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Next-Generation Software for Organizations Research Paper

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Updated: Nov 26th, 2021


The focus of this paper is mainly on next-generation software applications. In the present circumstance and future, next-generation software has got a very important role to play. The main aim of next-generation software is to provide effective security to next-generation organizations. One needs to be very careful while building or implementing next-generation software. It should meet all the requirements at the time of implementation itself.

There are many reasons for the advancement of next-generation software. Many researchers are efficiently working to make the next generation software much better in providing better efficiency. The next-generation software can provide very good protection for the organizational network. This dares to put away all sorts of network threats of any kind “of cyber attacks by identifying the possible vulnerability paths.” (Nagpal, 2008, para.2).

Next-generation database software in next-generation organizations

The next-generation organizations will be using the next-generation database software. ”With the advent of hardware advances, complex information resulting from data-intensive applications is posing requirements for today’s (and tomorrow’s) Database Management Systems (DBMSs). Such information possesses several key features such as huge volume of data, diversity, and complexity.” (Patterns for next-generation database systems: Abstract, n.d., para.1).

Next-generation database software

A database is used for the storage of data. In the next generation, organizations will get more developed. The organizations will have more demands to be fulfilled. The next-generation database software should be such that it fulfills all the needs of the next-generation organizations. The software should improve its functionality at all levels.

There may be more activities for the organizations and the amount of data required will increase. The current database software may not be able to fulfill the needs of the organizations. So, there is a need to update the current database software. The next generation database software overcomes the problems of the current database software. The architecture of next generation database software helps reduce the software and hardware requirements of the organization and also provides reliability and flexibility. The next generation database software has more storage capacity. More data can be accommodated in the database. The performance of the organizations increases, and thus provides faster output. This can increase profits of the organizations. The increase in data in an organization helps make better decisions regarding customers, goods, cost etc. The old programming languages cannot be used for the next generation database software. The next generation database software systems contain more applications than the current systems. These database software used in the next generation organizations have increased functionality.

One such next generation software is Cauldron, which has got capability or potential to put away vulnerable attacks. This new software has got tendency to visualize and analyze the vulnerabilities automatically. This has been developed at Mason. This new generation software is applicable in most of the organizations or industry, which has got networks, and plenty of resources, which are to be protected with care. The organization or industry can be bank or any other software company.

Benefits of Next generation software in providing security to the organization

Next generation security software is one of the best security software in the world. Today, in the competitive business organization, security software has a major role for protection of data, because ensuring the security of data is a great challenge that is being faced by most competitive business organizations. “NGSSoftware are very pleased to be working with Microsoft in promoting the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) ideals, the industry-leading software security assurance process, which was created by Microsoft in 2004 and has since led to measurable security improvements in flagship products.” (NGSSoftware & the Microsoft security development lifecycle (SDL), 2009, para.1).

This security software has increased standard and capability to protect data from malicious attackers. Moreover, it protects from internal and external threats. Most of the business people and software dealers are using this security software for protection of their data. Next generation security software provides more precise, quick and spontaneous security process than the other security software. This security software can protect sensitive data and resources in an organization. The data can be lost or altered when the message is transmitted through internet and it is the best technique for identification and confirmation of the hackers. It ensures increased security and privacy for the system users which can also solve the security problems. This software offers a proactive approach for protecting confidential information and critical applications without impacting the functional activities of the business. Thus, the usage of this software helps the business run smoothly without any risk. This security software is the most excellent security appraisal scanner which also provides a scanning result in a text format. Thus, the next generation software in next generation organizations will make organizations more efficient.


Researchers have developed the next generation software thinking in mind to provide security against cyber attacks. As all know, majority of the organizational networks are uncovered to cyber attacks, even though they have got some security features which are not successful. But, advent of next generation software has changed this situation in providing effective security to organizational networks and also to their data present in the database.


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