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Johnson & Johnson Company Profile Report (Assessment)

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Updated: May 12th, 2020

Introduction: Johnson & Johnson Company Profile

The company Johnson & Johnson (J & J) is a leading American manufacturer that specializes in the production of medical tools, and pharmaceutical goods. The central office of the corporation is located in New Jersey. Moreover, the firm owns 250 subsidiary organizations that function in different parts of the world. The primary products that are valued by the customers of Johnson & Johnson are beauty products, first aid emergency devices, which include bandages and some medication types. The most celebrated brands that operate under the supervision of the corporation are Johnson’s Baby goods as well as Clean & Clear wash. Therefore, the production of Johnson & Johnson may be split into three areas, which are pharmaceutics, diagnosis tools, and medical devices.

The History of the Firm

Johnson & Johnson company evolved in 1886 as a small business that targeted the production of first aid appliances. The manufacturer was founded by three brothers, Edward, James, and Robert, who developed the idea out of the need to provide the local railroad workers with such products as kits and bandages (“Johnson & Johnson Manufacturer” par. 7).

In ten years, the company developed a strong network of beauty production, which attracted a new cohort of customers to Johnson & Johnson. Lately, the firm promoted its expansion through acquiring such brand subsidiaries as Ethicon and McNeil Laboratories. This improvement contributed to the advancement in the production of pharmaceutics (Blake par. 6).

The Code of Business Conduct Specifications

The credo of the company, which was developed by Robert Johnson in 1943, reflects the ethical values of the business organizations. Mainly, it dwells on the devotion of the corporation’s members to the medical workers as well as parents, and other individuals, who use the production in daily life. The documents positions the customer’s needs as the highest priority and expresses the employees’ obligation to serve the global citizens with dignity and respect (“Johnson & Johnson” par. 1).

The secret of Johnson & Johnson’s successful marketing strategies is its orientation on innovation. Three sectors of company’s production present at least one new brand product every year, which accounts for a constant support of the clients’ interest (Benson par. 1).

Major Sustainability Challenges

Despite the sparkling success of its marketing rates, Johnson & Johnson faces some considerate problematic supply chain sustainability challenges. Due to the extensive load of subsidiary practices that are managed by Johnson & Johnson corporation, it comes as an undertaking task to ensure the clients of the firm of the absolute products quality and correspondence to the company’s standards (“Johnson & Johnson Faces Supply Chain Sustainability Challenges” par. 1). Moreover, the company often fails in certifying the ecology-friendly orientation that is adopted by all the brands of Johnson & Johnson. Therefore, the management of the corporation is still on the way to developing a consistent sustainability program.

Identifying the Primary Competitors of Johnson & Johnson

According to the recent rating, Johnson & Johnson manufacturer takes the upper hand in the quality of medical appliance and pharmaceutics throughout the USA. Nevertheless, the experts outline several corporations that aim at surpassing the leading company. For instance, Novartis AG company is considered to be the primary competitor of Johnson & Johnson. Despite the latter it lagging behind in respect to the market capital, it has already managed to outweigh the net income of J & J. Moreover, such firms as Pfizer and Merck & Co represent a new threat to the Johnson & Johnson’s success (“Johnson & Johnson Industry Peers” par 1).

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