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Pearse Street Consulting Inc Network Design Essay

Why Network Design is a key decision in business and technology

Network design is a process that entails the planning and deployment of a computer network. Network design is an important decision, both in business and technology. It is imperative for those that participate in network design to properly understand the people they work with.

First, it is critical to take note of individuals that are capable and responsible enough to make decisions. Second, it is vital to know those informed and powerful enough to respond to questions. Moreover, it’s important to know the individuals that participate in the design phase (Jackman et al, 2011).

In the course of the project, network designers will have to interact with several people, such as information officers, maintenance technicians and network engineers. Addressing these questions will enable one to sort out the specific roles and responsibilities of a certain organization which can help streamline the entire process and avoid costly mistakes (Jackman et al, 2011).

Network design is also an important technological decision. Through it, managers can link and coordinate with individuals from numerous organizations to perform different duties from diverse locations. Electronic means help to facilitate contacts and professional relationships within a network.

Through computerized technologies, managers get to coordinate with distributors, suppliers, manufacturers and designers, in an almost instant and timely manner. Therefore, managers will work from a close proximity with both their suppliers and customers, just like they do with their own staff members (Anon, 2009, p. 448).

The Network Design of Pearse Street Consulting Inc

The Pearse Street Consulting Company has become an appealing place for most organizations that are in need of the social media. They develop unique social networking software that can be easily combined with the custom design, and other features to come up with social networking sites that meet the needs of users.

The company is probably the only one in the U.S., specializing in social network development, and does not outsource projects assigned to it. This ensures that any organization that approaches it gets user friendly attention and reliable services. It has a great team that performs different duties on varied projects and, most of them can be accessed from in house, during normal working hours.

It has social media experts who are accessible both on phone and online, to help provide potential clients with an elaborate project proposal, prior to the beginning of any projects (Pearse Street Inc., 2010).

Although the organization is in the U.S., it has many clients from other nations. They often work with clients that are scattered in different parts of the world. The company specializes in a skill that is rare and is only common with a few companies, globally. This entails development of web 2.0 programming in social media design.

All the team members of Pearse Street work from a single office in Salem. Working from the same premises as a team is important for proper coordination of quality assurance, design, project planning and development, branding, and marketing (Pearse Street Inc., 2010).

Through this coordination, the company’s team members work collaboratively to design products of high quality to their customers. Graphic designers are always available to handle issues related to graphic design. If the marketing department requires a strategic graphic design on a site, a designer is available to fix it.

Programmers and designers are always ready to integrate a new feature according to either the customers’ or the Project Manager’s suggestion. On the other hand, if the Marketing Department invents an exceptional Social Application that encourages usability, programmers are at hand, to devise a cutting edge application. Pearse Street’s network design is exceptional in network designing because of these aspects (Pearse Street Inc., 2010).

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