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Improving Store Cleanliness and Housekeeping Problem Solution Essay

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Updated: Jun 13th, 2019

EatNGas is an organization on the verge of collapse. Urgent is the need to identify de-motivating factors by identifying employee activities and carrying out performance improvement initiatives based on motivation (Cashier Responsibilities: Duties of a Cashier, 2000). Organizational establishments flourish on success when the human resources within such settings embrace quality improvement issues.

In addition to the tasks and sub tasks carried out by cashiers of receiving payments, maintaining clean and orderly checkout areas among others call upon pragmatic leadership to make things better. Maintaining and improving store cleanliness and housekeeping is one of the incentive plans in such a business setting. This included participatory motivation.

Motivation is fundamental component in retaining employees in the work place besides improving on productivity and employee efficiency in achieving organizational goals and objectives. Motivation can be induced but in essence rests on an individual’s drive to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

According to the case study, of fundamental importance is the inspiration from the organization’s management to bring about a new perspective in employee thinking, a key component for the organization. Even if employees are rained with incentives such as money, the organization may not realize any benefits if their thinking style is consumed in poor perspectives of the organization.

Therefore, deducing from the case study, the business executives have to motivate the employees based on various motivation theories. According to shah and shah (2000), the organization faces an urgent need to incorporate achievement motivation.

Once a cleaner has done excellent work by paying attention to detail in carrying out tasks and sub tasks, motivation will reinvigorate work values in a non competitive environment ultimately leading to embracing moral values in the job environment. In addition, motivated employees feel supported by the management in place. This has the impact of making employees work harder in pursuing organization’s goals and objectives. Other motivational component to incorporate is affiliation motivation.

This will instill the need for employees to associate with others in the work place. According to Shah and Shah (2000), competence motivation makes employees performances improve in addition to power motivation that instills the need for other employees to influence others in performance improvement in the work place. Employee attitude determined work force productivity in the process of a cashier handling customers in the workplace and maintaining a clean environment (Shah & Shah, 2000).

The situation needs individual and urgent attention in improving on the integrity, co-operation, self-control, stress tolerance, and improved social interaction in the work place. This furthermore impact positively on the abilities of employees in the context of their work.

These could provide individual motivation and provides an environment where individuals can grow. In addition, it is incumbent upon the management to identify motivational goals by recognizing employees by embracing contemporary theories of motivation as another vital component.

Chapman (2001) identifies different factors leading to employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction. High and low attitude factors, first and second level factors, and interrelationship factors were core in determining an individual’s motivation (Chapman, 2000). These theory concerns people’s well being in the workplace by factoring humanity and care for an employee in the workplace (Chapman, 2000). These could result in improved performance as an additional component.

Chapman (2000) identifies hygiene needs or maintenance factors in the work place based to Herzberg’s theory of motivation as job security, good working relationships, and personal life, appropriate compensation plans in wages and salaries, and improved work conditions among others.

Chapman (2000) contends that money is not a motivation like other motivating factors in itself based on. These key components and other supporting factors based could see a drastic change in employee attitude in performing improving on store cleanliness and housekeeping within EatNGas incl. organization (Cashier Responsibilities: Duties of a Cashier, 2000).


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