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Overview of qualities and standards of global employment Case Study

The challenges and opportunities associated with overseas positions are as follows: the cultural differences create the assimilation process somewhat lengthy; the expectations of the management personnel, as well as employees, are in high regard, according to the increase of the company’s production or output.

The opportunities are based on the contribution of knowledge and acquisition of unique set of skills that the new setting will provide but also, on the changes that can be implemented on social and individual levels. The problem of the cultural difference is one of the major ones, as the person has to learn the traditions of intricate beliefs of the society.

Usually, people are involved within the norms from very young age and are able to learn and absorb the rules and regularities of society over a long amount of time. The fact that an employee from another part of the world has little time to study the unique culture creates a stress and constraints on the abilities to get familiarized with the society.

The expectations are on the highest level, as the person invited is considered knowledgeable and of high professionalism, as to conduct own mastery and management in the new setting. The process of increasing the company’s productivity and the development of the personal skills of employees is the goal of every superior and so, a close understanding on the organizational level is needed for success.

The opportunity to increase personal knowledge of the culture and understanding of the company politics creates an advantage for an international employee. The set up of new and more advanced techniques and process will ensure the prosperity and positive direction of the business.

The qualifications of a person coming abroad are very important for the way they will adopt to the new culture and vice versa. The employee must be very flexible in the transition, as to make it unnoticeable for the employees and other managers of the company. The local representatives, as well as customs and governments must be consulted, so that no ethically disrespectful behaviors are exhibited.

The employee and the company, including the social setting, must function as a unit, so that there are no disturbances in the normal activities of the worker’s and company’s work. An intellectual and responsible approach must be used by the employee, so that the trust and understanding of the new company is gained.

The social customs, traditions, religious values, business standards and other experiences must be analyzed in precision, in order to avoid any missing links and details. Also, the political and economical qualities of the nation or country must be studied, so that business technique and general morale of the country are well known and are used to an advantage.

If a business functions on an international level, the policies and procedures according to other countries must be studied as well. This creates an environment filled with learning and pressure, and the employee must be able to withstand the stress. Not only must the culture of one country and people be learned but also a number of different world views and norms.

So, the employee must have great attention to details and an ability to correctly interpret and use the information received. The overall qualities are related to hard work, determination and respect towards the people and the country (Plessis, 2010).


Plessis, A. (2010). International human resource management: An overview of its effect on managers in global organisations. Interdisciplinary Journal Of Contemporary Research In Business, 2(4), 178-182.

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