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Maxfli and golf ball survey Case Study

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Updated: Apr 24th, 2019

Maxfli’s exploratory research began by conducting focus groups to find out the motives of why people were buying the golf balls. Also, the focus groups were used to determine what people needed and what sort of image the equipment had. As such, telephone surveys were carried out.

People were divided into different types of golfers and the results were adjusted accordingly. From one perspective it was appropriate, as the company needed a fresh start and increase in the profits. Qualitative research is one of the key ways in uncovering the true reasons why people buy specific products (Maxfli).

Their motivations and inner emotions must be closely studied in order to figure out attitudes and behaviors that lead out of thinking. The focus groups are a good resource, but there are some limitations. One of them is that there is too much attention to be paid to certain things, without having the direct and necessary focus on the needs of consumers. Also, because a focus group is an internal structure, it would be difficult to create circumstances that answer to the needed criteria of the real life.

Calling people on the phone is sometimes bothersome, so many probably thought that it was not the best choice. The preference of balls is mostly performance based. But, as the case study mentions, a lot of golfers are also looking for fashion, not only function. By having a telephone survey, people will not be able to see the ball and decide which one is better. It is impossible to test the ball over the phone and give people a feel of the equipment.

Another problem is that not all people will be reached by the phone, as they might be out or simply do not want to be disturbed. For this purpose, a TV commercial with a phone number to dial in order to make the selections could be made. There would need to be a close demonstration of the balls’ visual characteristics, but more importantly, the balls would have to be tested and put into play. A door to door survey would be another possible solution, as people could be presented with the product and get “a feel” for it themselves.

An observation method would be a good way to see what the customers really want. Direct observation with no or limited participation could be used. Golf is a game where a person must feel relaxed and confident in their strength (Seltzer, 2007). Also, the fact that it is an observation “in action” allows for real life situations to take place. Structural observation and field experiments could be used as well since people respond well to the environment and would enjoy being the participants of such a study.

In the twenty-first century, the use of technology has become an everyday occurrence. People are dependent on it in almost all aspects of life. It has made the daily functions easier and more practical, as the software programs, internet and stored memory have extended the use of information and understanding.

As a result, internet would play a major role in the future research methods. It could make the survey part easier, as well as advertise and contribute to people’s awareness of the product and market demands. The speed in the spread of information is enormously increased.


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