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Myer Human Resource Management Report

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Updated: Dec 17th, 2019

In every organisation, whether service, goods, public or private, human resources are required for an effective operation; the human management department is mandated with the role of ensuring that their organisation has the right number of employees at the most appropriate cost (Renckly and Renckly, 2003).

In the wake of globalisation and technological companies need to adjust their people management skills to benefit from the changes; Myer is an international merchandise store specializing more on apparels, to remain competitive, the company needs to have an orchestrate team (Myer Official Website ,2011).

This paper discusses how the company has responded to issues brought about by globalisation and technological development as far as people management is concerned.


Myer has identified the need to have human capital from different parts of the world; diversity in the company has assisted in bring people with different cultural backgrounds in the company in the efforts of serving their customers better. For instance, a fellow Muslim can better handle a Muslim customer than the case would be if the attendant was a Christian, this has facilitated the growth of good customer relation.

With diversity, the company is able to get more inputs in decision-making regarding stocking that they need to have for a competitive business; it is the company’s policy to involve staffs in decision-making and their input is high valued. When there are people from different areas of the world, the company is able to make sound decisions regarding different issues.

Not all is good with diverse employees, the company has to make mechanisms that facilitate the growth of teamwork with people of diverse culture, different standpoints and people who see things differently, and it uses many funds in culture intelligence programs (Swamson, 2009).


The use of technology in today’s business is not evitable; the company has acquired massive computer hardware and software to assist in its operations.

For the old employees, who might have not had a chance to train in computers, the company has embarked on lessons to train them on simple operations using the gadgets; none of them who have ever been sacked for lack of the expertise. The company acknowledges that they have pool of knowledge that the company can use for competitiveness.

When recruiting, it is mandatory that the recruit should have some people skills; this assists the company to reduce the cost of training new entrants on computers.

Depending with the department that an employee is recruited to work in, his/her computer skills vary; for example those working in the computer department need to have accounting software knowledge while those working in research and development need to have data analysis software knowledge and experience.

The company has used computers to develop a virtual team; virtual team work across time, space, and geographical area, they have information that assist in making sound decision on issues facing a company. The teams are particularly crucial when Myer is making marking strategies and policies (Anthony, Kalmar and Perrewé, 2002)


Myer’s human resources department has the mandate of ensuring that adequate employees are available at all times; it has the role of planning, deploying, employing, training, retaining, and dismissal of employees. In response to growth in globalisation, the company recruits from different countries and embarks on measures to blend the human capital to the mutual benefit of the company and the employees.


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