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Marsupial CRS Project Evaluation Essay

Description of the Company

Mission Statement

The mission of the Marsupial Company is to become the leading provider of consultation and engineering services in the world. The company has very effective manpower and other resources to ensure that it operates according to its mission and vision.

Goals and Values of the Company

Marsupial’s goals and values are in line with its mission. The goals and values of Marsupial include leaving every community in a better situation than it was found, ensuring individual accountability within the company, hiring employees from the community to give back to the society, and ensuring that all its operations support environmental conservation.

Physical Situation of the Company

Marsupial is a large company with about 9,500 employees who work effectively to ensure that it achieves its vision and goals. The company operates in St John’s, NFL, Montreal, QC, Perth, Australia, Toronto, ON, Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana, and Galgary, AB, where its head office is based. The company was founded in 1978 and has since then initiated numerous successful projects.

Past Projects

The company has had about 27 projects/sites in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Africa. Most of these projects were successfully carried out due to the support and dedication of the company’s effective team of experts and employees. The company currently plans to undertake a wind power project in England.

Expectations and Present Goals

The company expects to achieve its best in its current housing project called homes for humanity, which to some extent is founded on Habitat for Humanity. The present goals are to complete this project within one year and make it the best venture ever.

Marsupial and the Current Project

The current CSR project is likely to be quite beneficial to the company, its employees, and most importantly, the community. The project has a number of strategies to enhance employee commitment and motivation throughout the duration in which the project is going to be undertaken.

Some of these strategies include creating a good working environment and rewarding employees’ efforts through monetary and non-monetary gifts and allowances. The employees also are going to be trained to ensure they become efficient enough to undertake the project.

Profit and Other Benefits of the Project

The CSR project can improve the reputation and branding of Marsupial Company and that in turn can enhance its image and chances of capturing the market for consultation and engineering services.

The project can also help Marsupial to position itself in the market as one of the few companies that are sustainable in the industry and hence more suitable to work with. In that case, the project is more of a long-term investment scheme for the company.

Good Public Relations and Visibility

Marsupial can use the current CSR project to increase its financial performance and profitability in the long-run. For instance, the company, by applying processes that reduce energy wastage, can achieve better operational efficiencies, which in turn may help it save the money lost to energy wastage.

The project can also increase chances of the company of investing in the community due to the increased access to capital and the low energy costs. The project can create new opportunities for the company to maximize benefits, as it reduces absenteeism among its employees. For that reason, the project is an important investment to the company, but in the long-run.

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