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Microcytic Hypochromic Anemia Essay

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Updated: Apr 10th, 2022

In unearthing the reality behind Microcytic, Hypochromic anemia, various reasons come in to defend its cause. Some include natural factors while others occur because of human stimulated factors. This paper looks at the direct and indirect impacts of lead deposits on the hemoglobin heights and the resultant effect on the blood levels of the same person. Moreover, it investigates plausible causes of this condition and its remedies.

In so doing, the paper provides a report of a worker’s encounter in a construction firm in which he deals in sandblasting and painting. These two provide a platform for discussions since the outcome of such activities incept and worsen the situation. It ultimately gives its take on the current medical situation of the employee and advises on his retention or retrenchment chances.

Incident Investigation

Microcytic-Hypochromic anemia is a condition related to exposure to toxic material including lead, aerosols, makeup, and gasoline. It inhibits the normal functioning of the red blood cells by making them look pale and lifeless (Goroll & Mulley, pg. 13). This happens when red blood cells mix with one of its components.

As a result, the affected persons tend to develop levels of weakness that interfere with their day-to- day functioning. As the chief health and safety officer, in a company whose worker tests positive for this illness, accountability is necessary. A series of investigations backed- up by credible evidence will prove the cause of the disease and eventually try to find a solution for this daunting problem.

For 19 years, Hector Plomo’s perfected his art in painting and sandblasting probably exposed him to poisonous matter that resulted in this condition. For the number of years in associating with ABC he was under protection against such toxic deposits. Additionally, the result of his condition might be stimulated by macro-factors. Exposure to petroleum products and gases including aerosols possibly augmented Plomo’s situation.

Possible hazards

The physical factors revolve around environmental concerns and other natural occurring events. Chemicals contained in the paint and sandblast duly affects health of the exposed person. As a result, the lead in the paint shows an undisputable connection with Plomo’s health and status.

Consequently, exposure to the smell from the paint affects the gut and results in blood related complications. Biology forms a better part of the society and everything that occurs to human health needs a biological remedy.

This report speculates that the condition of the worker was fully initiated by extreme exposures to the gases and lead deposits that later caused insufficiency of ion supply in the body (Medicine, pg.110). The fact that the ion became limited, it resulted in the dull color of the red blood cells. Alternatively, family history can signify the onset of the disease because it is inheritable. If Plomo’s case is not any of those aforementioned then it might be as a result of physical concerns.

Besides the chemical processes involved, the environmental factors also increase the risk of acquiring the disorder. If the place of work is enclosed in a way that it impedes circulation of air, then it also affects the circulation of blood within the body. A combination of the two factors ultimately leads to the inception of Microcytic, hypo chromic anemia.

Ion insufficiency as caused by the lead deposits reduces the energy levels of the body and its ability to support quick flow of blood. The hemoglobin levels consequently reduce making the body susceptible to infections like anemia (Green-Hernandez, Singleton, Aronzon, & Aiges, pg. 216).

Analysis and evaluating exposure

When the blood level goes below Hb 8–10 g/dL it means an individual is in the risk of anemia. This happens when pathogens invade the body and hence limit the flow of blood within the system. The reduction in blood levels is initiated by cadmium, which is contained in the sandblast. It coalesces with red blood cells to cause anemia. Plomo’s continued exposure to the sandblasting job resulted in this condition.

Employer responsibility and the decision to continue working

For the employee co continue working there must be quality assurance measures to deem the ground safe for him to proceed with such decisions. Considering this is a lethal case, the employee must not be in a hurry to get back to work as a preventive measure to curb reoccurrence of such cases, the working zone requires quality ventilation measures.

They should be maintained well enough to avoid exposure to gases and to encourage free flow of air. Since he is already incapacitated, Plomo requires maximum attention and care. Moreover, the symptoms associated with this type of anemia do not support hectic tasks. He needs rest because of his susceptibility to a coma or a seizure.

He definitely needs the intravenous drip (Medicine, pg. 3) to help him with increasing the ion development process within the body. Finally, a therapy session might also pose to be of great help both psychologically and physically. Consequently, the employee should take a break from work.

Alternatively, he can shift to a section of ABC that does not involve the use of such chemicals or a lot of workload. However, the short-term effects like headache can be controlled but the adverse effects like heart failure; hypertension, chronic poisoning, and renal impairment need consistent medical attention.

Public health issues

In order to ensure that neither of the family members goes through the very experience, screening is necessary to erase any doubts of cross-infection. Essentially, the lead deposits need to be covered by special foils to prevent them from finding their way into the respiratory system (Siegenthaler & Aeschlimann, pg. 43-51).

These and other techniques will make it easy to create a public awareness and raise concerns over the risk measures. Additionally, investigations will aid in improving such conditions essentially encouraging persons to open up. In order to obliterate any forms of societal discrimination the messages constructed must be packaged for the target audience. Issues like use of ion supplements must be stressed on. Occasional visits to the doctor for check up are a culture that needs adoption too.

In conclusion, this form of anemia might result from multiple avenues but the society must stay alert on the preventive techniques by ensuring high hygiene measures, non-exposure to such chemicals and an appropriate diet. The effects of the disorder make the patient always weak and reduce productivity.

Such persons need encouragement and support in order to succeed in life. They need light duty jobs and constant medical attention so that they can fight the disease fruitfully. Finally, the physical and chemical processes that cause this disorder can face inhibition.

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