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“Mary Poppins and Funeral Service” by Dale Clock Essay (Article)

The present article dwells upon a way to improve funeral service and help people cope with grief. The author starts the article with a brilliant comparison as he compares the funeral service by taking medicine. The author refers to the experience of Mary Poppins (a fictional character) who tried to give a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine “go down” in “the most delightful way” (qtd. in Clock par. 2). It is noted that even the most disgusting medicine can be taken with the comforting spoonful of sugar.

Therefore, the author stresses that those in the funeral profession have to provide people with such ‘sweet’ thing to help the funeral go smoothly. Clock also compares most of the present funeral services with a strict nurse from black-and-white movies trying to give medicine to a child. Notably, there is a great video at the end of the article that shows children trying to swallow the horrible medicine and one little boy refusing it. At the end of the video, the child waved away, and the spoon got in the mouth of one of those who tried to give the medicine.

Likewise, people are trying to wave away and find new ways to cope with their grief. The author notes that people tend to “move away from funeral homes” (Clock par. 17). It is emphasized that the best way to cope with grief is to gather together and start talking, telling stories about the diseased.

The author states that people need to feel free, which is impossible during the funeral service, which is common for the present US society. Existing services have already become a simple ritual which does not help and may even harm people. Therefore, the author suggests that people involved in the funeral business should take into account people’s major feature, which is the need to talk and share emotions to cope with grief.

I believe the article addresses one of the most complex issues in the field. Admittedly, there are a variety of concerns and people who lost their close one have to make numerous choices (burial or cremation, for instance), but the major question remains the same. How to cope with grief?

Notably, this issue is seen as a priority for those involved in the funeral business as they want to make the experience as tolerable as possible (“Sociology for Funeral Service” 4). I am also sure that I (being in the funeral profession) have to focus on this social as well as psychological aspect. I would like to change the service.

I think the present article is good, but it lacks some information. Thus, I think the author could have expanded his ideas on improving the funeral service. Admittedly, he unveiled the problem, but I would also like to see a particular step (or steps to be made).

At the same time, I would not say that the article is insignificant and helpless. It can start a discussion which will lead to the development of numerous solutions. I deem that the article will help people in the funeral business address the issue as well.

The article unveils the major wrong in the business. Funeral service is often associated with quite a depressing experience as people see their beloved in the coffin, which is increasing their grief. They are forced to focus on the fact that their close one has passed away and will be buried in some time, and they will never see him/her again. This can be painful, and I am against such a burdensome practice.

I believe the ‘spoonful of sugar’ offered by the author of the article can help people as his remedy takes into account human nature. I think that people, in the vast majority of cases, need communication as we are all very social and cannot live alone. This can be a result of the instinct developed thousands of years ago when people could not survive if they were alone.

Likewise, we cannot cope with grief without the support of others. This should be the focus of the funeral service. I support the idea of creating a favorable atmosphere for people coming to the service. After the burial, people should get together and talk. It is possible to ask close relative to share photos and video where the diseased is depicted. Making a good film and showing it at the funeral service may bring back happy and merry or maybe sad memories about the person who passed away.

These memories may be the basis of further discussion of happy, sad moments spent with the person. I always try to comfort people, and I know people need somebody to tell them a few warm words. People need to understand that they have to move on, and they should remember that the diseased will always remain in their memory through similar communication, gathering as well as sharing their emotions.

I believe those involved in the funeral business should also teach people to move on and cope with grief. I would like to add that the funeral service is a set of services which should include psychological support as well. People have to understand and learn how to accept the fact that people die and it is impossible to prevent this.

However, they should also see that their role in the world goes beyond mourning and lamenting. It is possible to make them understand that until they live, their close ones live in their memories, so they are responsible for keeping the memories alive.

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