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Learning Issues from Mr Brown’s Health Analysis Report

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Updated: Mar 25th, 2022


Mr Greg Brown is a fifty eight year old man who was admitted to hospital as an elective admission for a resection of the colon.

Past History Medical

Blood in his stools for approximately 3 months? Haemorrhoids. Occasional cramp-like abdominal pain. Colonoscopy 3 weeks ago (diagnosed with a mass on the sigmoid colon). Biopsy pathology result revealed adenocarcinoma. Abdominal CT revealed mass in the sigmoid colon no other. Abnormalities detected. Recent episode of bronchitis treated with aztibiotics (completed).

Social History

Drinks 2 litre of spirits per week (Continued up until his admission). Has recently given up smoking (3 weeks ago) prior to that he smoked. Around 20-30 cigarettes per day. Lives in rural Victoria Gippsland with his wife and two teenage sons aged 15 and 17. Totally independent with all self care activities. He is a dairy farmer and works long hours.

He describes himself as being fit and healthy until he started to notice blood in his stools occasionally around 3 months ago. He was prescribed antidepressant medication two years ago by his. General Practitioner. He has not taken the medication for one year. He did not receive any counselling for his depression. His depression coincided with continuing drought in his district and the suicide death of a neighbour.

Mr Brown has dark circles under his eyes and appears tired, pale and withdrawn and says he is concerned about how work in the farm will proceed without him. The fact that he is not sure how long he will be in hospital is compounding his concern.

Nursing Report 21/1/2010: Evening Shift (Nursing)

1600. Admitted to ward at 1500 for colonic resection for Sigmoid Ca, morning list tomorrow. To fast from 0600. S/B anaesthetist. No pre-med. Consent signed. Temp. 37. P 86 irregular, R 20, BP 145/85, Oxygen saturation 98% on RA. S/B RMO at 1630. Bloods ordered. Bowel prep later this evening. Expected discharge date 26/1/2010. Family aware of discharge date. Patient is supported by family at home. Refused referral to Social worker to assist with responsibilities at home.

Main body

It is common that individual, especially those who are confronted financially tend to ignore a close monitor on their health; especially when they appear to be healthy physically. The Greg Brown illustration does not just typically identify an example of an individual who neglects monitoring his health closely at an elderly age of 58years but also shows that keeping bad habits against health could be very harmful in a cumulated time.

Ordinarily, individuals who are beyond the age of 40 should begin to show a lot of concern about their health and take the slightest medical diagnoses very seriously (Mason & Bencher, 2009).

The combination of Greg’s past medical report and extractions form his social life-style is in line with his health-unserious attitude. It has been noted that Mr Brown had blood in his stools for nearly three months which could possibly point out a condition of hemorrhoids resulting from an abnormal disorder which a medical report identified as a development of a mass on the sigmoid colon; this was cured with antibiotics.

The idea is that the abnormality was as a result of brown’s poor attitude to personal hygiene. Been a dairy farmer, Brown is likely to come in contact with contaminations on his food and body nearly on a daily bases. Apart from this, the man leaves in rural Victoria Gippsland with a family that is certainly a weight on him, if he cares to afford a provisional life to them.

Obviously, brown does not just keep to bad habits against health as much as he neglects it, but also worries about his farm and certainly the incapacitation of his grownup boys to replace him completely. He drinks gin quite a lot in consolation; further making his situation worse unknowingly.

This has completely reflected in his health report dating 21/1/2010 when his temperature read 370c, P 86 is irregular, has an R 20, and has a hypertensive indicating BP of 145/85. He has poor oxygenated blood saturation of 985% which is possibly made worse by his smoking of cigarettes, and has an S/B RMO standing at 1630 with a general blood order.

It should be recommended for such a patient a lot of rest; especially when his health-less attitude and age are taken into consideration (Bamba, 1990; Albert, 1993; Fado, 2005).

Investigation of Report and Demonstration of Relevance to the Enquiry

The report clearly indicates a serious deterioration in Greg’s health that should be monitored more closely. Greg requires a little more than ordinary treat-and-discharge. He needs the help of a health specialist to consistently emphasize to him the need for a closer monitor on his health. The man requires keeping to a consistent good health-stand especially that he is a diary farmer and lives a less healthy environment. The medical report therefore agrees perfectly with his health conductions and is utilizable for his treatment.

People should not just feel that their health is alright when they appear alright (Wamber, 2004). The report identifies that good health is not all about feeling energetic and capacitated but is rather a life-long watch on the kind of food intake, nourishment as well as a consistent medical assessment of the functionality of the body and the organs. Studies have reviewed that to a large extent, the healthiness of our systems is also reliant on sufficiency of rest and proper exercising.

Exercise is not just a physical activity but also a mental practice of attaining self-peacefulness. Wamber (2004) has recommended that individuals, especially adults who are above 40 years of age, most afford to check the condition of their health at least once in every six months; otherwise, it is appropriate for people above the age of forty to consult medical practitioners for a check on their health’s state once every three months.

Evidence to Nursing Practice

To nursing, the result shows that people are not healthy just because they appear to be.

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