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Multicultural Influences on Australian Cuisine Research Paper

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Updated: Oct 13th, 2019


The main reason for feeding is to fuel the body. However, eating habits have been shown to reveal much about individual’s conduct and personality. They reflect individual’s social understanding and the extent to which they can tolerate cultural differences.

Some people’s feeding habits are influenced by emotions, i.e. dislikes and likes, they eat for pleasure and to increase their cuisines knowledge, others follow their traditional background (culture) and many other reasons such as food availability.

With food standardization, much apprehension on qualities of foods from different cultures cultural diversities. Industrialization of food has delivered variety of foods to a global market and transformed people’s attitude towards different cultures (Finkelstein 191).

Scope of study

This paper explores our cultural diversity. To be precise, the paper will explain the origin of the diverse range of cultural background in Australia. This background will help in identifying whether culture really influences eating habits or there are other factors that determine our eating conduct. Lastly, the paper will establish the benefits of having a diverse society (Narelle 3&4).


An investigation was conducted on a football team, where I am a member. The cohort was of about 40 individuals. A questionnaire containing the following questions was issued to all participants;

  1. What is your favorite meal?
  2. Give an example of Australian staple food.
  3. What is your cultural background?
  4. What is culture diversity? And do you advocate for it?

The questionnaires were filled at their own free time, and were to be collected three days after the day of filling. Being a prospective study, personal information was not necessary (Narelle 3&4).


The observation made is that there was a 78% diverse ethnic culture. Out of the total population, 82% favorite meals were fast foods such as Hamburger and fries and only 18% were alternative meals, which varied greatly according to the needs of different ethnic communities.

The question about favorite dishes aided in establishing personal attributes. Further research indicates that the tastes for seafood and livestock were preferred by conservatives as opposed to fast food which is preferred by modernists. The results from this investigation confirmed this (Finkelstein 191). All examples of staple food given were of multicultural cuisine.

Australia is populated by people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Different communities influence their children with differing basic values, desires, wants and perception. These are the basis of an individuals cultural identity, e.g., western cultures influence people to value achievements, success, wealth, humanitarianism, fitness health and success(Strazaali and Trevolli 56).

The diverse range of culture in Australia dates as early as 1788 when a group of population, who were of mixed cultures such as English, Irish and Scottish backgrounds. This people with small population of other ethnic communities, invaded Australia (Jamrozik, Boland and Urquant 93). Immigration still continues to date as people search for greener pastures.

From the investigation, it is manifested that culture does play an integral part on our feeding behavior. However there are other factors too. These may include emotions (Like, dislikes), time, money, geographical location (different regions differ in their staple food), and lastly nutrition value.

A multicultural community has advantages. Such advantages are: they have enhanced understanding and tolerance, reduced prejudice, flexibility, creativity and quality decision making. However, its disadvantages include: racial tension, discrimination, intergroup conflicts, communication break down and mistrust (Crisp 125).

To establish such a nation and maintain its desirable level of understanding, tolerance and appreciation of their cultural differences requires substantial hard work (Jupp and Clyne 90).


From the investigation, it is evident that cultural diversity is beneficial or detrimental. Leaders play a great role in establishing understanding and tolerance between the different cultures. Moreover, culture influences our conduct and the impact is reflected in our daily activities such as feeding.

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