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Laura Bush’s Biography Essay

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Updated: May 7th, 2019

Laura is an incredible lady who committed most of her time to volunteer work, while juggling family life with her husband’s presidency. From significantly advancing education in America and the world at large, to speaking out for the less fortunate women in Afghanistan who were undergoing oppression by the Taliban, Laura Bush has captured the imagination and won the admiration of many Americans and the world as a whole. She is truly an admirable lady with enormous strength.

Laura was born as an only child in 4-11- 1946 in Texas, U.S. to couples known as Harold and Jenna. She graduated from high school in 1964 after attending public schools in her home area, Midland. She acquired a degree in basic education from Southern Methodist University (SMU) four years later, before teaching in public schools in different areas such as Dallas and Houston. She worked as a librarian in Austin after receiving a degree in studies concentrating on library services from the University of Texas in 1973. She met G. W. Bush in the year 1977 at a barbeque. They got married three months later. She stands as the only first lady in United States history to deliver twins, Barbara and Jenna, in the year 1981.

In her earlier years, Laura strived to advance literacy standards and helped raise funds for public colleges and institutions, with the support of her mother in law, Barbara Bush and a foundation named after the family. She started a book festival in Texas which facilitated the raising of funds for libraries in Texas. The festival further benefitted Americans by introducing them to a variety of renowned authors.

Laura was an outstanding voice of the American people and she championed her husband’s grand agenda during his two-year term. She devoted her time in promoting the interests of families, young ones and women all over the world. She was a key advocate for the NCLB, which was her husband’s edification reform. She successfully launched education initiatives that effectively promoted preschool education practices.

In 2003, she productively took the education agenda to the global stages. In her role as honorary ambassador for the UN Literacy Decade, she has worked with the other entities in the United Nations such as the educational, scientific and cultural organization as a means of promoting literacy programs in the U.S and the globe as a whole. Laura has visited hundreds of schools all over the world and encouraged young girls to pursue their education. She has also talked to women on the importance of furthering their education and how they can go about it. This has empowered several women to realize their full potential and participate effectively in the development of their immediate community.

Laura facilitated the guidance of a number of initiatives that paid attention in helping the youthful populace of U.S of America. Her initiatives taught thousands of youth new and effective strategies on how to deal with the dangers and needs that they face in the ever changing 21st century. She also addressed the issues of drug substance and abuse among the youth in a bid to trim down the number of new juveniles in the various states.

The 9/11 violent behavior demonstrated the strength of Laura Bush, actively taking part in comforting the victims and families of the affected. It was a very troubling time for many American citizens and they needed somebody to look up to. Her intelligent responses on whether the U.S. was winning the war on terror assured many citizens and their children on their safety. She spoke out on the subjugation of women and children by the Taliban.

Apart from her education initiatives, she has visited more than five African states in support of the former president’s health initiatives like that concerned with Malaria. She raised consciousness on malaria and enhanced efforts to eliminate the disease. Bush has also helped raise alertness on breast cancer and life-threatening heart diseases.

She helped save thousands of women’s lives by educating them on heart diseases and cancer. The partnership helps unite the resources of researchers around the world and eventually come up with solutions which will help in the eradication of the disease which has and continues to kill many African children. The free supply of treated mosquito nets has gone a long way in saving many lives.

Laura has been honored and awarded severally for the eight years as the first Lady of the United States of America. She has been honored for her humanitarian work, library programs and education initiatives in conjunction with her efforts in improving the welfare of children by various foundations and associations across the globe. Vanderbilt University honored her with the Nichols-chancellor’s award on behalf of tragedy workers in May 2006.

For the eight years that Laura Welch Bush served in this unelected but very important role, she has proved to be a success and won the hearts and admiration of many in her numerous noble ambitions. Many Americans have benefited from education and health initiatives initiated by her.

These have raised the literacy levels of many and improved the health of many while fighting diseases like malaria, and creating awareness on breast cancer and heart diseases respectively. Her initiatives have helped save many lives from malaria and various heart diseases. Laura is a truly strong and remarkable woman.

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