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New Orleans’ Central Emergency Care and Strategy Essay

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Updated: Nov 10th, 2020

New Orleans’ Central Emergency Care (NOCEC) is a healthcare facility that serves the population of the Central Business District with the general purpose to treat critically ill patients, avoiding complications and reaching positive health outcomes. Its mission is to save clients’ lives providing them with the affordable, high-quality patient-centered healthcare along with sincere and respectful treatment. NOCEC’s vision is to reach significant improvement in population’s health status, becoming a leader in the field of emergency care medicine not only in New Orleans but in the whole state of Louisiana. The facility operates to fulfill such objectives:

  • Perform the history of the issue and physical examination;
  • Develop diagnosis, identifying possible life-threatening conditions;
  • Follow evidence-based guide to develop assessment plan and management;
  • Identify reasons for discharge and transfer to other facilities;
  • Ensure high-quality ventilation and intubation;
  • Demonstrate outstanding skills of the treatment of illnesses and injuries;
  • Demonstrate appropriate treatment of the most general symptoms;
  • Interpret results of the diagnostic procedures;
  • Cooperate with colleagues to reach organizational goals and share best practices;
  • Establish positive relations with patients and their families;
  • Resort to listening, nonverbal, and explanatory to obtain significant information from clients and to educate them;
  • Provide support to patients and their families;
  • Maintain medical records appropriately;
  • Treat patients with unbiased approach, demonstrating respect and comparison;
  • Follow ethical principles determined for healthcare professionals;
  • Response to clients’ age, gender, culture, mental and physical condition;
  • Practice cost-effective operations;
  • Attend courses to have up-to-date information regarding health issues and treatments;
  • Increase knowledge using various methods and materials (“Emergency department”, n.d.).

The healthcare facility is open all week long. Its days and hours of operation include:

Sunday 9 AM – 2 PM
Monday 10 AM – 7 PM
Tuesday 10 AM – 7 PM
Wednesday 10 AM – 7 PM
Thursday 10 AM – 7 PM
Friday 10 AM – 7 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 2 PM

Like all other organizations, healthcare facilities can be for-profit and nonprofit. Mainly, the difference between these two types starts with their ownership. Thus, the first type refers to stockholders while the second one to the public. For-profit organizations are made to benefit their owners, so the profits it obtains are distributed among them. An opposite situation is seen when focusing on nonprofit companies, as they are targeted at the necessity to fulfill its organizational goal and meet the needs of the general public. In this way, it is not unexpected that board members of for-profit companies are usually well-paid professionals while those of nonprofit ones are often just volunteers who perform their duties for free or do it for reasonable payment. Unlike for-profit organizations, nonprofit ones can be exempt from taxes. Finally, the money provided to nonprofit companies can be deduced while for-profit ones do not maintain such a function at all (“How nonprofits differ from for-profits”, n.d.).

Being created by the main leaders of the Central Business District, NOCEC turns out to be a for-profit organization. It operates to meet the needs of a particular population, and it is not focused on all people and their health condition. Such approach has a range of pluses for the company because it increases staff’s satisfaction with their job and clients’ satisfaction with the obtained services. As a result, customer loyalty increases and the healthcare facility obtains more chances to fulfill its goals and provide the owners with expected income.

NOCEC operates in the downtown of New Orleans. It is found in one of the urban areas that were initially considered to be a ghost town. People would leave it after work so there was no one around. However, everything changed with the course of time. At the beginning of the 18th century, it was just a part of a large plantation. After 1723, the first buildings were manufactured in this area. These were a hotel and a church that till the end of the decade turned into a center of the financial and cultural life of the citizens. A century later, this area was full of suburban shopping malls and was widened with high-rise office towers. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the government wanted to demolish these buildings, but this initiative was stopped, and the renovation began (“Central Business District”, 2017). Thus, today all buildings within this area are in a good condition and can be used by businesses.

During the working hours, this area is full of various professionals who perform their duties in the different organization. Later, this place attracts people with free concerts and theaters; it also has a wide range of places to dine out. As a historic neighborhood, the Central Business District now is always full of people. In addition to that, it is vital to remember that NOCEC is sponsored by the owners of those organizations that operate within the district. Thus, it is rather advantageous for it to be located nearby so that both the members of the staff and the clients of these companies resort to NOCEC in a case of emergency. In this way, businesses also receive an opportunity to reduce expenses connected with the necessity to provide the workers with health insurance. Workers tend to be satisfied as well because they receive packages with benefits that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Considering the information mentioned above, it cannot be denied that the targeted audience of this facility consists of those people who perform their duties in one of the large organizations. In this way, the audience mainly consists of them. Taking into consideration the fact that today human resource department tends to hire diverse personnel, one particular characteristic of a client can be hardly maintained without a proper plan. However, after the analysis of the population, it can be claimed that mainly it is represented by European American males who are 25-45 years old.

To support the healthcare facility in the Central Business District, there is no need to resort to many different professionals. The thing is that this facility operates only within a particular territory and the number of patients rarely increase. During one shift two teams of healthcare providers operate simultaneously. Each of them consists of 10 nurses to 3 physicians. There are two office managers who monitor the whole situation, ensuring that nurses and physicians cooperate decently and avoid misunderstandings. Another staff members include two pharmacists. Even though this facility is not very expended, it is enough to ensure appropriate treatment for everyone.

Today, physicians receive an opportunity to get more than $200,000 annually, which proves that their work is rather critical for the population. Nurses, in their turn, usually obtain about $60,000 per year. Office managers usually get about $70,000. Pharmacists can get about $100,000.

First of all, physicians are to stabilize patients so that they can obtain further treatment. They make a diagnosis and develop a plan of actions that should be maintained to reach the best possible health outcomes. Just as other professionals, they are expected to maintain continued education and act according to ethical, moral, and legal principles when communicating with the patient and their families (Ray, 2011). Nurses need to identify healthcare issue that is experienced by a patient, prepare a medical history, gather information regarding allergies and medications, and perform a physical examination. Office managers should focus on budgeting. They need to get in touch with suppliers, deal with hiring, and oversee staff. Pharmacists should review medications prescribed by physicians and ensure that patients obtain them (DeMerceau, 2015).

All in all, this healthcare facility is expected to overcome the main issue that is faced by its targeted population. Being highly concerned in business operations, workers tend to pay no or little attention to their health condition. As a result, they often address a practitioner when the issue is already critical. Having an opportunity to get an appointment during lunch time or right after the work, more people will consult doctors. In addition to that, such approach allows to avoid an epidemic of infectious diseases and ensures that the majority of the personnel will be able to perform their duties. As a result, the owners of the business can ensure decent operation and reduce employee turnover. Having healthy staff, companies will be able to reach their objectives faster, benefiting their shareholders. Thus, NOCEC allows aligning business and medical frameworks. In a more global perspective, it contributes to the improved health status of New Orleans and the whole state of Louisiana.


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