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Understanding of Technology and Philosophy Essay


According to George Orwell, there is substantial reason to support the idea of mechanization in pursuit of achievement. The author, Orwell, put the statement trying to express the possibility of a typical a self-driven invention. A pacifist loves peace and embraces the path that avoids violence in all his or her activities.

Shunning of military approaches to settle issues of the society is the desire of a pacifist. When a peace-loving individual gets an opportunity to work in a firm that deals with the manufacture of bombs, then there are high chances of devising newer versions or types of bombs within a short time (Orwell, p.207). Habitual characteristic of humanity has a design characterized by inventions that allow for advancement geared towards satisfying unending needs.

The statement by Henry Adams that talks about the steam found in the world not being able to build Chartres represents an argument of flawlessness in the concept of work. There needs to be a reason for having faith in whichever action that an individual undertakes although this is insufficient for realization of goals.

This can be applied to for power generation if tapped in the correct way according to standard procedures. This is likened to the possession of power which is relevant for use by those who cannot harness it for meaningful use.

The book by Adams tries to relate the Virgin and the Dynamo as presented by Adams, shows how one item can be of considerable importance in one setting while at the same time, a complete irrelevance at other regions (Adams, p. 324). Presence of steam is a normal occurrence, coming in the form of a force which can be beneficial when applied doing work while it is quite useless when allowed to escape into free space.

Applying the concepts of mechanics in transformation and redirection of energy is practical and claimed to be quantifiable. It was not possible to construct any meaningful application of the force while at Chartres as induced by the Virgin, whose value could not achieve substantial gains (Adams, p.324).

Adam admits that there was the relevance about true existence of this force, but its application was not practical particularly then. Improvement of status in performance using machinery by man has grown into a culture which is instinctive as opposed to being suppressive for other discoveries.

Performing extra duties with an opportunity for extra improvement due to inventions and innovations are recommended (Orwell, p.207). The first scenario is touching on the principles of communism that are in line with the basics of socialism and Orwell, the writer, describes the situation from a fascism point of view.

The concept of mechanization is a slow and sure process that is rapidly encrypting into the society by a section of the population. It represents a minority group who opposes the idea of mechanization as a process but instead have a compulsion to live by the guidelines (Orwell, p.208).Civilization brought by the use of machines as a tool in efforts that culminate into modernization and capitalism concept has a driving force as maximization of profit earnings.

Using machines as workers for men rather than being servants for machines is the best choice according to independent minds. With extrapolation mechanization, the users who are the humans represent a brain material that is under bondage within a bottle. This imprisonment is virtual in the sense that the mind, which is the governing part of the body, takes over operations in directing the body.

It is where the so-called advancement is heading. Avoiding the situation is almost impossible due the nature of large-scale use both under the conscious and sub conscious mind. The more the advancement in mechanization, the more the modernization in general and this bring about advancement, efficiency and decency in procedures (Orwell, p.293).

Those who embrace the values of utopia aim at reducing pain and suffering in life of the practitioners. This results in the alleviation of conditions governing life by reducing steps taken towards industrialization. Introduction of artificial issues that obey guidelines of socialism and by extension, the utopia, transforms humans into robots who are using machines to perform all their chores.

Liberalism as one of the social theories adopted for use in the sense that the beneficiaries of this fruitful course are those who care about the love for peaceful coexistence among themselves and with the community at large (Mises, p.70).

Freedom declaration out of such practices on machines cause a reduction of workload on operations but can be a source of detriment to the lives of the operators. Compromising of safety standards in the making and supporting of fascism concept is a common activity.

The issue of ascertaining credibility of mechanization in terms of controlling its extremes warrants safety concerns. Attaining economic democracy due to the practice of converting the community into a capitalist arena is desirable. It enables the occupants of the target are to be workers and beneficiaries of not only as consumers.

This brings about the reality of self-styled democratic society by eliminating the concept of fascism (Mises, p. 21). Using this advancement process against intended harmonization situations, can reverse when the products turn out to be destructive, on the other hand. When this happens, then one of the principles applied in safety gets violated breaking fundamental laws for normal existence (Orwell, p.207).

Understanding of technology as explained by the two authors measures the extent of burden in the society. Both Orwell and Adams view the concept of mechanization as a hindrance to free existence of socialism. Instead of liberal scenario in the democratic administration of societal activities, one can decide to contribute to economic development components of a community.

Accidents and erratic occurrences in the course of industrialization processes may cause mass destruction of lives and property contrary to expectations of improvement of standards. Such cases as airplane crash, highway traffic accidents and other industrial disasters are some of the detriments of technological advancements.

Making choice embrace capitalism is vital for development in the economic and social outstretches of a state with shinning achievements (Schumpeter. 7). Oppression by authoritative governments embraces fascism by participating in concentration on development of self-ego at the expense of the rest.

Poisonous gases, oxide leaks among other lethal chemical radicals are industrial products whose chemical components are able to have a devastating effect on the human body system.

The Dynamo that formed a center stage in the life of Adam is essential in the career path and studies but much value, not as an obsession just as the Virgin with the female forces. He had appreciated his college results with limited value in the likeness of experimental results (Adams, p. 319).

The authors, Adams and Orwell, consider development that accompanies industrialization with a recessive approach that ranges from neutrality to other extremes that enslave the mind. The idea of socialism has a strong impact over generations and will remain unchanged because of the enticing nature of the concept that governs the society (Mises, p. 23).

Practicing of faith in all the endeavors is the secret for opening success doors as put across by Marxian theory. This further explains the reasons that underlie the concept of judgment of actions based on instinct in terms of success evaluation (Schumpeter, p. 13).

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