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New Wave in East Asian Cinema Essay

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Updated: Sep 23rd, 2021

The writer has tried to suggest that most of the time the trends have kept on changing and new events have fortunately brought upgrading in the older systems and all for the benefit of the society. The writer has outlined the role of government in promoting the cinema but there have been few other events that have made a significant impact on the cinema’s downfall alongside many governmental regulations, such as the competition with the cinemas of the nearby countries in Asia and the illegal trading of the videos which caused the cinema’s downfall. Initially, the cinema was consisting of documentaries which sooner caused the people to lose interest but with the advent of the new wave in the Asian cinema, the young directors focused on modern issues and tried to find topics that could help the cinema penetrate deep into the youngsters of the society. Society however found many of the topics offensive and so there was a lot of criticism done on many of the films of that era. Sooner the issues started prevailing regarding the implementation of plans in the films, the issues were regarding the old cinema and the new cinema, there was a discussion before planning any scene regarding which sequence to be followed. The idea was then to educate the audience and not the filmmakers, the aim was to change the perception of the audience and to convince them in the favor of modern cinema, meanwhile, the government also encouraged many young students to pursue a career in filmmaking by offering scholarships.

Sooner the people of China were encouraged to take participate in the Taiwanese New cinema and the people of China played a critical role in the further development of the new cinema. Fictions were then encouraged as the younger Taiwanese society used to prefer such films the most but not always it was the case as criticism was another outcome of such efforts. It was in the very same decade of the 1970s that dubbing was introduced in Taiwanese cinema but it was also viewed as controversial. At the same time, few filmmakers made films that were much closer to reality and were resembling their personal life and their surroundings. It is good to note that regardless of the experience, the major figures in the industry were always differentiated by their qualifications and level of education, the government always had put great efforts to minimize the influence of the foreign film industries on the Taiwanese film industry and society. The writer has specifically coined the word ‘Hollywood’ because of its influence in both, Taiwanese Film industry and society, the government played an active role to minimize such effects. It has been found that it was an attempt of Taiwanese New cinema to make it look like another Hollywood outside the USA which could be used as an alternative. Taiwan further acted as an inspiration to many other nations that were idolizing Taiwanese New cinema and had just stepped into the world of cinema. However, Taiwanese New cinema itself is a mixture of many influences it had experienced in the days of development.

The writer has suggested throughout the chapter that the Taiwanese New cinema is an outcome of efforts directed at changing the entire culture of Taiwan with the help of persuading the nation where possible and putting rigid constraints where issues were getting serious. Overall, the central theme of the development was to reshape the culture by changing the audience’s views. Taiwan had a fair understanding of the trends being followed in the other parts of the world and so the film industry’s productions were mostly a mix-up of all the cultures which often used to end up as sheer criticism. All the related people were mostly trained for the development of one new culture but yet few of the directors preferred to work separately keeping their vision alive and today the Taiwanese society is although very modern but it consists of elements from various cultures.

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