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Own opinion about the companies Essay

Apple Inc, previously known as Apple Computer Inc, is my favorite company in the rapid advancing world of communication and computer technology. As a matter of fact, this multinational corporation has over the years emerged as one of the most successful companies in the ever-changing sector of communication technology. Apple is known for its wide range of award-winning products and services that have been tailored to fit the needs and the standards of the current human generation (Rai and Santanu 149).

For instance, I have always found Apple mobile computing technologies to be more reliable and convenient in all interactive aspects in the modern world, where social interaction over the internet is becoming a norm. What I admire most about Apple Inc is their constant innovative power, which enables the company to offer excellent products and services to all its customers allover the world.

In the hospitality industry, I will settle for Marriott Hotels and Restaurants. Marriott International Inc is second to none, when it comes to exclusive lodging facilities. The Company is known to offer a wide range of tourism brands and hospitality services that comes with a rare touch of excellent service from the most cheerful and understanding staff you have ever seen.

What impresses me most about Marriot is their big attention to customers. This is evident in the way the company strives to get customers’ feedback regarding every service they receive from their premises, to be used in generating changes that are necessary in achieving excellent customer services in hospitality.

The company I like most in the entertainment industry is Walt Disney. This company, which bears the name of its founder, is arguably a global leader in media enterprise and international family entertainment. A world without the magical touch of Walt Disney would be unimaginable, considering the great transformation that this man has brought to the world-wide entertainment sector.

Disney’s interactive segments and consumer products have proved to be more beneficial in educating and entertaining people of all ages (Wasko 22). What makes Disney different from other players in the entertainment sector is the quality of their diversified products that are certain to guarantee for unique and extraordinary entertainment experiences to the global population.

As it would be observed, these three companies have a number of similarities in the way they are managed and marketed. For instance, each of these companies is striving to be innovative in their own style, in an attempt to attract and retain more customers on their side.

This can be seen in the various ways used by the companies in obtaining sustainable competitive advantage within their respective industries or sectors. Another outstanding similarity is that, these three companies have widely incorporated the internet as an effective medium of communication that can be used to reach out for consumers. This brilliant approach has greatly helped the companies to market their products and services across the borders.

One of the major differences in the way these companies are managed and marketed can be observed in the manner by which they operate to remain competitive in the market. Apple Inc has adopted the magic of product innovation and invention in remaining more competent, compared to its major rivals in the market. Marriott International Inc uses various mediums of communication, such as print media, banners, and the internet to publicize its products and services to the global masses (Lashley 31).

Being an entertainment company, Walt Disney uses the influence of television and movie programs to inform the people about their exclusive entertainment products. Disney also owns several TV channels among other interactive media networks, and this enables the company to give a perfect signal about itself around the world, without having to incur huge costs on advertisement.

There is always a room for improvement, no matter how perfect something appears to be. In this regard, there are various ways through which these three companies could become more competent and successful in their respective fields. The inventive power enjoyed by Apple may be of great importance to the company’s stability in the market.

However, the rate by which this happens is just another significant issue here. I think it would be a good idea if the technology company considered slowing down its inventive pace, and try to focus more on innovative matters. This would ensure there is enough time for the existing products to sell out first, before new versions of products are released into the market.

Regardless of its big success, Marriot International Inc is likely to be more successful if it used the most competent travel agents to handle their business matters in developed countries, where competition is observed to be very high.

Wart Disney Entertainment Company needs to translate some of their outstanding motion works into other interactive versions such as books and print outs. Through this approach, the company will be able to reach out for many people across the world, thus diversifying their sales on entertainment products and services.

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