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Nutrition: “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Pollan Essay (Book Review)

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Updated: Jan 28th, 2021

“The omnivore’s dilemma”: Summary of Chapters 1-3

The first three chapters of Pollan’s “The omnivore’s dilemma” book explain the general eating patterns of omnivores and the challenges they face in deciding appropriate food. From this section, it is clear that what we eat is a great determinant of our health. As Pollan explains, it is very important to understand that avoiding some specific meals without proper guidelines may not be enough to make one healthy (3). This author gives uses France as an example.

The types of meals eaten by the French are far unhealthier as compared to what Americans eat. Nevertheless, it is paradoxical that the French are much healthier as compared to Americans (Pollan 4). This shows that good health means a lot than what some experts call healthy foods. From these chapters, therefore, one must understand the requirements of the body. Through this, one would be in a position to determine the best meal that can help him or her stay healthy.

Anthropomorphism of the Plants

According to Pollan, corn has domesticated humans. Most of the current meals that humans eat are products of corn (17). Corn products such as oil make part of the ingredients used in preparing other meals. Man’s diet, therefore, revolves around the corn. This author has given several human attributes to pants. This author has successfully used this stylistic feature to make readers comprehend what he is explaining. He says that corn grew in its long strange journey to its ultimate destination in a fast food meal (Pollan 8). This statement brings out the picture of the journey that the corn takes from the time it is in the field to the time it gets into the fast-food stores in Iowa. He also describes corn as the king (Pollan 39).

Commodification of Corn

Corn has been co-modified in this book. The words co-modify mean transforming items, which may be regarded as goods under normal circumstances into merchandise. Pollan asserts that corn has turned into a major commodity in the United States, as families rush into its production at the expense of other crops (25).

“The omnivore’s dilemma”: Summary of Chapters 4-7

This section has provided a detailed overview of what Americans eat besides corn and their implication on their health. Pollan says that meat plays a role in the normal growth of a person (69). He further notes that although it is essential to the body, red meat causes harm to the body and therefore, it should be taken in small quantities. This section advises Americans as regards balancing their diet.

Comparison of Natural and Industrial Diet

Beef is one of the most popular diets in this country. As Pollan notes, there is a shift from consumption of natural to industrial diets (77). Many Americans prefer taking grilled meat readily available in fast food stores. Although they are very delicious, they have serious health implications. The type of treatment these animals receive causes these implications. These chemicals remain in the bodies of animals. They are later transferred to the body of the consumer. For this reason, it is advisable to take natural diets, as they are healthier compared to industrial diets.

Industrial Eaters

According to Pollan (110), and an industrial eater is a person who heavily depends on industrial foods as opposed to natural meals. Those who frequent fast food stores could be regarded as industrial eaters. This is because fast food stores majorly stock industrial foods.

I may refer to myself as an industrial eater to an extent. I occasionally visit fast food stores and although I appreciate the health concerns of the meals they offer, I find it hard to resist the temptation to eat them. I have read several articles about diet, and have realized that several industrial firms use them to manipulate Americans into believing that such industrial foods are healthy.

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