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Marketing Plan for FlaBlaster Research Paper

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Updated: Apr 6th, 2020

Product Description

FlabBlaster is a cream that people require to tone and reshape their bodies. As a practice of health, toning helps people to maintain a vibrant and lively skin because it reduces lipids and reshapes the body well. In this view, FlaBlaster cream is a product that targets people, who need to tone and reshape their bodies using safe and effective means (Currie, 2014).

FlaBlaster cream therefore provides the quickest and safest way of toning and reshaping bodies because it has no toxins or chemicals that has side effects. Moreover, the use of FlaBlaster is the cheapest way because it entails topical application of cream, which is a non-invasive and simple procedure.

Unlike other creams in the markets, the cream offers instant results that are apparent (MyItWorks, 2013). Customers, who utilize the cream, will notice results within a couple of days. According to Ramsey (2013), the action of the cream is similar to that of a liposuction procedure because it reduces the amounts of lipids in the adipose tissue and makes the skin shine.

The action of the cream is instant because as soon as it touches the skin, one experiences a warming effect, which signals the process of emulsifying fats. After a period of about 15-30 minutes, a customer will experience a considerable reduction of cellulite and lipids in the skin.

Chemical Properties

FlaBlaster cream has unique chemical properties that make it an effective product of toning and reshaping bodies. Actually, the cream causes the loss of fats in the adipose tissue, but it does not cause loss of water in the body. Medical and clinical evidences have proved that the cream is safe and effective in reducing fats in adipocytes (Ramsey, 2013).

Furthermore, Food and Drug Administration (2013) has approved it as a pharmaceutical product. In the mechanism of action, the cream uses state-of-art technology of liposomes to penetrate layers of the skin. The cream is unique because it is non-comedogenic, non-toxic, safe, and free of fragrance.


The original cream exists in the market as a pump and jar with round open lid. The common sizes are convenient for shelving and handling. Depending on the dosage, the cream is available in two sizes, namely, 24 and 32 ounces. A package of 24 ounces is for a week’s supply while a package of 32 ounces is for a month’s supply.


The cream is packaged in brown plastic PET opaque bottles. The opaqueness preserves and extends shelf life of the cream, while PET bottle is a “green” refillable bag that is environmentally friendly (Johnson and Johnson, 2014. Moreover, the packing is colorful for shelf attraction.


FlaBlaster is a white, non-greasy, fat absorbing, and non-comedogenic cream. The whiteness of the cream symbolizes purity because the cream has no coloring agent added to it (Novex Biotech Inc., 2014). As a design, the bottle has a wide opening, which enhances the use and accessibility of the cream (Mathews, 2014a). The cream package, Boston brown PET bottle, has a very attractive sleek design that appeals to customers.

How It Works

Scientists discovered ivy as a climbing plant that has medicinal value because it has flavonoids and saponoids, which are the main active ingredients. According to Ramsey (2013), saponoids have therapeutic activity as they help in the absorption of lipids in adipocytes into the blood stream and thus speed their metabolism. Owing to its important properties, ivy extract has found many applications in the production of cosmetic products.

Hederin is an active saponin that has antifungal and antibacterial properties in addition to anti-cellulite and anti-inflammatory properties. Just like other fat burning extracts such as cayenne pepper and raspberry ketones, the cream is developed as a liposome cream that transports skin care and toning ingredients into the walls of the adipocytes through the skin (Mdidea, 2013).

When the active ingredients touch the adipocytes, they generate heat and cause adipocytes to heat up, rupture, and shrink (PRWeb, 2013). Eventually, the cream causes loss of fats in the adipocytes and contributes to weight loss.

FlaBlaster’s Concept

Realizing that weight gain is an issue, FlaBlaster Inc. has decided to create a product, which helps people to tone and reshape their bodies. Since obesity is a health issue that is prevalent among the populations, the cream would enable people to reduce their weights and in turn prevent them from becoming obese (World Health Organization, 2014).

In this view, the problem of obesity is the driving force behind the creation of the cream, as people require it to reduce or maintain their weights. Since people are well aware that obesity has become a national problem, they are looking for ways of preventing it in their lives (Ramsey, 2013). Liposuction, starving fad diets, and dangerous pills have not helped in the prevention of obesity because they are ineffective and unsafe.

The current fat burning creams that are in the markets have low efficacy and safety margins as they contain emulsifiers such as caffeine and lecithin, which accumulate in the body and destroy adipocytes (Blanck, 2007). The problem with current cosmetic products is that they do not penetrate the skin because the skin has seven layers. Scientists have proven that cosmetic creams that cosmetic manufacturers claim to have a deep penetrating action do not penetrate the skin (Jones, 2012).

However, after many years of research, FlaBlaster has found out that ivy is a plant that has active ingredients that penetrate into adipocytes. State-of-the art liposomes are molecules that aid in the transport of saponins to penetrate the seven layers of skin and eliminate emulsifiers (Princeton University, 2013). Therefore, FlaBlaster has used the finest scientific technique to develop the cream that is not only effective, but also safe in weight reducing.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths and weaknesses Opportunities and threats

Market Trends

The market trend of the cream is very dynamic because it is subject to many market forces, which are quite predictable (Kaho, 2014; Kotler, & Keller, 2012). In this view, FlaBlaster would utilize these market forces optimally to expand market share and gain competitive advantage.

Firstly, our research at FlaBlaster Inc. predicts that our product would experience environmental challenges that threaten the availability of raw materials. The availability of ivy and ketones would decrease and therefore reduce production of the cream if interventions are not present to avert their extinction. Overexploitation of medicinal plants leads to their extinction unless effective conservation measures are in place.

As an intervention, FlaBlaster would have to look for land and grow ivy and ketones organically. Such intervention is not only costly, but also time consuming because it would take a couple of months for the plants to mature and become ready for harvest. Climate is an environmental factor that influences the growth of ivy and ketones since they are native to Europe (Ramsey, 2013). This means that FlaBlaster should be ready to find alternative sources of these plants.

Secondly, as technology advances, it leads to the development of interventions that are safer than the cream. According to FM Global (2014), these interventions would change the tastes and preferences of the consumers for they are appealing. Jones (2012) asserts that it is possible to design nanoparticle-based drugs for they penetrate the skin quite easily.

As the needs and preferences of customers change over time, the product requires constant improvement to keep abreast with the changing demands and volatile markets. Health and beauty experts hold that human needs are changing every decade and thus FlaBlaster Inc. should strive to transform and respond to the changing needs of consumers.

Currently, consumers prefer natural remedies, but with the advent of advanced surgical techniques, it would be convenient and safe for customers to use them (Marketing Plan, 2012). What makes consumers to prefer the cream is the lack of alternative products that are very competitive.

Thirdly, it is also foreseeable that the target market of cosmetic products would change significantly in the next five years due to the demographic factors. Although, FlaBlaster targets the young adults as potential customers, the trend of using cosmetics is shifting progressively with time as the old adults are gradually starting to use them. This means that FlaBlaster should expand its target customers to include the old adults within the next five years (Strategyn, 2014).

According to beauty experts, the old consumers comprise a potential market because women above 45 years consume cosmetic products worth £1.9 billion per year (Mathews, 2014b). The old adults utilize cosmetic products because they want to maintain their health and vigor for them to remain relevant in the corporate world that is looking for young and energetic workforce (Consumer Health Digest, 2014). Hence, FlaBlaster Inc. is strategizing to expand its market share and cater for the diverse needs of people that vary across all ages.

Lastly, owing to changes in lifestyles and nutrition, obesity is becoming a global issue (Center for Disease Control, 2013).The obesity rates in the United States are very high and thus people are looking for interventions to reduce and manage their weights so that they can live healthy lifestyles (Markets and Markets, 2011).

According to Miller (2013), Mexico has an obesity rate of 32.8%, which is higher than that of the United States by one percent, and 70% of Mexicans are either obese or overweight. Such statistics indicate that Mexico has a potential market for the cream and thus FlaBlaster should target it (Yahoo, 2013). Since ivy extracts have the ability to remove excess fats in the adipocytes without causing any side effects, people would prefer to use it in reducing and managing their weights.


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