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Knowledge Management at Etisalat Corporation Essay

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Updated: Jun 21st, 2021

Knowledge management is an array of procedures that control the formation, distribution, and use of information. Knowledge management value chain comprise of four stages these are, knowledge acquisition, storage, dissemination, and application. Knowledge is an intangible firm’s asset. Therefore, its use requires adequate control (Wake, 2010). This paper discusses knowledge management at Etisalat Corporation.

Knowledge creation

Reflectively, “knowledge acquisition or creation is the first step of knowledge management. Knowledge acquisition comes about after interaction between tacit and explicit knowledge in individual human minds” (Wallace, 2007). Knowledge moves from human mind to the organization.

Team work is essential in creating knowledge. Since in these forums, companies acquire knowledge from employees. At Etisalat Corporation relies on data mining for creation of knowledge. It uses data mining techniques and software to obtain customers information.

Also, the company also uses neural networks in speech recognition and image analysis. The company makes use of experts in knowledge management to help in knowledge discovery. In addition, the company creates knowledge using knowledge work systems such as CAD and VRML.

These systems aid employees in creation and integration of new knowledge in the organization. Finally, the company owns Etisalat Corporate Social Responsibility Centre. The objective of this center is “knowledge creation in areas of areas of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and work life balance through research” (Etisalat CSR Centre, 2012).

Knowledge storage

Knowledge storage takes place in different ways. It can either be in soft or hard copies. Storage can be as simple as keeping information in books. Etisalat Corporation stores information in databases. At the company, storage keeps knowledge created visible. Besides, it enhances resource base of the organization.

This improves competitive advantage of Etisalat. In addition, storage supports the company with up to date and accurate market intelligence for other departments. This ensures that they have the best sources for investment decisions. Finally, storage helps the company in handling vast information they receive on a daily basis. This ensures smooth running of the business.

Knowledge dissemination

Companies use various ways to distribution information across the organization such as search engines, collaboration tools, e-mails, and portals. Dissemination of information need should be properly managed so that correct information is directed to the intended staff members (Wallace, 2007).

Etisalat Corporation uses intranet and groupware tools to disseminate information. In addition, the company makes use of seminars and workshops. Knowledge from management is received in a number of ways such as intranet, staff meeting forums, employees meetings.

Often, “some of the information management disseminate are changes in procedures and policies, changes in daily routines and major changes in the organization that affects employees and the business as a whole” (Wallace 2007). Etisalat Corporation has a knowledge management department. The department controls dissemination of information using security controls. This ensures that employees access what is relevant for their line of duty.

Knowledge application

Knowledge application is the use of knowledge in decision making process. It aims adding value to the organization by coming up with new products, new business practices and new markets. Etisalat gains a lot from the knowledge management department. The department provides adequate information on market surveys and customer information.

It facilitates growth of the company. Currently, the company has appearance in 18 countries across Africa, Middle East and Asia. The company is also a leader in provision of new products in the market.

For instance, the company is “pioneering the launch of the first commercial 4G service on its nation-wide LTE network and promises to deliver a compelling mobile broadband experience to customers” (Etisalat Corporation, 2012). Based on innovation, the company is ranked tenth in the world. It indicates that the company is successful in making use of knowledge.


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