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Leadership Model and Case Study

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Updated: Jul 2nd, 2020

In contemporary business arenas, leaders should ensure their organizations have orchestrated teams. Orchestrated teams are determined, focused, and organized to meet the needs of their organization; to develop winning teams, managers need to understand team dynamics.

In the case of CheapasChips, the previous management leadership style had ignored the need to have strategic business management policies that looks into all areas of an organization (MeShane, Olekalns and Travaglione, 2020). This report discusses the risks the business is facing as well as the management/leadership approach that should be developed for a winning business.

Risk management

The company has a policy of selling its products at low margin and benefit from economies of scale, as far as the strategy is good and has assisted the company this far, there is risk in the event it moves to highly competitive areas where enjoyment of economies of scale will be limited. Another risk that the company has is the youthful and untrained employees, the personnel might not be effective enough to benefit the company in the long run.

To mitigate against the risks, the management has the role of ensuring that instead of price cutting approach, it adopts a cost effective management approach. Secondly the management should invest in effective human resources management; effective human resources management will involve training of staffs and ensuring they have skills that can add value to the company.

Leadership style

The leadership skills adopted at CheapasChips takes the shape of dictatorial leadership; under the leadership approach, the management has failed to look into the needs of staffs but has focused on how the company can sell in large quantities. The company need to change its approach to management/leadership, it should embrace scientific leadership model where the business will be managed from all corners.

Generally, teams are formal groups within an organization; formal groups have some set goals and objectives to attain in an organization; some examples of formal teams include human resources management team and project management teams.

Employer motivation

CheapasChip human capitals are not experienced, they are young and untrained, and the management had ignored the role played by human capital in the attainment of corporate goals and objectives. Issues of employees’ motivation will be addressed by an effective strategic human resources management approach in the company. with effective human resources, the employer will solve issues with trade unions and staffs will work for the benefit of the entire company.

Social and environmental

The working condition of CheapasChips is not good, the way stocks are managed as well as the general outlook is wanting, the management has the role of ensuring that employees are always in a favorable working environment as this will trigger mitigation, and good customer service.

The company’s human capital lacks the skills of handling customers, this sis so despite the area of operation having other companies offering the same products. on management of human capital, the company again is on the receiving end with some trade unionists being interested in the affairs of the business. to handle this, the management needs to adopt customer relationship management policies and strategic management policies in its business.

Organisational ethics and culture

CheapasChips has failed to embrace positive organizational culture, the company also lack high adherence to ethical and moral code of doing business with the net result being human capital that are highly de-motivated and an organization that can hardly command respect from its environs. The situation can be changed with an effective leadership model be adopted in the company.

Management of conflict

Former management of the company was not very keen on prevention measures to prevent and occurrence of conflict, they have let things move in the way they are and seem okay with the status quo. The situation has reached to the unionists who are interested in the company affairs. To ensure that nothing negative sparks, the management should align issues according to the law and ethical needs (Forster, 2005).

Resistance to change

The former management was not willing to change and accommodate developments in the industry. This triggered the unionists get involves in CheapasChips affairs. To ensure that the situation has been managed, the management should dot strategic change management strategy.

Exercise of power and politics and implication for leadership style

Former regime at CheapasChips was miss-using power and using it to their own benefit, they hardly considered the implications that their decisions had on human capital or the area they were operating in.

The use of terms

The contacts that the company engaged with its employees were ambiguous. The average age gap of the staffs as well as their training level is an indication that the company was not keen on the role they play in the company. on the other hand their psychological contracts had been ignored by the company (Xiao-Ping, 2011).

Executive training and succession

At transition, the former regime of management needed to spend some time with the oncoming one for effectively power transmission. When there is effective power transmission, current management is likely to have deeper understanding of the business to facilitate immediate change of policies.


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