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OPSM Company Work Environment Case Study

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Updated: Apr 10th, 2020

Few features of OPSM’s approach to learning and developing should be noted. It is important that the company has started with a foundation that was later used to implement other programs. It is quite necessary because there were no previous processes. Also, development gaps were and addressed with a use of a particular feedback tool.

It is crucial that managers have had a previous experience with it. A leadership program is also an interesting decision because the success was not guaranteed. However, the risks have paid off. Overall, the importance of career development cannot be disregarded because it motivates employees.

Currently, many barriers prevent the implementation of such programs in companies. It is very hard to get the support of stakeholders because they often request the detailed data about the expenses and how fast investments will pay off. Also, it is hard to make a correct prognosis for such program.

Another significant problem is that a board of directors and a leadership team in most companies are very conservative most of the time and prefer to use traditional methods. However, they should be informed about the potential of such programs. Also, it must be said that resources of some organizations are limited, and they cannot afford to implement initiatives like this.

Mentoring is a particular process in which two individuals are involved, and one helps another to reach career goals. Such relationship is especially important in the environment of the university. It is beneficial for both participants. Mentor learns how to be a professional and dramatically improves his or her skill, and leadership ability is also developed.

A mentor should have the desire to share his experience with a student. The apprentice is being offered valuable advice and information that would be useful. Also, mentor’s network plays a significant role in the career development of the protégé. Both sides should be motivated and must understand their roles.

I would consider many possible factors when creating a mentoring program for a new lecturer. A teacher should provide assistance to a student not less than two times a week for several hours. The development of the schedule is essential to make sure that the process is successful, and the desired effect is achieved.

Also, it is important that he or she helps with a particular discipline to improve the skills. It is highly necessary to create an environment to support the process. Also, a teacher should make reports to keep track of the progress. Mentoring should be a paramount experience for a recently recruited lecturer because it improves knowledge, and communication skills are also developed.

Sexism in the workplace is an enormous problem in the modern society that needs to be discussed, and particular measures must be taken to prevent such incidents. First of all, it should not be tolerated by any workers. If a person is treated differently because of one of the characteristics such as gender it can be described as discrimination. Managers should implement strategies to fight with this problem.

There should be ways to report cases of sexism in the workplace. Also, a manual that describes such procedures can be developed with a help of a professional. It is important because employees should feel comfortable and safe in the work environment because depression and stress may negatively affect their performance.

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