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Managing Communication Channels Essay

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Updated: Jun 28th, 2018

Adoption of correct communication channels is of the factors that determine an organization’s success. This is because, depending on the communication channels adopted by an organization, the nature of outcomes varies hence, the need for managements to analyze any communication channel before its implementation or allowing it. In addition, it is important to note that, giving employees freedom of communication is one of the success factors in an organization.

Primarily, this results due to the fact that, not only does freedom of expression through correct communication channels guarantee the free flow of information, but also it ensures an organization encourages innovation through sharing of ideas among employees. Although this is the case in most cases, sometimes freedom of communication can be a major factor that can cause an organizational downfall depending on the nature of messages that employees pas to each other.

Permitting employees to communicate via an electronic media on personal views to some level can be beneficial to organizations; however, in most cases it has many associated disadvantages. This therefore makes it important for an organization to be strict, in terms of employee-employee communications on personal feelings about an organization’s state.

It is not wrong for one to express personal feeling about the state of an organization they are working for, but rather what complicates the whole issue is the nature of messages that employees pass to each other and their resulting impacts.

Most employee-employee communications are mere gossips; something that can adversely impair the smooth running of an organization incase the messages transferred overboard result to some kind of hatred among employees and the management. For example, take a scenario where one of the employees or a group of employees has problems with one of the supervisor.

To make sure that other employees accept what they perceive to be right, hence join them in revolting against that specific supervisor, they will formulate hatred messages about the running of the organization. Depending on the nature of interpretation other employees give such a message, chances of revolt are high hence, greatly affecting the smooth running of such an organization due to unrests, which may emerge.

Another main reason why managements should lay down strict measures as concerns personal expression of feelings or opinions about a company is due to problems associated with traceability of such messages passed between different employees in an electronic media.

Tracing of messages is important more so when implementing discipline measures on employees or when trying to determine the motive behind some employee behaviors. The fact that, there exist many complexities in tracing messages through electronic media can complicate this process hence, making it hard to hold liable concerned culprits.

Determination of accuracy of messages conveyed of this nature is hard due to varying hidden intentions that some employees may have. Although in some cases some of these messages maybe correct the manner in which some employee will communicate them may lead to many misinterpretations or distortions of the messages.

This in many ways may alter the nature of reaction that such messages will incite in different employees, whereby in case employees pass the same out, then an organization’s well-being may be in jeopardy. This is because some messages may distort an organization’s reputation; something that managements could have avoided were there restrictions on communications methodologies.

In conclusion, it is important for all management teams and organizational decision makers to ensure whatever means of communication they adopt or implement will not only promote the well-being of an organization, but also should ensure there is proper management of whatever employees will communicate to one another. This in many ways will not only promote the nature of relationships that will exist in an organization, but will also ensure there is increased production.

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