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Nivea Company Case Study

Nivea marketing mix

In the corporate world, many tools are available for use in accomplishing specific business tasks to ensure businesses deliver on their commitments to the markets, as well as gain traction with customers. This type of delivery necessitates the application of known marketing tools considered to have the ability to deliver businesses to efficacy and prosperity

. Therefore, the marketing mix is a combination of several factors with expansive range of choices that make it possible for Nivea Visage Company to market their products and services.


As part of the business need to grow in a stature, product development is mandatory. Whether Nivea opts to trade in products or services, the business must take into account the fact that consumer needs are paramount and always seek to meet customers demands and expectations.

This entails the fact that products may have to undergo some developments, such as changing the names and packaging in order to keep up with the trends in the market.


Pricing is a very important business strategy that Nivea guards jealously while strategizing for markets. Profit margin together with the competing factors in a business may dictate the price of a given product or service, but the rule has to deliver the best that accommodate the consumers.

Moreover, some elements under consideration within this mix are the associated issues that dictate the pricing formula, such as leasing, financing, as well as other dictates of pricing in a business. Pricing as a strategy will further dictate other emergent factors, such as the stores that keep the products for sale to various consumers.


Promoting a business on the merits of its product strengths could be instrumental in taking the business to greater heights. Therefore, it is necessary for Nivea to put in place a strong public relations department to help with the promotional activities.

Promotional activities can bring an in-depth understanding of a business relative competitive positioning within a given market. It provides a business analyst with a clear and flawless framework to assess the impacts of the external condition on the capacity of a business to sustain the sought after competitive advantage.


A business has to know its area of operation, as well as acquaint itself with the emergent needs of the customer base under which it operates. From this aspect, transactional, logistical, and functional issues have to be taken into consideration. Decisions made to this end may warrant Nivea Company to supply the stores with various products that meet diverse consumer demands.

Extent of Nivea’s Reliance on Brand

Brand identity and brand image are essential for the success of a company’s products. However, differentiating the two concepts as noted usually confuse a number of scholars. Therefore, it is worth noting that a crucial point in differentiating the two is that they are generated from two contrasting factors – the sender and receiver.

Concisely, the sender creates identity while the receiver perceives the images. Brand identity reflects the contribution of all the elements in a brand to awareness and image; it provides a direction, meaning, and purpose for the brand’s strategic vision.

Given that consumers recognize positive brand image whenever brand associations are implemented suggesting a benefit in purchase for specified brand, Nivea, being a company that produces many products, has the capacity to influence potential customers with deep feelings towards its brands.

Elements of Marketing Environment

Positioning process is a combination of various steps necessary to develop a successful positioning strategy. Due to the changing environment that prompts changing needs of customers as well as their competitors, the positioning process must be persistent to keep up with such changes. Various models of positioning form part including marketing, psychological, objective, and subjective approach.

Since low prices are always associated with low quality in the manufacturing sector, companies do not lower prices to attract customers. For Nivea to thrive in the competitive industry, the company can deal in high-end products to compensate for the costs incurred. Similarly, in positioning with respect to product, the market scope is associated with extraordinary experience that brings competitive advantage.

In addition, for Nivea, the marketing environment can be determined with respect to the product user or application. In this dimension, the market is positioned based on the capacity to appeal to customers. Finally, markets are positioned with respect to the expected customers such that if Nivea intends to get a good number of customers, the organization should target the youthful generation since they have a variety of tastes and preferences that can be attracted easily.

Approach to New Product Development

Marketing and advertising agencies make use of the knowledge of psychogenic concepts in injecting conscious desires in the mindset of consumers to sell the products that may not necessarily be of need, but satisfies consumers preferences. Marketing experts acknowledge that the psychogenic needs are not innate but are learnt.

Nivea Visage marketing personnel, therefore, needs to adopt the techniques that favor behavioral and cognitive theories to assist them in manipulating human needs to conform to their products and services. As consumer behavior continues to integrate, marketers too continue to seek innovative ways of manipulating the consumer’s psychological perceptual processes.

Usually perception is a key element in influencing how individuals make sense of the world around them. Choosing between different goods or brands is not necessarily an autonomous decision of the consumers since many different aspects of marketing and advertising, such as color, attractive packaging, shape, and smell permeate their decisions. The institution of false needs is real for consumers; they consist of those items that impose their appeal on a buyer to fulfill specific social interests.

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