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Differences of Moderate and Total Libertarianism Essay


Libertarianism holds the view that an individual has the right to live his life as he chooses as long as he does not interfere with the rights of others. Amongst these rights are the right to liberty, life and own property.

In regards to libertarianism, human relations are treated as voluntary. Moderate libertarianism is the act of supporting minimum regulations by the state when dealing with issues of human rights.

Total libertarianism promotes democracy where individuals maximize their rights as they strive to minimize the role of the state.

Total Libertarianism

Total libertarianism enables democrats to support the majority of issues and the majority of positions in the Democratic Party. One of its strengths lies in the fact that it supports individual freedoms.

As much as the total libertarianism is widely supported, it may collide with important issues that are deemed important in the society.

For instance, the government involvement in issues of consumer protection, anti-trust laws, health care reforms and workers unions are affected to a great extent.

Moderate Libertarianism

Moderate libertarianism gives some room for the state to regulate issues of human rights. The strength here lies in cooperation that individuals offer by their free will.

However, moderate libertarianism has often been criticized for not being quite assertive since the government is seen to take advantage hence preventing people from living their own lives to the fullest.

This has been noted to result in the loss of independence and self-reliance that total libertarianism enjoys. Moderate libertarianism unlike total libertarianism suffers interference from the government.

Moderate liberalism is viewed as a cause for more problems, but to some extent it helps bring order in regards to how people should live.

If people are given freedom to exercise free will, the chances are very high that law and order will be jeopardized.

The most Preferred Philosophy

Judging by the two philosophies, total libertarianism gives much freedom to individuals rendering the state with less effect. Although people are to live in a democratic society, human rights should have limits.

This is not quite achieved if people would prefer to do things on their own. With laws, it is easier to exercise human rights without favor as in the case with total libertarianism.

Moderate libertarianism gives room for the government to exercise law and order. This may not necessarily mean that the government deprives people of their natural rights.

Minimal regulations mean that the government is given the mandate of ensuring equal distribution of resources. This is a way of eliminating bias in the society.

Moderate libertarianism seems to be the best option for dealing with issues that the society face.


Libertarianism is deemed important in honoring human rights’ issues. Individuals have the right to exercise democracy, however, people should be responsible. It is notable that the government is significant in enforcing laws.

These laws assist in maintaining the efficiency of human rights, however, government functions should be limited to maintenance of law and order. Moderate libertarianism seems to give people a better option in exercising their liberties.

It takes the effort of both democrats and the government in exercising libertarianism in a transparent and accountable manner.

People are expected to honor their liberties as much as they value order in the society. This includes what is right without infringing on other people’s rights.

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