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Ba Ba Lu Bar Performance Management Report

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Updated: Apr 9th, 2022

Executive Summary

The research report presents the examination of the organisational performance management in Ba Ba Lu Bar Pty Ltd with references to the effectiveness of the human resource management within the organisation.

The report provides the evaluation of the HR function within Ba Ba Lu Bar Pty Ltd with depending on the proper analysis of HR practices, methods, the ethical base of the company, and strengths and weaknesses of definite HR strategies.

The analysis of the key issues associated with HR management is offered in the context of HR management’s impact on the effective organisational performance.

Specific recommendations for the improvement of the HR management strategies used in Ba Ba Lu Bar Pty Ltd are also presented in the report.


The peculiarities of the organisations’ progress and the features of their organisational performance management depend on the business field and market within which the company develops (Gelade & Ivery 2003).

Ba Ba Lu Bar Pty Ltd is a popular bar and restaurant which is located in Lorne, Victoria, Australia. The bar was established by the French-Swiss restaurateur who had the similar restaurant in Spain.

That is why Ba Ba Lu Bar & Restaurant specializes in the Spanish and Latino cuisine, being one of the most successful bars in Lorne. Today the director of the bar and the main chef is Sacha Meier who controls all the main activities of the organisation.

Ba Ba Lu Bar & Restaurant works seven days a week and propose breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to meet all the clients’ requirements.

To address all the challenges of the rapidly developed field of the bar and restaurant business and preserve the high position in the market, the managers of Ba Ba Lu Bar & Restaurant are inclined to organise the work of the staff within the working shifts effectively and support the employees’ high level of motivation.

Organisation’s mission is to contribute to the company’s progress within the market with the help of attracting potential clients and constant increasing the quality of the service provided.

To complete these requirements, the organisational structure is developed; the main positions in it are the chef director, marketing director, HR manager, and the representatives of the service department, purchasing department, finance and accounting department.

It is important to note that the staff demographics are characterized by the diversity of the representatives from the minority ethnic groups along with the Australians.

The percentage of men as employees of Ba Ba Lu Bar & Restaurant is higher than the number of women employed. The average age of the employees is about 28 years (Ba Ba Lu Bar Pty Ltd n.d.).

The organisation of the company’s HR function

HR function’s organisation to support objectives

The main objectives of Ba Ba Lu Bar & Restaurant are to compete effectively within the field of the market of services and restaurant business in Lorne and address the clients’ expectations, requirements, and needs.

That is why the main goal of the HR manager is to hire skilful employees who could contribute to the development of the organisation and to the increase of the service quality (Ba Ba Lu Bar Pty Ltd n.d.).

People associated with the HR function

The bar and restaurant business does not require the large management department to meet the organisation’s needs.

The HR function is realised by the HR manager responsible for hiring personnel according to standards and peculiarities of the work, the further development of the resources with focusing on their training, orientation to the improvement of the workers’ skills, increase of the employees’ motivation with using definite benefits and compensations, establishment of the positive atmosphere, control of the work performance with references to the requirements and the necessary assessment.

The HR manger’s work is controlled by the chef director, and it is associated with the representatives of the service department.

The HR manager’s education

The HR function is realised by the HR manger who has the special education in the field of HR management and the necessary background knowledge and work experience as the assistant of the HR manager in the company in the area of the hotel business and later as the HR manager in the same company.

The previous work experience helps the HR manager successfully employ staff with paying attention to the applicants’ skills, conducting the effective interviews and tests.

Networks are not used by the HR manager as the significant factor for improving the process of hiring and examining the employees.

The HR methods, strategies and strengths

The HR methods, strategies, and procedures

The HR manger of Ba Ba Lu Bar & Restaurant organises his work to contribute to the development of the positive atmosphere within the bar on the base of the qualified completion of all the necessary tasks by the employees.

The main strategies which are used by the HR manger while hiring and controlling the staff depend on a definite employment model. Ba Ba Lu Bar & Restaurant as the typical organisation within the field of restaurant business follows the principles of flexibility in its progress according to the needs of the rapidly changing market (Daft 2011; Porter 1998).

In spite of the fact there is a range of requirements which should be addressed by employees the staff is usually employed at short notice because of the high level of turnover within the industry (Armstrong 2006).

The main employment model which is used by the HR manger is the ‘engineering model’ when the main accents are made on the challenging work and current competence of the applicants.

The majority of the staff interacts not only with the other employees within the organisation, but also with clients, and this fact increases the level of work challenges and stressful situations for them.

The current competence of the applicants is examined during the interviews and tests. The necessary training is also provided in order to improve the employees’ skills (DeCieri & Kramer 2006).

Nevertheless, this training is not extensive, and it is developed only to meet the obvious organisation’s requirements to the quality level of the employees’ work.

The employees’ successes and problems are regulated through the peer control and with the direct involvement of the HR manager in the process (Tovey & Uren 2006).

The HR function strengths

The strengths of the management organisation in Ba Ba Lu Bar & Restaurant are associated with the effective system of rewards and bonuses which is used in order to address such goals as the increase of the quality of the service provided and stimulation of the staff’s motivation.

The HR manager pays attention to the methods which are directed to expanding the employees’ responsibilities to contribute to the growth of their potential and positive attitude to their duties.

The work intensification is realised without using strict methods which can break the balance within the company and influence the employees’ performance negatively.

Ethical behaviour

The next weakness is the lack of the appropriately fixed code of conduct. The current code is followed by all the employees, but it focuses predominantly on the relations of the staff and clients without references to the interactions within the organisation.

HR function’s priorities

The HR manager pays much attention to the effective hiring skilful employees, training and controlling their work and less attention to the development of team building within the organisation and this process is interdependent with the fact of the significant turnover within Ba Ba Lu Bar & Restaurant.

In spite of the fact the main customers within the organisation are the employees who provide definite services and interact with clients much, the HR manager does not focus on strengthening the interpersonal relations with references to the flexible approach to the organisation and control.

This approach can weaken the organisation’s competitiveness within the industry.

The HR function weaknesses and current problems

The weaknesses of the HR function are connected with such aspects as the orientation to the short-term goals while employing the staff and realising their training. The turnover and diversity of the workforce are the main characteristics of the HR organisation in the bar.

Definite issues depend on the changes in legislations worldwide and associated challenges for the employees and employer. Thus, job security is also provided not on the highest level.

The career progress of the employees is almost impossible within the organisation because of the peculiarities of its structure (Schermerhorn 2010).

That is why main accents are made on the short-term goals and on quick but effective training which contribute to the organisation’s flexibility.

HR function and IT

The usage of IT components and technologies is not progressive enough. That is why the lack of using the technological innovations for optimising the process of hiring, controlling, and measuring is not adequate to meet the requirements of the modern trends in the industry (Bernadin 2007; Stone 2008).

The primary focus of HR function and effectiveness

The primary focus of HR function

Having analysed the work of the HR manager in Ba Ba Lu Bar & Restaurant, it is important to mention that the primary focus of HR function is administrative which is directed toward the effective control and assessment of the employees’ performance with paying much attention to their skills as workers.

The effectiveness of HR function

The organisation and strategies used by the HR manager contribute to the successful organisational performance where the main accents are made on the quality of the services provided.

However, in spite of the fact the general organisational performance influenced by the HR function is high, there are some issues connected with the character of the employees’ interactions.

Overcoming these issues with using definite HR methods, the organisation can also increase its performance.


The HR function in Ba Ba Lu Bar & Restaurant can be discussed as rather effective with references to the administrative advantages.

Nevertheless, from the point of the strategic development, the principles according to which the HR manger realises his functions are not successful enough in order to address all the requirements of the constantly developed industry and market.

Thus, the necessary flexibility and employment model can be supported with the more worked out code of conduct, and long-term goals should become the managerial priorities.


1. To develop the HR management strategy with references to the long-term goals in order to improve the competitive advantage.

2. To develop the effective code of conduct.

3. To expand the employees’ responsibility and creativity in order to discover their potential.

4. To provide team-building techniques in order to create the positive and effective atmosphere.

5. To use the technological innovations in order to meet the trends.

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