background, and only then handle such people accordingly.

What is your opinion about same-sex attraction?

J. Chisholm: If the attraction is driven by love, so let it be. Love brings happiness, and if an individual is happy with a same-sex partner, I hold no condemnation about it. Homosexuals should be treated as normal people. They should be served, like other people, and they should have an access to the same opportunities other people have. That is the meaning of social order.

Are extramarital sexual relations acceptable in American society?

J. Chisholm: No, they are not acceptable. A good number of Americans believe that it is wrong for married people to have other sexual relations apart from their spouses. I agree and do believe it is wrong to cheat on your wife or a husband. Marriage is based on faithfulness, trust, and honesty, but extramarital sexual relations violate the very basis of marriage. Extramarital affairs are the main cause of several divorces and the consequent predicaments (Wetchler, 2003).

What is your opinion on early sex and teenage pregnancy?

J. Chisholm: this is a behavior that involves sexual intercourse between minors or between a minor and an adult. It is one of the greatest taboos within cultures in the world. This behavior has a lot of negative consequences; the child is likely to suffer physically, emotionally, or mentally. Peer pressure among youth is one major cause of teenage pregnancy. Teen pregnancy is wrong; it changes the lives of all participants bringing an innocent life into existence. It also contributes to other societal evils like prostitution and abortion (Covitch, 2012).

What is your opinion on incest and rape?

J. Chisholm: the two are not only wrong, but they are considered crimes. Early sex can be as a result of bad sexual encounters, in particular, child molestation and rape. When it involves members of the same family or people of the same bloodline, it is called incest. The research has indicated that early sex can affect human sexuality at a later age, depending on the cause of the act. It can cause a person to have a negative perception of sexual acts, thus affecting an individual’s sexuality (Covitch, 2012).


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