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Hypothetical Research Proposal Request: Optimization Software Term Paper


Product planning, delivery scheduling is a burning issues in the sphere of industrial engineering because it is closely associated with supply chain management. This problem is especially important due to the rise of globalization and international cooperation.

This research proposal seeks to define how software optimization can contribute to the advancement of supply chain management and resources planning via route optimization. In order to conduct the analysis, the principle of genetic algorithms has been used as the basis of learning model. The following project is worth funding because it provides a wide range of opportunities and improvement that can foster the production process and increase the performance.


Problem Description and Proposed Solution

Due to the rise of technological advancement and global integrations, big companies and corporations have taken the course on cooperation and the development of chain supply management that also include the problem of materials flow management and resource planning. In this regard, the just-in-time method of delivery requires an effective time management and transport equipment capacity.

Recently, the researchers have been attracted by batch scheduling which provides a combination of partitioning and sequencing. According to the delivery principle, the products are divided into several equal lots and shipped at time and each shipment equals to each shipment. Our task is to evaluate the potential for one shipment and the ways that would increase transport capacity through optimization of vehicle routing. The introduction of JOpt.ASP is software programs designed for industrials applications and online solutions.

The importance of the Project

The project is of a great importance because it can greatly contribute to the delivery optimization by limiting the time costs and minimizing vehicle tear and wear. Aside from cost benefits, the software under consideration enables the evaluation of CO2 emission and assists in controlling the environmental issues.

Technical Description of Problem

Detailed analysis of the problem

In order to comprehend the essence of the problem, it is necessary to provide a detailed description of supply chain process from the supplier to the customer. While assessing the vehicle routing, it is imperative to define such aspects the time of loading, the loading capacity of the transport, transport fitness for shipment and the number of loads for transmitting the entire product. Therefore, the problem is to work out an optimal rout with optimal shipment size and loading capacity.

Ignorance of these variables can lead to the malfunction of the entire chain of operations and wrong calculations of the required capacities including time and information management. Therefore, the optimization of time and routing can considerably simplify the process of delivery and minimize the time necessary for maintenance of products at inventory level. In addition, it is necessary to assess potential of shipment of sequence.

Technical Description: Introduction of the Technologies and Their Contribution to the Problem Solution

Jotpt.ASP is technological advancement designed for the vehicle routing optimization through standard SOAP interfaces. It has been designed for industrial purposes that are based on ASP.NET (JOpt Advanced Vehicle Routing Component n. p.). The software allows to construct a population of solutions and scenarios and to bring optimization opportunities for various applications.

More importantly, JOpt offers a simple approach to linear distances between the junctions, or nodes. This distance model can automatically be utilized in case a distance matrix is not included. However, it is also possible to insert and exchange real values within the matrix that can enumerate all distances a truck or a care ought to go when passing from point to another (see Appendix 1).

For example if the variables are given in kilometers, it is necessary to distribute the matrix indices as the nodes ID applied to the function setDistMatrixld. Then, this matrix will be provided with the help of addDistaceMatrix. Time matrices are necessary to assess real travel time with respect with various road types. With the help of this matrix, it is also possible to identify the speed of individual vehicle.

Statement of Need

It should be stressed that the proposed software is based on the principle of genetic algorithm that is considered to be one of the most powerful tools of delivery optimization. Therefore, with the utilization of Jopt.ASP it is possible to develop one central optimization center and provide one wide solution to the problem. In addition, this optimization software can allow to integrate into any SOA enterprise by means of supporting multiple optimization task in parallel.

With regard to the above, the goal of the software introduction is improve the quality of deliveries and enhance the calculation of such variable as time distance, load capacity, and fuel energy with regard to road types. In addition, the component can also improve the basic operations between the supply and the customer and minimize the costs for additional equipment.

Proposed Solution

Methods Used for Solving the Problem

The proposed software for route optimization is based on genetic and metric algorithms. Therefore, genetic algorithm is the best method for solving the problem because it is based on stochastic representation of a population of various solutions. In the project under consider, the presented optimization software is based on a real-code genetic algorithm, which implies that the information is presented as vector of real values, traditionally presented by binary system of variables.

Genetic algorithm is based on evolution simulation where a population of abstract solutions for optimization problem develops towards more effective solutions with each iteration. Hence, each iteration is followed by a new solution proposed by JOpt through recombination and mutation. During this process, the program also deprecates the solutions that have a worse fitness and the ones that perfectly suits the optimization process.

Solution fitness is closely associated with a cost function where all optimization objectives are taken into consideration. In order to direct the solution to desired objective, JOpt.ASP established the priority of different objectives by means of weighting factor identification. Each objective is objective is processed to fit the distance unit. For instance, if the value 1 to each hour exceeding the maximum time allowed will be cost as much as 100 extra km distance within the overall solution.

By calculating the routes carried out by a truck with different shipment weight, JOpt can also calculate fuel energy spent on the entire rout. What is more important is that the program can define optimal schedule for optimal energy efficiency with regard to truck payload and road mileage.

Theoretical Background Required for Solving the Problem

In order to properly implement the software for optimizing vehicle routing, it is necessary to analyze possible patterns of routing algorithms for calculating the most optimal paths. In particular, it is necessary to define such terms as linear structure and non-linear structure of traffic routes, traffic engineering, neural network, routing itself (Turky and Mitschele-Thiel 45). This sphere is closely correlated with supply chain management and industrial engineering in particular.

Further on, it is necessary to examine in more detail the essence of genetic algorithm that is considered to be the basis of numerous optimization processes in the sphere of industrial engineering. This method has become especially important due to the rapid development of evolutionary computation (Cantu-Paz 1589).

Finally, another important theory to analyze is various models of supply chain management to grasp the essence industrial and business operations that are based on online processing of digital data (Mentzer 307). Due to the fact JOpt is primarily based on the principle of computer processing of online information, the internet and electronic facilities are inherent components ensuring the relationships between the supplier and the consumer and developing different channel of the goods exchange.

Proposed Plan for Solving the Problem

After an in-depth analysis of technical characteristics of the optimization software and method used for the analysis of information, it is possible to develop a systematic plan for the introduction of improvements of supply chain processes and delivery of goods by batches. It will include:

  1. Calculation of previous values and analysis of the current situation;
  2. Introduction of JOpt.ASP and examination of its major principles;
  3. Analysis of patterns of genetic algorithms;
  4. Assessment of the result after the implementation of the optimization software.

The above plan should contribute to the solution of the identified problem and provide perspective for further development and advancement of supply chain management.

Concluding Remarks

The Advantages of Using the Proposed Solution

The introduction of optimization software provide a wide range of advantage of enterprises and industries because it can greatly contribute deliver operations and to the increase of productivity and performance. To begin with, the program can solve the problem connected with scheduling and production planning and introduce flexible and effective memetic algorithms that can be quickly adapted to company’s specific requirements.

Second, the software can considerably advanced the enterprise service architecture via standard SOAP interfaces. Third, the route optimization component can also guarantee an efficient performance of any requirements. Finally, such program can also simplify the flow of materials and improve the scheduling and allocation of resources.

Aside from improvement of supply chain management, big enterprise can significantly upgrade the technology and enter a new level of innovative development. Such advancement can contribute to company’s adjustment to changes and increase the quality of product because the less time will be required for transportation and more time will be spent on the product manufacturing.

Finally, the introduction of this device will foster the process of industries’ integration to the international market and will promote the establishment of fruitful cooperation with other international industries and companies.

Reasons for Funding This Project

JOpt.ASP is product enabling to carry out rout optimization and automatic resource planning. Based on evolutionary computation and genetic algorithms, the software is created for meeting various optimization needs for different manufactures. The product is enhanced by DNA’s practice and theory of natural evolution, which is a new step up in the sphere of innovative technologies. This device perfectly suits for application with a wide range of constraints such as load capacity, skills, and time windows.

What is more important is that this software can also be applied in other spheres of production. Finally, the implementation of the product allows to regulate the emission of carbon dioxide, which is especially vital when considering current environmental problems. Therefore, this project is worth considering and funding because provides best multiple variants of solutions for the established objects.

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Appendix 1: Using Time and Distance Matrix

Using Time and Distance Matrix.
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