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Learning and Skill Acquisition Under Observation Essay


Observation is one of the critical strategies used by researchers globally to monitor the process of learning and skill acquisition. Out of the approach, societies have devised successful methods of training used in various learning institutions. While people utilize their five ordinary senses to perceive issues, observation is the primary sense used by youngsters to understand the events around them. The video presented is the best example that portrays the immense role played by sight in the lives of children as they grow. The clip has various components that can help scholars to unearth the learning process and psychology of children. A close examination of the video elevates the scale of awareness that people have towards their cognitive development and knowledge gaps that need timely redress. It is within this backdrop that this essay describes the activities in the video and the components, which constitute the learning process.

Summary of the Videos

First Video

The contents of the video denote the learning process. The stages contained in the clip inform the audience that children go through a process that requires the participation of the relevant stakeholders. In the first segment of the video, the young girl focuses on basic mathematic skills. In the clip, she adds and subtracts food and fruits, a clear indication that her focus is on necessary calculation proficiencies. From the examination of the video, the additions and subtractions begin from simple levels where she adds single numbers such as 4+5 and 3+0 as well as subtractions like 5-4 and 3-1. She then proceeds to complex calculations that give a result of more than one digit. These additions include 6+4, whose outcome is ten executed with the aid of beautiful images associated with food and fruits.

Fundamentally, the complexity of the calculations transpires because of the tender stage of the girl. After that, she uses her knowledge to study foodstuffs and plates. Some of the foods on the shelves include fish, chicken, tomatoes, and meat. She divides the products and arranges them in three dishes on the table. She then places the various food and fruits on the respective plates and consumes them. The arrangement of the plates may represent how the family sits during mealtimes. In effect, children will always organize their items in a way similar to how their elders do, a factor that substantiates the notion following the arrangement of the plates. Afterward, she pictures herself inside a water body fishing and interacting with marine animals. The video lasts for 8 minutes and has three subsections.

Second Video

The second part of the clip that lasts for 15 minutes and has four sections dwells on the events that take place in a restaurant. In the hotel, the young girl appears to be watching the activities undertaken by others. At some point, she seems to be disturbed and cries. The people presented in the video comprise adults and young children, a feature that helps the infant to understand various virtues required for successful livelihood. Later in the clip, issues such as modeling and imitation, which are among the components involved in the learning process, start manifesting.

The girl begins to use makeup and looks at her appearance, a sign of imitation and modeling. The act of copying justifies some form of preparation with the intent of leaving because after applying makeup, she and her colleague appear as if they want to embark on a journey. Some of the features that emerge in the second video comprise art. The girl comes up with beautiful images of insects and birds such as bees and peacocks respectively. The latter part of the second clip revolves around virtues such as sharing. The girl divides drinks and food with two of her friends. They then eat and drink together competitively.

Components of the Learning Process

As evidenced in the video, learning is a process that requires persistence and participation from relevant stakeholders. Some of the people involved in the process of value acquisition include parents, teachers, and other individuals residing in a particular society. Furthermore, children learn at home, in schools, religious places, and even restaurants as presented in the clip. Some components that emerge after watching the video include modeling and imitation. These factors enable the children to learn and lead accomplished lives even after attaining adulthood. In effect, the messages conveyed in the video hinge on the fact that with the right training, societies end up with a composition of individuals who deliver their duties in a manner that is fair and favorable. Matters that usually escalate into heated debates and violent exchanges become manageable because the people trained optimally develop smart communication and conflict management skills.

Modeling and Imitation

The activities are undertaken by parents, teachers, and other people in a region have a vital role because children imitate or model them. Essentially, individuals who interact with children during their tender age serve as role models. As such, the infants are likely to duplicate their actions regardless of the associated outcomes. Due to their limited knowledge, children rarely differentiate right deeds from those that are unethical. After watching their parents or teachers engage in particular activities, the young ones learn and practice them with their peers in social areas such as schools or religious places. Therefore, it is common to witness small children behave in a manner that is in line with their observation at home or in school. Besides, observing their parents or others in a particular community, infants also learn by watching and listening to television or radio programs.

From the video, the events that happened in the restaurant later appear in the form of imitation and modeling, a phenomenon that coins the relevance of these components in the development of children. Based on the observations in the clip, it is clear that parents, teachers, and people living in various communities need to engage in ethical activities. By behaving properly, these elders impart the right set of capabilities to the young ones and aid them to become worthwhile individuals in the future. From the contents of the video, it is evident that poor role modeling can plunge nations into situations characterized by cultural degradation, a scenario witnessed in various places around the world. Gangs and drug addicts present in some regions substantiate the fact that societies need to behave in a manner that is right before young people who are still learning.


The video is pivotal in amplifying the amount of knowledge on aspects regarding the growth and human psychology. A close examination of the contents in the clip reveals that learning is intensive and requires the attention of all in society. A breakdown in segments such as schools, families, or religious institutions can have a negative influence on the life of the children owing to their limited understanding of actions and related outcomes. Child activities exhibited in the video represent various components of learning that include imitation and modeling useful in understanding the psychology of human development.

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