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Nova Scotia’s Westray Mine Tragedy Essay

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Updated: Feb 23rd, 2021

How Could an Organization Permit such as Actions, Omissions, Mistakes, Incompetence, Apathy, Cynicism, Stupidity, and Neglect’ to Occur Here?

The Westray account was a multifaceted assortment of deed, blunder, fault, and incapability, lack of interest, pessimism, idiocy, and ignorance. Actually, Richard Justice prepared a report about the catastrophe. Such investigation costs approximately five million dollars in a period of five years. Richard justice claimed that the Westray happening was a knowable course to tragedy. In fact, the findings of Richard justice reported that the Westray accident was beyond a straightforward horrible calamity.

Moreover, the mishap concerned corporate insatiable, unprofessional technical, and government ineffectiveness of the highest category. The report of Richard Justice blamed the business firm that supervised the coal mine and different government superintendents who overlooked defiant stare of safety mistreatment. Furthermore, insufficient aeration plan and protection which failed to maintain Coal and Methane dirt at harmless levels. Besides that, unlawful mine plan compelling miners to toil under risky channels to obtain the coal out much quickly.

Methane signals also were disjointed since regular alarms and indicating harmful absorption of methane, broken up coal making process. In addition, measures to manufacture coal in order to make it non-volatile were prepared only irregular typically prior to inspection. In fact, there was a terrible lack of well-being training and coaching of miners. Actually, the Westray mining company lacked a secure administrative center that required an accountable and reliable dedication from the administration.

In fact, there was no perceptible protection of cultural, as well as a guidance program and a supervision protection state of mind, there was no variety of accountable protection practices in the administrative center. Indeed, satisfaction appeared to be the main position at Westray, which at times degenerate to ignorance for the most essential and crucial protection measures. Moreover, administration and supervision failed, and consequently, the mine blasted.

In addition, the Westray administration never conformed to protection guidelines that were a comprehensible responsibility of the firm. The lawmaking responsibility of the company was to ascertain that such responsibility was satisfied by the administration, which never happened.

What lessons do we learn from Westray with Regard to Holding Organizations Accountable for their Actions?

Mining coal has always been a risky task. Actually, two hundred and forty-six workers were murdered in the comparable coal and methane dirt blast between1838-1950. Another three hundred and thirty workers were killed in different catastrophes, crushed in machine equipment. Indeed, people who were killed were laid to rest under rocks squeezed in a coal-car crash in 1866-1972. The county of Nova Scotia sold out what remained at Westray Company, anticipated to increase capital for the kin of the workers who suffered traumas. Moreover, the remnants of the company were transformed in order to increase finance to compensate the eleven workers whose corpses never recovered from the fated mine.

The Westray workers who were not murdered in the explosion, estimated to 177 workers, were rewarded severance compensation for twelve weeks. Indeed, cheques were remunerated for workers series of 6.626-12,367 million dollars. Moreover, a thirty million dollar court case proceeding was initiated against the county of Nova Scotia by relatives of the dead workers, but Nova Scotia’s Supreme Court pitch it out, declaring that the county was sheltered from proceedings under the Employees Compensation Act.

Who should be punished? What Type of Punishment should be exacted?

The report of Richard Justice blamed the business mining firm that supervised the coal mines and different government superintendents who overlooked defiant stare of safety mistreatment. Actually, the mining company was indicted with fifty-two non- unlawful counts of launching hazardous mines. The firm was insolvent in 1993. Furthermore, the prosecution was then withdrawn subsequent to the Judge of Nova Scotia, who condemned the manner in which accusation was put down.

Moreover, the proceeding was reversed to trial, which was withdrawn again. Actually, the Supreme Court of Canada planned a fresh trial. Accusation of unlawful carelessness and assassination had been set against mine administrators, though such proceeding was fruitless when the court claimed that there was no sufficient confirmation to guarantee a persecution.

The managing director of the mining business declined to give evidence at the Richard’s investigation. Indeed, the investigation had no national powers, which signified accusation could not be implemented in exterior of Nova Scotia, rendering the mining firm officially secure in their Toronto head office. Besides that, the liberal MLA Bernie Bordereau delivered a letter to Ministry of Labor of Nova Scotia, in 1991 July.

Such letter alerted that the latest Westray coal mine programmed to be unwrapped near Stellarton at county of Pictou. In fact, the mine was likely to be one of the most risky sites in the world. In addition, five hundred visitors were present at the official launching of the Westray mine in 1991 September. Moreover, government officials came from Ottawa in order to attend the launching ceremony of the Westray mine. In fact, such site was really promising to provide three hundred occupations for the rest of fifteen years.

In 1992, March, Piche Mike, the coordinator of United Steelworkers of America conversed an account about the protection measures in the mining site. Furthermore, Piche Mike claimed that some people would die in the potential upcoming days.

In 1992, May, a ignite deep in the Southern-East region of Westray mine burst into flames, an indiscernible blur of methane gas, eliciting immense blast which entrapped and took lives of twenty six workers. Actually, the strength of the explosion smashed windows and tremble residents on nearby Stellarton and New Glasgow. Government officials and managers of the mining company need be charged due to laxity in taking adequate action to safeguard workers’ working conditions.

What Level of Accountability should the Government accept for this Disaster?

The government has the mandate to protect various business projects and citizens in the country. For example, the directive of the Westray function was to obtain, manufacture and sell coal mining resources. The Toronto based-company publicized the establishment of Westray mine in the rural community of Plymouth in 1988 Septembers 1st, five days prior to Nova Scotia provincial election.

Indeed, the coal mine business was depicted as $127 million worth that would generate three hundred occupations in the region. The government of Nova Scotia also pledged to donate $12 million loan to the business firm. After some time, Nova Scotia Power Corp. declared a contract to purchase seven hundred thousand tons of the mineral resource in each year for the period of fifteen years valuing at $ 60-$74 for each ton.

The Westray mine possessed coal lay up of approximated forty five million tons. The Bank of Nova Scotia contributed one hundred million dollars loan to the business mining firm out of which the centralized government warranting eighty five percent of such amount. The competence at Westray was presumed to be well equipped. The coal was plenty and big loans were assured by the government.

Everything was prepared with the exception of some irritating distress from workers that it was a hazardous mine and protection provision was negligent. Government ought therefore to have taken safety measures to protect citizens from catastrophes that are likely to happen.

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