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Organizational Values Overview Essay

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Updated: May 14th, 2022

Impact of aligning organizational values with nurses’ values

Organizational alignment is when the levels of performance are equally supportive and aim at attaining an efficient and successful delivery system.

Organizational values yield success and are beneficial both to the employer and the employee. The alignment of values requires that both of these parties work together (Suhonen et al., 2012).

Impact on nurse engagement

When there is alignment in an organization, conflicts between the employer and the employee are very few. The employer always ensures that the employees’ needs are identified, understood and met. The employer works ensuring that the environment is conducive for work. A good working condition means more productivity for the employees. When nurses are happy about their working conditions, then they will be motivated to make the best out of their skills and expertise (Suhonen et al., 2011).

Impact on patient outcomes

An increased employer satisfaction means more satisfaction for the client. A conducive working environment for the nurse translates into better service delivery to the patient; hence an increased patient satisfaction.

If a patient is happy with the quality of services provided, then he is more likely to refer his friends into the hospital (Suhonen et al., 2011).

Use of effective communication techniques

Effective communication techniques in health care is critical and vital for efficiency and accurate service delivery, and in resolving frequent challenges that arise in health care among health care workers and between the workers and patients (Berkhof et al., 2011).

Both verbal and non-verbal techniques of communication; used effectively, is helpful in resolving the kind of problems that often arise and enhance relations between patients and care-givers, and among the health care providers (Berkhof et al., 2011).

Ways of using effective communication techniques

Communication techniques will be effective in tackling health care challenges and in enhancing collaboration among groups only when the group in question is equipped with the skills. The health care staff ought to be equipped with communication skills through training.

The training entails the impartation of verbal and non-verbal communication skills to the nurses and physicians to enhance relations among themselves and with patients (Berkhof et al., 2011).

Eradicating barriers of effective communication such as generalization, stereotyping, and making of assumptions among others, will enhance precision and accuracy in service delivery. These barriers if not eradicated or minimized could be costly since they can bring about unnecessary errors and mistakes that are uncalled for (Tay et al., 2011).

Application of effective communication skills in health care

With effective communication techniques, health care professionals are able to effectively pass and receive information as they work as a team.

The technique will also ensure effective explanation on matters concerning diagnosis, investigations that have been carried out and treatment available for any case at hand (Thompson & McCabe, 2012).

A professional in health care who is equipped with good communication techniques will be able to deal with difficult or anxious patients adequately by effective communication with the patient or relatives. In cases of breaking of bad news to the patient or relatives of the patient, the health care professional will be able to handle the delicate matter in its entire transparency yet in a manner that is sensitive to the recipient of the bad news. They will also be able to sooth and bring to calm patients who could be struggling with anxiety; this requires top-notch skills of communication that the health care professional would have been equipped with (Thompson & McCabe, 2012).

Application of effective communication skills in health care cont

When dealing with patients, the practitioner’s pieces of advice are critical for the patient. With effective communication techniques, the health care professional can adequately advice on lifestyle, risk factors, and ways of promoting health that will help the patient in improving their status of health on their way to recovery (Thompson & McCabe, 2012).

Patient involvement is vital in decision-making processes. This requires exceptional listening skills form the health care professional and unprejudiced opinion (Berkhof et al., 2011).

With the technique the health care professional is able to seek informed clarification or consent for procedures such as post-moterm or any invasive procedure (Berkhof et al 2011).

Curbing nurse- physician communication challenges through effective communication

Effective communication between the health care workers will ensure flow of complete, clear, and accurate information without errors. This kind of information flow eliminate communication errors that would otherwise put the health of patients at jeopardy (Tay et al 2011).

When nurses and physicians embrace a culture that facilitates effective communication, patient safety and quality of health care will ultimately improve.

Professional experience on adherence to organizational values

The nurses at the health care centre believe in integrity, excellence, respect and compassion in their delivery of services to the patients. They have always portrayed these values in alignment to the organization values every time they are handling patients from different walks of life who have different health conditions.

The nurses also use the HIT meet the recognized interoperability standards which are essential in health care are is required by the organization as a commitment to value improvement.

Impact on nurse engagement and patient outcome

As nurses deliver health care services as per the organizational values, their motivation for service delivery is boosted since it comes from within. The organizational values are those that they individually uphold which leads to work satisfaction.

By adhering to the organizational values, the nurses deliver quality health care services that ultimately result in improved patient experience and patient satisfaction.


Alignment to organizational values lead to an improvement in the effectiveness of the organization. It ensures that patients receive quality health care services. The health care workers become more effective as they align service delivery to the values of the organization (Suhonen et al 2011).

Effective communication techniques are vital in health care. It is a tool that comes in handy in delivering accurate and precise medical services and helps in improving the physician-nurse and nurse-patient relations. Effective communication eliminate costly medical errors that could jeopardize patient safety (Thompson & McCabe, 2012).


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