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Overall American Policies Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Sep 25th, 2020

The Federalists Papers

The Federalists papers are the documents that preceded and anticipated the Constitution of the United States. They represent a collection of essays, and articles mainly written by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay, public activists, who estimated the American society from philosophical and governmental perspective. They concluded that America contemporary to them should become a commercial republic. The Federalists papers influenced a number of the U.S. constitutional provisions. There were also implications that were used in creating Bill of Rights. In terms of political influence, The Federalists papers surpassed their time and affected two of the most powerful documents used in American politics until today and beyond.

John Locke

John Locke is one of the philosophers who brought the concept of liberalism to a new level. He is often referred to as a father of Liberalism due to his contributions. In many ways, his views on republicanism and liberal society gave inspiration to the theorists of the American Revolution. Locke developed the concept of natural rights for all human beings that is underlying for American society and the notion of social contract. He contributed to the ideas of freedom and equality that are crucial for American political and public life.

Necessary and Proper (Expedient Clause)

It is a provisional clause of the U.S. Constitution. It underlines the duty and right of the Congress to make necessary and proper laws. In particular, it states that laws should be drafted when the society needs them. However, they also should be created in a way that they support governmental hierarchy and the power of the Constitutions. It is one of the foundations of American political life.

North American Trading Agreement

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is an economic agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The main idea of the agreement is that it enhances economic and trading relations between three countries. NAFTA provides useful export and import opportunities for the U.S. However, it also has political implications. In the modern world, economic cooperation presupposes collaboration in political and public spheres, including fewer restrictions on border control, immigration, etc. Those are the issues widely discussed and relevant to the contemporary political life of American society.


Globalization refers to the integration of the different cultures. Due to the multi-cultural nature of the American society, it is used to co-existence of different worldviews and beliefs. In a way, it helped in forming strong political culture and democratic values. However, globalization takes place at the much larger scale. Therefore, it is important for the contemporary American politics to combine the respect for other cultures with the need to promote democratic values.

Constitutional Government

A constitutional government is a government that was formed and assembled according to the Constitutional provisions. It needs to perform its legislative and executive obligations. All the rights and obligations of such government are predetermined by the Constitution. Moreover, the Constitution also has a priority of controlling such government.

Three Theories of Presidential Power

According to the first theory, Presidential executive powers are both based on and restricted by the Constitution. It is a conservative theory. Another theory is that everything that is not banned by the Constitution is within a President’s powers. According to the third theory, circumstances and emergencies define the power of the President. They can act outside the Constitution in case of emergency.

Historical Factors that Enhanced the Power of the U.S. Presidents

The main source of power for the U.S. Presidents is Constitution. Their power has also grown during World War I and World War II due to military manufacturing. The U.S. economy enhances the power of American Presidents. In the global context, Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan, and Cold War affirmed the influence of the U.S. in Western Europe. Today, Presidential power comes from promoting democratic values. All those factors are still relevant in modern political circumstances.

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