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Marketing Public Sector Services Report


The article “Marketing Public Sector Services: Concepts and Characteristics” explains how different Public Sector Organizations in the west turned to marketing professionals in order to emerge successful. This development occurred at a time when “managerialism” was becoming a powerful concept in many organizations. According to the authors, it has become appropriate for marketers to apply their concepts in the public sector.

This became possible because the public sector portrayed unique aspects that could support different marketing models. As well, the public sector can borrow numerous marketing principles in order to satisfy the changing needs of different populations. This paper offers a critical analysis of the above article. The essay will also highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments presented by the authors.

Theoretical Framework

The targeted article was written at a time when marketing was not a critical aspect of Business Management. Marketing was also becoming meaningful towards the management of different public services. The conceptual framework presented in the article makes it easier for managers of Public Sector Organizations (PSOs) to market their services. According to the authors, Public Marketing (PM) has the potential to embrace most of the principles applied in other industries. The next step is applying these concepts in the public sector.

The article offers useful arguments to explain how different Public Sector Organizations can benefit the most from various marketing principles. The authors support their arguments using different models and theories. The article explains how a proper marketing approach can be useful towards delivering quality services to the targeted stakeholders. These strengths make the article meaningful to the reader. However, the article fails to describe how Public Sector Organizations (PSOs) can market their services.

Summary and Analysis of the Article

Public sectors usually deal with “service products”. Such products are critical towards fulfilling the needs and expectations of the targeted society. The Public Sector Industry offers specific services instead of tangible products. This fact explains why individuals and governments should “industrialize” such services. The authors of the article examine how the principles of marketing can support different public sectors. Several structural characteristics are critical whenever marketing different public services.

Scholars categorize such services into three segments. These segments include Duties, Facilities, and Constraints. According to the article, constraints are powerful regulations or rules that govern various actions in the society. For instance, the society prohibits citizens from smoking in public locations.

Duties also require specific behaviors. Economists treat every public service as “a public good”. The article explains why marketers of different public goods should be ready to deal with the imperfect links existing between provisions and payments. These imperfect links can result in dissatisfaction and inequity in different markets.

The authors also examine how various marketing strategies can support the changing demands of many communities. For instance, Communications Campaigns (CCs) are critical towards informing more people about the benefits of various public products. Marketers should overcome every form of resistance.

Public Sector Organizations should always remain responsible and politically accountable. This fact explains why the concept of “managerialism” has become meaningful in many Public Sector Organizations. The article explains why Public Sector Organizations must display the characteristics supported by different Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Such organizations must also focus on long-term public interests and promote the best ethical practices.

The article also highlights how the absence of appropriate marketing strategies has affected the performance of different Public Sector Organizations. Every individual involved in the public sector must ensure his or her functions are ethical in nature. Most of the markets targeted by Public Sector Organizations vary significantly in terms of expectations, demands, and structures.

Public Sector Organizations should always treat citizens as customers. This strategy explains why citizens can be dissatisfied with various public services. This fact explains why every public sector should analyze and understand the issues affecting the targeted markets. Competition is also common whenever providing various services to the public. However, competition is minimal because such organizations are monopolistic in nature.

The other powerful issue is that of demand. Public Sector Organizations must offer effective services to both minority and majority groups. This situation explains why managers of such organizations should consider the needs of every population. The marketing strategies embraced by different Public Sector Organizations should focus on the existing market characteristics.

Consumerism increases whenever every citizen expects quality services. This fact explains why such organizations should be ready to offer quality public services. New improvements are essential towards supporting the expectations of different citizens.

The authors explain how new processes have emerged in an attempt to market various products in the public sector. The first approach is the development of new services in the targeted sector. The second issue arises from taxation. Managers should use the best Distribution Systems in order to deliver their services effectively. Such organizations should also examine the relevance of newly established markets. Managers and PSOs must be ready to evaluate their outputs.

Consumer resistance may also arise when the services are ineffective. That being the case, marketers of various public services should analyze the benefits of every targeted product. This practice can be critical towards minimizing the level of resistance. That being the case, the authors have presented useful analyses and arguments that are applicable in the Public Sector Industry. The existing conceptualizations, principles, models, and frameworks can produce positive goals in the Public Sector Industry.

However, some weaknesses are notable in the above article. For instance, many Public Sector Organizations do not analyze the needs of different citizens and communities. This fact explains why the ideas presented in the article might not work in every country. The article does not offer useful descriptions to describe the concept of marketing can produce positive results in the underdeveloped world.

Many nations in the developing world cannot use most of these marketing principles. Such countries encounter inadequate democratic practices. Monopolistic organizations cannot consider the needs and expectations of different citizens. Future researchers should therefore re-examine these issues in order to produce better ideas. Such ideas will make public service marketing more meaningful.


According to this article, Public Marketing (PM) is becoming very important. This marketing strategy should embrace most of the conceptual frameworks exhibited in different industries. The authors explain how different marketing concepts and principles are applicable in every Public Sector Organization.

That being the case, marketers in the public sector do not have to identify new business principles. Such marketers should embrace most of the paradigms and approaches applied in the private sector. This article encourages public marketers to apply various concepts such as customer service, decentralization, competition, and advertising.

This report on Marketing Public Sector Services was written and submitted by your fellow student. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

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