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Jay Lacouture’ Effective Communication Essay

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Effectiveness in communication, especially in a dynamic audience, depends on communication strategy adopted and nature of the speaker’s expression on a subject. This may include body language, figures of speech, technicality of expression, and perceived response.

Jay Lacouture is assertive and use commanding language across the speech. He has full control of the direction of the speech and strong mastery of the subject. This paper attempts to analyze the speech, Jingdezhen: The Porcelain City, by Jay Lacouture.

Jingdezhen: The Porcelain City

The goal of the speech, Jingdezhen: The Porcelain City, by professor Jay Lacouture is to discuss the experience in China as a visiting artist in the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, under the International Ceramic Program between West Virginia University and the china based art school.

The speech by Professor Jay Lacouture is mindboggling as the revelations of the experiences in China are a bit controversial, especially the techniques used in the clay art. Since the speaker is well experienced in the topic of discussion, he is articulate and comprehensive in discussion the interesting large clay pieces in the Chinese art institution.

The speaker and the seven principles of effective speaking

The purpose of the speech is meant to explore the experience in China about art at the Chinese institution called the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. The speech is meant for educative purpose as it discusses the academic aspects of the visit and art experience. In terms of the audience, the speaker uses a mixture of formal and informal undertone to keep the audience active and interested in the 45 minutes long speech.

After discussing each serious topic, the speaker integrates humor and light language to ensure that the concentration of the audience is maintained. For instance, he cracks a joke about the physical appearance of the clay works and the way the Chinese described him. As a result, the audience remains captivated as evident by their active participation in the process of the speech.

The speech was presented in the DiStefano Lecture Hall in the evening on 24th March, 2010. The speech was presented through direct interaction with the audience in the expansive hall to ensure that there is a nice environment for maximum concentration. As an effective speaker, Professor Jay Lacouture includes all the information and intrinsic ideas on similarities and differences in clay art in China and in the US.

The speaker uses illustrations to discuss and portray his direct experiences over the period he worked and lived in China. In order to give the speech weight, the speaker illustrates the ceramic art and its significance in China as the economic and cultural heartbeat of the society. Through use of simple but formal language, Professor Jay Lacouture was able to captivate the audience with his mastery of the topic of speech and flow of ideas.

In terms of organization, Professor Jay Lacouture applies the systematic and procedural approach in presenting the ideas across the speech. For each topic, the speaker makes a short introduction which is followed by discussion of the topic and a summary of the findings.

Being an expert in ceramic art, the speaker is credible since he has full mastery of the subject and control of the flow of the speech. Professor Jay Lacouture cleverly balanced the performance of the speech to integrate physical and verbal elements in delivery. For instance, he balances his tone, body gesture, and picture illustrations across the speech with much ease.

Meeting six qualities of public speaking

Professor Jay Lacouture met all the six qualities of public speaking. He is aware of the audience and scope of the topic, thus, the ease in presentation. Besides, he uses attention catching phrases and humor to keep the audience proactive and interested in the speech. Despite the long speech, Professor Jay Lacouture manages to maintain freshness through use of different illustration and good language.

The speaker was also interesting in balancing the serious information and the informal interjections, especially on personal experiences. In terms of fearlessness, Professor Jay Lacouture does not shy away from describing the experience with his Chinese counterparts in a language that may be interpreted as stereotyping. He overcomes this by remaining himself describing personal experiences by using authentic examples in comparing different ceramic arts.

Meeting the BIFF

Brief Despite the expansive nature of the presentation, the speaker managed to present a comprehensive speech within 45 minutes. He uses illustrations and examples to ensure that the audience understands the topic. Through use of humor and light language, Professor Jay Lacouture can be described as friendly in the presentation. Despite the friendliness, he remains firm in the presentation through the use of formal language and academic tone.

Professor Jay Lacouture used pictures, testimonies, and established facts to describe the ceramic arts in China. In summary, Professor Jay Lacouture’s personality is modest. Interestingly, the aspect of multiple personae plays out across the speech. Conclusively, Professor Jay Lacouture’s speech indicates dominance as the language used is commanding, emotion-free, and assertive.

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