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Nursing Course Participation Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: May 25th, 2021

Nursing students should complete various roles if they want to develop apposite competencies that can support their professional goals. Some of these activities include class discussions, group works, seminars, assignments, and personal reflections. The acquired concepts can then be applied in different healthcare settings. This discussion gives an analysis of my participation in different learning activities and discussions undertaken throughout the term.

Analysis of Course Participation

The completed course has equipped me with adequate dexterities that can make me a skilled nurse. Several activities and responsibilities were completed in order to support the learning process. To begin with, I prepared for class by completing and reading some of the required materials. The practice made it easier for me to demonstrate adequate evidence and skills in class. The approach prepared me for different seminars and class activities.

I portrayed adequate listening and reading skills. For instance, I displayed interest in the instructor’s contributions and those of my classmates. I asked several questions to ensure every topic was clearly understood. I was keen to present relevant thoughts and ideas throughout the learning process. I also monitored my colleagues’ concepts and arguments. Insights gained from various readings were shared in each of the attended seminars.

My contributions were relevant because they helped move various seminar discussions forward. I was involved in a number of debates and tried out new ideas. I also participated in different class discussions. However, I was not in a position to attend most of the classes. I managed to support various group work activities and processes. The class and seminar discussions made it easier for me to reflect on a number of readings. Such class activities supported my learning process. This analysis indicates clearly that my participation in the course was adequate.

Takeaways from the Course

The course participation has made it easier for me to develop new insights that can sustain my goals as a practitioner. For instance, I enjoyed the article “The Search for an Official Definition of Nursing” since it guided me to have a wide view and understanding of healthcare practice. According to the author, nurses play a critical role in providing high-quality support to both the sick and the healthy (Henderson, 1966). Practitioners must consider the most appropriate strategies that can ensure their patients recover and lead healthy lives. The idea of holistic care is suitable because it addresses a patient’s spiritual, physical, psychological, and mental health issues. I have developed better dexterities such as problem-solving, collaboration, teamwork, and leadership.

Future Improvements

The above analysis has revealed that my participation was average. I read the required materials and articles before attending various classes or seminars. Although I participated in such seminars and discussions, I did not attend some of the classes. This gap explains why I will be part of every class discussion. The practice will equip me with superior concepts and insights that can support my future goals as a nurse practitioner (Liaschenko & Fischer, 2009).


The completed group discussions, classes, and seminars supported my aims as a student of nursing. I managed to interact with a number of colleagues and instructors throughout the term. I asked questions and presented appropriate ideas to support the learning process. However, I did not attend some of the classes and seminars. I am planning to allocate adequate time for my classes and discussions in the future.


Henderson, V. (1966). The search for an official definition of nursing. In V. Henderson, The nature of nursing: A definition and its implications for practice, research and education (pp. 1-21). New York, NY: McMillan.

Liaschenko, J., & Fischer, A. (2009). Theorizing the knowledge that nurses use in the conduct of their work. In P. G. Reed & N. B. Crawford Shearer (Eds.), Perspectives on nursing theory (5th ed., pp. 129-138). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.

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