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Mental Disorders and Adam Lanza’s Case Case Study

Compare and contrast three key similarities and three differences between mental illnesses and mental disorders. Provide one example of each similarity and difference to support your response.

Emotional well-being or mental health is a condition of prosperity in which the individual understands his or her capacities, abilities to withstand worries of life and make gainfully and productive commitment to his or her community. Emotional sickness alludes to an extensive variety of psychological wellness conditions. Mental illnesses are disorders that influence your state of mind, speculation, and conduct. Cases of emotional instability incorporate discouragement, uneasiness issue, schizophrenia, dietary problems, and addictive practices (Hazel, 2003).

Mental illness is influenced by natural, formative, and psychosocial components. However, mental illness can be treated with approaches similar to those connected to a physical ailment (anticipation, determination, treatment, and rehabilitation).

Similarities between mental illness and mental disorders

Mental illness Mental disorders
Affects the individual state of mind Affects the patient state of mind
Can be treated Can be treated
Can lead to complications Causes complications
Affects the quality of life Affects the quality of life

One example of each similarity

  1. Anorexia Nervosa and bipolar disorder affect the individual’s state of mind.
  2. Both ailments can be treated and managed.
  3. Anorexia Nervosa and bipolar disorder affect the patient’s quality of life and social integration.

Differences between mental disorders and mental illness

Differences Mental disorders Mental illness
The source of the condition Affects the brain Affects body organs
Location Psychological Direct or indirect infection of a body part
Diagnosis/treatment Psychological/mood behaviors Test, examination, blood samples

One example of each difference

  1. Acute stress disorder originates from the brain while Anorexia Nervosa affects the mind.
  2. Acute stress disorder affects the patient’s mood while Anorexia Nervosa affects eating behavior.
  3. Acute stress disorder can be treated with psychological therapy while Anorexia Nervosa can be managed with medications

Speculate whether or not Adam Lanza’s engagement with violent video games was a stressor that caused him to act out his obsession with mass murders. Next, hypothesize whether or not Adam Lanza would have been a good candidate for the treatment of his mental illness if he had not committed suicide.

Savage computer games have been reprimanded for school shootings, increments in harassing, and brutality towards women. Faultfinders contend that these recreations desensitize players to viciousness, compensate players for mimicking brutality, and instruct the kids that savagery is a satisfactory approach to determine clashes. A few companion surveys demonstrated that kids who play M-evaluated games will probably spook and bully their associates, get into physical battles, be threatening, contend with educators, and show animosity towards their colleagues in school. Gamepads or controllers are so refined and the amusements are realistic to the point that reproducing fiercer demonstrations improves the learning of those brutal practices. Thus, I can speculate that a violent video game is a risk factor for Adam Lanza.


Adam Lanza’s mental disorder was treatable. Thus, I believe he would have been a good candidate for the treatment of his mental illness.


Adam Lanza was administered with antidepressant Celexa. Citalopram is utilized to treat gloom or depression. It might enhance your vitality level and sentiments of prosperity. Citalopram is known as a particular serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). This pharmaceutical works by reestablishing equilibrium with specific normal substances (serotonin) in the mind.

Since Lanza was diagnosed at a young age with a mental illness, suggest one action psychologists should have suggested that could have prevented the assault that occurred at Sandy Hook elementary.

Once the mental disorder is analyzed, there are a few approaches to treatment. Psychological behavioral treatment is one approach utilized for treating depressive disorders. Treatment comprises of recognizing replicating techniques for children and their folks. The advisor helps children to recognize psychological mutilations. The subjective hypothesis proposes that discouraged youngsters’ negative self-recognitions reflect intellectual twists about the self and the society (Hazel, 2003). Psychological hypotheses expect that mistakes in depressive judgment are influenced by pessimistic inclination presented by the antagonistic self-patterns of discouraging people (Maag, 2002). By implication, intellectual behavioral treatment or CBT of depressive moods includes the utilization of specific techniques, coordinated in the accompanying three areas: insight, conduct, and physiology (McGinn, 2000). In the subjective area, patients are educated to amend their negative perceptions and thoughts. In behavioral space, patients learn movement planning, social aptitudes, and self-assuredness. In physiological space, patients are shown unwinding procedures, reflection, and lovely images (McGinn, 2000).


Medications for mental disorders are characterized and viable for depression and mental illness. Instructors, pediatricians, or other social insurance suppliers regularly are the first to put a name to the adjustments in a tyke’s conduct that is seen with sadness. An emotional well-being psychologist can check a speculated conclusion and help a parent and kid comprehend the cluster and advantages of various treatment alternatives. A treatment program will join psychotherapy and prescriptions. The previous depends on age-suitable correspondence as a device for achieving changes in a patient’s emotions or conduct. While distinctive sorts of treatments can be administered in different groups, surveys have demonstrated that “without a moment’s hesitation” approaches that focus on taking care of issues (as opposed to on picking up understanding into mental procedures) are ideal.

Differentiate between the key characteristics associated with functional mental disorders, minor mental disorders, and manic-depressive behavior. Next, support or criticize the notion that one disorder is more severe than the other.

Practical emotional instability or functions mental disorder is an ailment of a dominatingly mental cause. It might incorporate conditions, for example, wretchedness, schizophrenia, state of mind issue, or nervousness (Maag, 2002).

Bipolar confusion or manic-depressive behavior causes genuine moves in mind-set, vitality, and conduct. The condition alters the patient’s mood from the highs of insanity on one extraordinary, to the lows of wretchedness on the other. The cycles of bipolar issues keep going for quite a long time, weeks, or months.


Maag, J. W. (2002). Contextually based approach for treating depression in school-age children. Intervention in School and Clinic, 37(1), 237-241.

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