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Managers and International Relations Specialists Interviews Essay

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Updated: Jun 23rd, 2020


Interviews act as a form of data collection and are divided into various categories. The aim of the research questions determines their different formation and usage. In this essay, it is important to integrate the usage of all forms of interviews in the establishment of the required and necessary information on the two individual projects. The first interview aims at analyzing the different positions related to management and international relations that are within a single company, the operations of the position holders, their association with different companies, and the grading used to qualify for those positions.

Interviews with Managers

Management and international business is a broad career opportunity that is diversified into different career opportunities. Financial management, international relations, human resource management, marketing, and customer relations are some of the various branches and career positions that fall within a single company’s management and international business career. I, therefore, chose the above positions from individual companies and interviewed the corresponding holders of the various positions together with their junior staff members. Permission from the business entities to carry out my interviews was the first step.

The enhancement of ethical considerations in the process of research facilitates advanced knowledge to the interviewee. In addition, the interview process takes short sessions due to the acknowledgment of the management team and participants of the research.

The interview was conducted successfully amongst the different sections and departments of various companies. The response given by the different participants was adequate and significant, according to the questions asked. On the other hand, some of the participants failed to give detailed information on their operation and views on the running and maintenance of the company. The information gathered from the interview of a particular company was safely stored, awaiting the analysis of the final results and findings. Similar steps were taken to conduct interviews in different companies, institutions, and organizations and their relevant answers labeled and safely kept. In the second interview, different companies were chosen rapidly.

The choice of the different companies ranged from online companies, banks, food outlets, private entities, and public institutions and organizations. An overview of the operations, requirements, running, and historical achievements of different companies give the researcher an understanding of the different markets and their relevant management strategies. In addition, the interview enhanced practical information on the various management strategies adopted and practiced by a wide range of companies in the facilitation of their success.

One of the interviews was with an HR manager working in a leading financial institution that operates in various countries and regions. In particular, the company has its branches in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Japan. I asked him questions about the vacancies created by this organization, requirements set for candidates, and the culture of the company. This person states that this bank has vacancies for various administrative positions such as recruiters, payroll analysts, talent development consultants, and so forth. These people are obliged to perform various duties, which can be related to such areas as performance appraisal, conflict resolution, training, and so forth. To some degree, these duties play an important role in the work experiences of the interviewee.

This company offers opportunities for promotion, but people should be able to cope with stress. Moreover, they should have well-developed communicative skills because they will interact with people representing various cultures and countries. The workplace culture of this bank is primarily based on openness, which means that frontline managers and employees can easily contact senior executives if they need to address some problems. Overall, the position of HR manager in this bank greatly appeals to me because I will be able to apply the knowledge of management in international businesses. Moreover, the absence of bureaucratic barriers is also of great importance to me.

Additionally, I would like to mention the interview with a person who was employed as a market researcher in the department of a leading retail chain. I asked this person questions about the main qualities that he considered critical for this position. Furthermore, I wanted to learn more about his duties and work environment. He says that it is important to have skills in such areas as economics, marketing, statistics as well as the culture of foreign countries. The last component is particularly relevant if the company works in several countries. This person also notes that people who want to carve out a career in this field should be ready to work with different clients.

The issues addressed in the first interview were aimed at indicating the available and most appropriate choice of career positions in a company or institution. Advance research on the various positions in a company and business entities gives clarity on the future career choice. The comparison of the different positions in a company with respect to their individual requirements and duties provides advance knowledge in career choice.

The results of the interview from the various positions in individual companies produced varying results. Business management and international relations cater to a huge percentage of a company’s labor force. It is, therefore, essential to conduct detailed research on the existing positions and establish the most appealing career choices. The enhancement of ethical considerations in the process of research facilitates advanced knowledge to the interviewee. The broad choice of companies in the conduction of the interview depended on a need for detailed research on the different companies in the current market.

The interview on the choice of the company aimed at illustrating the diversity of operation, management, and maximization of profits. Research on the operation of various companies is, therefore, essential for the appropriate career choice. I developed the practical experiences of the various business entities, their operations, financial obligations and achievement, relationship with clients, and the relationship between the management and their relevant labor force.

Job security and comfort in the workplace are the key contributors to successive employees. In addition, transparency in the operation of the company from the various departments is an essential tool in the attainment of success. Therefore, companies that limit sharing and cohesion amongst their various departments fail to attain their goals. The different departments in an organization or institution should relate closely with each other to facilitate their set goals.


In conclusion, individual companies are driven by their goals and objectives in daily operations and establishments. Various companies have individual methods of operation. Similarly, the operations of individual departments in an organization depend on the management strategies in the provision of success. I witnessed various achievements and practical establishment of various management strategies. In addition, there were various positions that attracted my career choice due to the different roles played by the departments in the growth of a company. Similarly, the companies that work online and facilitate physical branches and offices attracted my business motive due to the market diversity catered for in the various regions.

Job positions

  • Title: HR analysis in Latin America
  • Employer: Citibank

I have distinguished this particular position because it can enable me to apply many of the skills which are related to project management, recruitment process, and finance. This work is rather challenging because candidates should be accustomed to multitasking (“Latin America HR Analyst”). Moreover, these people should be ready to travel to different countries. Nevertheless, at the same time, this employment can be rather rewarding, because a person will be able to develop and acquire many professional skills. Additionally, as an employer, Citibank can offer many opportunities for promotion. Moreover, the performance of a person is accurately reflected in the compensation that he/she receives. These are some of the main attributes that can be singled out.

  • Title: Market researcher
  • Employer: Emerson Tool Company

Overall, this particular vacancy can be distinguished because it requires in-depth knowledge of various disciplines such as economics, market research, management, statistics, and so forth. The candidate should have a graduate degree in such areas as management, business administration, advertising, or other related areas (“Emerson Tool Company”). This position also requires well-developed analytical skills, and this is one of the attributes that I find very attractive.

So, employment in this company can boost my professional development. Additionally, Emerson Tool Company is an international organization that sells its products in various countries. Therefore, I will apply some of the skills which I developed during my studies of international businesses. These are the main aspects that can be distinguished.

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