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Importance of Health Information Technology Essay

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Modern technological advancements are transforming different sectors and fields, including health care. The use of superior systems is making it possible for physicians and clinicians to provide exemplary medical services to their patients. The factors identified below have led to this new trend in the health sector.

Contributing Factors

Several forces contribute to the widespread implementation and adoption of health information technology (HIT). The first one is the concept of globalization whereby different regions have access to similar advanced systems that are applicable in medical practice. This means that even the remotest parts of the world can acquire and implement advanced health technologies to meet the needs of more patients. The second factor revolves around the effectiveness and benefits of such technologies (Burns, Bradley, & Weiner, 2019). The use of HIT is associated with positive results, thereby triggering the same trend in every part of the world.

The third one is the latest trend in research and development (R&D). Many stakeholders are currently undertaking numerous studies to introduce and apply technology in different fields of healthcare. This move has made it possible for many hospitals and departments to benefit from such research. The fourth contributing factor is the current increase of complicated or chronic illnesses that require advanced systems (Rittenhouse et al., 2017). Such diseases are forcing stakeholders and physicians to embrace emerging technologies in an attempt to improve patients’ experiences. These aspects explain why health institutions should embrace such systems to streamline operations, improve record management, and increase the percentage of individuals who have access to high-quality medical services. These gains will transform the effectiveness and sustainability of the United States’ healthcare system.

Implementation Challenges

The adoption of HIT is an evidence-based practice that can improve the experiences of many citizens in the United States. However, a new tendency characterized by increased adoption of such systems, specific challenges to successful implementation is evident in this country. Firstly, new technologies require advanced skills and competencies if different practitioners are to use them effectively. This means that institutions should train their workers and encourage them to use these systems. Such issues affect adoption and implementation rates for HIT. Secondly, the cost of acquiring and installing HIT in different medical facilities is quite high (Burns et al., 2019). This gap discourages professionals and health facilities from embracing the use of modern technologies.

Thirdly, HIT changes every single day due to the ongoing R&D in the field of technology. This development makes it impossible for many institutions to acquire emerging technologies when necessary. This problem is associated with the need to train practitioners continuously and the increased costs for such systems. Fourthly, there is a huge disconnect between theory and technology-based medical practice. This means that many learners and students of nursing do not get enough training regarding the applicability of HIT results in reduced implementation. Finally, there are complex guidelines that hospitals must consider when planning to adopt and implement HIT. This becomes a major challenge for many clinicians who want to embrace the use of technology. Due to the nature of these challenges, there is a need for policymakers and stakeholders to present powerful approaches that have the potential to enhance the utilization of HIT (Kim, Coiera, & Magrabi, 2017). Learning institutions can also equip students with adequate skills to make them proficient users of modern systems. Compliance requirements should be implemented in such a way that they support adoption. These recommendations will encourage institutional leaders to embrace HIT and eventually maximize patients’ health outcomes.


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