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Strategies of Leadership Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Aug 6th, 2019

In the order to become successful, an established manager and leader, I need to look at all elements encompassed in the roles of a leader. To begin with, I will concentrate on the communication skills I possess. As I have rated myself overtime, I have found out that, while listening to people, I do so without interrupting the speaker.

As a leader, one needs to understand my means of communication, (my verbal communication, accent, and my body language). A leaders mind is not supposed to wander of when one talks to him/her, moreover a leader needs to send signals that he/she understands, and that is what am learning to nature (Elerts, 2006).

In addition to this, I have come to learn that decision making should be effectual (Cameron, 2009). In relation to this, I regard myself as a reflector and a pragmatist. Therefore, all I decide on must always make sense and stand in the taste of time.

Priority is mandatory when one is to make up a personal development plan (Mathews, 2000). Things that are not of urgency should come last and urgent matters should be prioritized (Stoner, 2010).

This helps to maximize and make the most out of time. Over the years, the people I work with have received motivation from me. This attitude regardless of how small or big, makes one have the zeal of carrying on (Garner, 2001). In my plan motivating is essential as I have seen it work.

Whichever status one acquires, he/she needs to report to those above or to relevant authorities (Lee, 2004). These things though small carry up so much weight in ones personal development plan. In order to perfect and become one successful entrepreneur, I have realized that there are things I can’t avoid. One of these is time management. I have realized the need to incorporate time management skills in my development plan.

For successful leadership to occur, time should be spent sensibly (Brown, 2002). Time is not only a resource but is also very limited. Therefore, I have recognized the essence of ensuring I don’t misuse my time, all activities must be in writing and each allocated its own time (McVilly, 2009).

In my plan, I noticed that, the aspect of technology is necessary. For success, I need to be aware and conversant to the changing technology (Masons, 2001). My plan outlines the exact technology I should put in place, and how I should achieve this and get it in to the system. This means that I need to learn more and more frequently on the changing trends of technology to be up to date.

As a reflector, I have noticed the need for research as it is a key to success. Apart from researching, my development plan points out specifically what I need to do with the research without wasting time (Smiths, 2008). To be above or ahead of the pack, regular research programs must be initiated. Since this is a personal development plan for the whole year, it is of absolute importance to focus on my strengths and my weaknesses.

To begin with, I want to highlight my strengths that will help me in achieving my goals. Among my strengths I do have excellent communication skills. Nothing can be done without communication and therefore I do capitalize on this strength.

I do listen to what others have to say and work on bettering it. I also have a positive thinking towards life, and in particular about what I want to achieve. My passion in knowing new things is what keeps me in achieving the “unachievable”.

My weaknesses are that I fear venturing into uncertainties. I also lack the patience when no results seem to come in my way. However, I receive feedback from time to time from people and so I have decided to be calm when results trickle in slowly. Moreover, I have the zeal to venture in to the uncertain fields after giving it more thought.

Nothing is achievable without goals (Metzner, 2000). Hence I have set up goals in two categories. This includes:

  • Short term (in the next three months)
  • Develop my communication skills to perfection
  • Work on two researches every month
  • Develop a test product for the market
  • Long-term ( in one years time)
  • Have a customer base of 100 people per day
  • Achieve my higher diploma in printing technology
  • Establish a printing firm in my home town.

Subsequently I must have a system of monitoring these goals to come into reality (Clancy, 2005). This can be called my checks and balances unit. The plan clearly expects me to do thorough study, get a place where I can access capital for the business, go back to college, and make sure everything is according to plan.

Since we live in the world of uncertainties, it is important that in my plan I put measures that will counter any arising problem. In case of an unexpected occurrence, my plans must proceed or switch to plan B. This not withstanding, risks involved must be outlined. In this case, my plan should show clearly the next source of funding, the move I must take to counter my competitors and so forth.

My plan clearly outlines changes also found in current plan or rather deviation from current planning. Specific measures are in place to explain what exactly will lead to a change of plan from original plans (Haggers, 2006). On the other hand, it also outlines clearly things expected in the future. I need to explain my vision and make sure that all those who help me in achieving my vision are much aware of what is expected.

Again I need to lay out strategies in place for achieving this plan. To add on this, my plan has put in place management measures for implementation. Everyone involved is aware of what is required of them. There are tools in place to monitor the smooth running so as to hit my target.

Again, there is regular communication of what is happening. This helps in letting people know the status of where you are and how far from the goals you are (Johnsons, 2001).

In a synopsis, it is important to have a plan that clearly outlines and guides you towards achieving what you want. No prosperity in life comes from nothing that is not written down (Wisker, 2010). This is so because the writings will be as a reminder in your day to day life knowing that you need to achieve the set target.


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