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Instagram Analysis Proposal



Instagram is a service that is quintessential to all companies and individuals in the globe. It offers its users online photo-sharing and social networking services, such that they can take photographs and apply digital filters to them.Thereafter, they can share these pictures with their friends and colleagues in other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Sidra Medical and Research Centre plans to open an account in instagram in a bid to let people know about the activities of the hospital, its scholarship program, events as well as social activities. This paper presents a one-year strategic plan for Sidra’s account in the networking site.

This is important for all people wishing to visit Sidra, as they can learn about it and its activities from the site. The hospital will also get feedback regarding its services from the site.

Executive Summary

The Aim of This Plan

With this plan, we intend to grow to a higher level, by increasing people’s awareness regarding Sidra.

Organizational Mission

Sidra Medical and Research Centre will provide patients with world-class healthcare services in an innovative and state-of-the-art facility specially designed to promote healing. In particular, it will initially address the growing need for more comprehensive patient-focused medical services for women and children in Qatar and throughout the region.

In collaboration with the premier medical school in Education City, leading research institutions worldwide, and Qatar’s health sector, Sidra will provide a diversity and quality of care conducive to training medical students and highly skilled clinicians, and will be a pioneer in clinical and translational biomedical research of value to the population of Qatar and the world.

Organizational Vision

Sidra Medical and Research Centre will be a beacon of learning, discovery and exceptional care, ranked among the top academic medical centres in the world.

Core Organizational Competencies

Our key organizational competencies are good management, quality leadership and remarkable coordination.

Core Values

  • Integrity – we always act in an open manner and are truthful; in all that we do
  • Accountability – we work with open staffs that are responsible for all their actions
  • Collaboration – we work together in a cooperative manner, with the recognition that combined efforts achieve the institution’s goals faster than individual efforts
  • Commitment – we are dedicated to serving our customers and providing excellence in all aspects
  • Community – we recognize the health needs of our community and respect every individual’s needs
  • Innovation – we are of the belief that new ideas and a good flow of information will lead to provision of better healthcare services

Authors of the Plan

This plan was developed by the hospital’s management team and administration, in conjunction with the hospital’s Board of Directors. The whole team identified twelve strategies to be accomplished through five pillars, in an effort to meet the ever-increasing medical needs of the community.


  • Enhance clinical services
  • Ensure better relations between the community and the government
  • Enhance healthcare delivery by increasing physicians


  • Ensure patient safety
  • Enhance customer care and build a quality focused team


  • Provide full coverage of local and international events.

Social Activities

  • Build good relationship with staffs through parties and celebration of their outstanding performance.

Successful implementation of these strategies will help Sidra to achieve the following future goals:

Short-Term Goals

  • Improve the health of the community members

Long Term Goals

  • Enhance value of Sidra through improvement of services and outcomes
  • Provide a comprehensive program that provides services that meet the needs of women, children and the community at large

Choice Of Material

For the Instagram project to attain the intended success, it is imperative that the uploaded pictures be tied to the mission and vision of the hospital. Before a photograph is uploaded using the hospital account, it needs to be vetted for relevance and effectiveness. It is imperative that the photos to be posted illustrate the quality of services offered by the hospital.

Photographs to be used will be primarily taken by the hospital staff eliminating the need to seek permission when posting them online. As far as the variety of content to be posted, anything that reflects well on the image of the facility is good material for publishing.

In this regard, photos of the various departments of the hospital, preferably, when patients are being served will help make the fans aware of the fact that the facility is in business.

Photographs of satisfied patients taken with the members of staff will also contribute to the objective of getting the hospital’s name to always be regarded in positive light. It is worth noting that in photos that will have patients in them, it is mandatory to first let them know what you intend to use the photograph for and ask them if they would be comfortable with it. If they decline, then there are no two ways about it but to commit to their requirements.

Mention Policy

The name Sidra Medical and Research Centre is a brand on its own. Therefore, every marketing strategy should recognize the importance of maintaining the integrity of the brand, by only associating it with high quality establishments. As such, any mentions or other links associated with uploaded photographs need to positively contribute to the growth of the brand.

Among the companies that would be appropriate to receive mentions in the photographs posted under the Sidra account are product suppliers, media houses, doctors associated with the hospital and other high-profile individuals. Typically, these are institutions and individuals with a high following and therefore any form of association with them is bound to impact well on the attention that the hospital will receive.

Publishing Time

Instagram, like all social media platforms, has specific times when uploading content will be more beneficial to the institution in terms of the quality of attention received. Research will be conducted to find out the specific times that a post will receive the most shares, likes and/or comments as these are the parameters used to determine how effective a message will be.

Shooting and posting photos at the same time might not be a good approach for the institution because by the nature of the business, it is imperative that the photos be well analyzed, confirming that every person in the shot is comfortable with it being made public.

In addition, because the primary mission is to promote Sidra and not its partners, photos will need to be assessed, with product suppliers and manufacturers consulted regarding the publicity that they get through instances of their brand in the photographs.

It is worth noting that the social media promotion will have its own department which will handle all the decisions regarding what to be posted and at what time to post it. Any photographs submitted by other members of staff will have to go through the department before being posted.

An Overview Of Sidra

  • Directors and managers
  • Brief history of the hospital
  • Main activities
  • New programs
  • Location
  • Past performance and major achievements

Strategic Action Plan Focus By Month

Month Summary of Activity


In the instagram account, we will explain all the strategies in place for achievement of our short-term and long-term goals. We will also include extensive information regarding our new scholarship programs. This will be done systematically through the following steps:

  • Posting photographs of the hospital on the site
  • Illustrating the site of the hospital by locating it on a map
  • Sharing the information with bloggers in other social sites
  • Urging instagram users to visit our account on a daily basis as we always have something new to offer
  • Requesting users to share what they learn about our hospital with their friends.
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