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Kraft Foods Company’s Advertisement Analysis Research Paper

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Updated: Apr 26th, 2021

Kraft Foods Company's Advertisement Analysis

This is a picture of a cow used to advertise cheese. This advert picture demonstrates various advertisement elements used to design it. The power of persuading has been employed in designing this advertisement. This picture can attract people to read it due to outstanding graphic and color use. This way the advertiser has effectively created awareness of this particular product. The use of bright color (yellow) makes it more attractive and pleasing for people to read it. The advertiser has used a large clear picture, which makes it possible for viewers to see it more clearly without having to strain to spend more time. Black, white, and yellow colors have been used in the advertisement to create contrast. The advertiser has used the element of uniqueness and picture simplicity, which have made this advertisement stand out. The advertiser has ensured that he did not use large writing fonts, for easy viewer’s interpretation. In addition, it makes it simpler for viewers to understand the message in the advert more easily (Lilienfeld, Namy, Lynn, Woolf, Cramer, and Schmaltz 164)

This advertisement picture can attract viewer’s sight easily due to its bright yellow color. In addition, the contrast between various colors that are black white, and yellow can attract attention easily. The use of small text writings is to make the viewer curious to know more about the advertisement post. The advertisement has been placed on a classified website frequently visited by young people. It is targeting young people who are the main consumers of cheese.

“Conditioning has big role in persuasion. Viewer’s interests are caught through scientific method, advertising, presentation, imagination, seduction, selling technique among others. Neurobiology persuasion it is a form of persuasion targeting on attitudes among the central issues of social behavior” (Siew, Swee and Heng 193). Persuasion influence population through various forms, which include;

  1. Reciprocity –This is whereby people tending to return favors on goods and services. It is a form of advertisement where the advertising agency offers the customers a free sample of their product as an incentive.
  2. Commitment and Consistencythis a scenario whereby people keep on going for something even after the withdrawal of the offered incentives.
  3. Social proof is whereby people will buy commodities to their popularity or because other people are simply going for it.
  4. Authority; is a form of persuasion whereby obeying the available law involved in the advertisement.
  5. Scarcity for a particular commodity will increase its demand without even the need for advertising.
  6. Other people are persuaded by their role models to like and purchase the particular commodity.

An advertisement article is supposed to explain the nature of competition in a business. It also helps the advertiser to know how the customer chooses other commodities over his. It explains the competitive nature in the business venture, helps the advertiser to understand customer’s likes, and dislikes e.tc (Siew, Swee, and Heng 196).

This article should help the advertiser to explain each of his competitor’s tactics. “use of advertising tactics will enable advertiser to describe and understand his competitors, the market share they command, their comparative product quality, size, their growth, available capital and resources, image, marketing strategy, target markets, or whatever else you consider important”(Lilienfeld, Namy, Lynn, Woolf, Cramer, and Schmaltz 170)

As an advertiser, one should determine the strength and weaknesses of each competitor, and compare them to his own. Determine where your competitor does his business and how he conducts his business (Lilienfeld, Namy, Lynn, Woolf, Cramer, and Schmaltz 165). He should gather information about his business rivals through conducting research. This will help him to know his strength and weaknesses in the business. He/she should determine the key points to stress on to overcome his/her competitor. For an advertiser to be successful he/she should substitute the product to degrade a rival’s product, gives misguiding information, and give false information concerning his/her rival’s business (Siew, Swee and Heng 196).

Choose the right viewers, preferably in a new market. Make sure that consumers understand your advertisement. Consider your competitor’s strength. Determine what factors contribute to his business prosperity. Analyze them and come up with a strategy to overcome your competitors. Establish an image and ensure the right packaging of your commodities to attract more customers. Avoid too much advertisement because it might lead to losses due to expenditure (Siew, Swee, and Heng 196).

Do not spend too much or too little on the advertisement; make standard advertisement to meet the objective of conveying information to the consumer. Ensure that your advertisement reaches intended customers. Monitor your advertisement to confirm if the consumer got the message. Do random research to determine if people are familiar with your products (Lilienfeld, Namy, Lynn, Woolf, Cramer, and Schmaltz 170)

Limitations in advertisement include; advertiser being unable to produce a standard advert and a way of evaluating its success, Failure to reach the targeted customer, it is expensive to advertise and most advertisers are unable to provide detailed information on their goods and services.

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