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Pearly Whites Stomatology: Business Plan Presentation

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Updated: Jun 6th, 2022

General Descriptions

  • Name: Pearly Whites Stomatology Clinic;
  • Purpose: To provide affordable and high-quality dental care to denizens of a particular area;
  • Mission: To improve the state of oral healthcare through the promotion of preventative and dental treatments in the populace;
  • Vision: To set a new standard of care for modern dentistry in the US and beyond;
  • Product of service: Treatment of teeth and gums, provision of implants, consultation services, preventative treatments;
  • Background information: New company, set in a district with low access to quality dental care. The team is comprised of experienced professionals and support staff. Created and funded using personal savings as well as supportive grants provided by various government programs.

The proposed business plan features the newly-found company called Pearly Whites Stomatology clinic. Stomatology is one of the most demanded areas of medicine both in the US and abroad. The expenditures of the population on dentistry in 2016 was over 124 billion dollars nation-wide, with a three percent increase in each of the following years (Vujicic, Buchmueller, & Klein, 2016). Poor quality of care, high prices, a lack of oral healthcare knowledge, and the abundance of corroborative factors make teeth and gums highly vulnerable to deterioration. The negative effects are particularly obvious on poor and vulnerable population subgroups, who often do not have enough resources on preventative treatment, which results in greater long-term negative effects. Substandard oral health can result in significant medical and socio-economic issues for individuals and their families (Vujicic et al., 2016).

The purpose of the business is to address the issues highlighted above and provide affordable high-quality dental care to the denizens of low-income area. The company’s overarching mission is to improve the standards of oral health in the community by focusing on preventative procedures, patient education, and the facilitation of affordable interventions for the locals. Instead of promulgating inaction, resulting in expensive treatments in the long-term perspective, Pearly Whites Stomatology Clinic would focus on patient volumes, sustaining good standards of oral health through timely checks and minor corrections during the first stages of cavity and plaque development.

Pearly Whites Stomatology acknowledges that all patients have different needs, and strives to provide the highest standard of dental care available. The products of service would include a full spectrum of treatment, starting from timely check-ups and ending with nerve removal and implant installation. That way, the company will be capable of addressing the needs of the community in full without forcing individuals to complete the necessary procedures elsewhere.

The company is set in Miami, Florida, in one of the poorer districts that have low access to affordable and available dental care. In order to ensure the highest quality possible, Pearly Whites Stomatology hires top professionals in their fields with excellent medical credentials, education, and hands-on experience. The financial resources necessary for launching the business were provided from personal reserves as well as two grants for small businesses provided by federal government programs, such as Wells Fargo Community Investment Program and NIH grant.

General Descriptions

Physical Location

  • Miami-Dade, Florida, FL;
  • Allapattah, West Flagler;
  • Occupies the first story of a 3-story administrative building;
  • 1000 sq.ft space;
  • New dental equipment and machinery;
  • Doors, ventilation, ceiling height, natural and artificial lighting, as well as all sanitation standards are in accordance with requirements for medical facilities.

Pearly Whites Stomatology Clinic will be located in Allapattah, Miami-Dade, Florida, in the district of Allapattah. This district is classified as one of the most underserviced locations in all of Miami-Dade, and is characterized with substandard levels of living, increased numbers of population, plenty of socially-vulnerable groups, and the relative unavailability of quality dental care services (Gold & Tomar, 2016). Individuals have to drive from West Flagler to Civic Center in order to address their dental issues or utilize the ones available domestically, which are few and far between. Therefore, Pearly Whites Stomatology will provide a much needed commodity to an underserviced population.

The chosen location for the clinic is the first story of a 3-story administrative building located in West Flagler. The choice of the story was dictated by the necessity to provide service to disabled individuals, which would otherwise be forced to move higher up in order to receive service. The clinic features a push-to-call button in order for disabled individuals to receive help getting inside. The facility would include 4 operational rooms and various supplementary facilities, taking around 1000 square feet of space. Each dentistry office is equipped with 2 sets of chairs as well as machinery, tools, and materials in order to facilitate all and any operations required to be performed on the patient.

The facility is outfitted in accordance to the requirements placed by NIH for dental and medical locations. Doors are made wide to fit a wheelchair through without significant disadvantages, the height of the ceilings is well above 3 meters to ensure appropriate volumes of air and dispersion, all ventilation, lighting, and sanitation standards have otherwise been met.

Physical Location

Departments and Management Team Compositions

  • Medical department: 8 specialists, 16 support personnel;
  • Sanitation and maintenance department: 4 personnel;
  • Customer management department: 4 personnel;
  • Accounting department: 4 personnel;
  • Legal department: 2 personnel;
  • Management team: 5 managers (one per department);
  • Head Manager: First Name, Last Name.

The proposed organizational structure will be based on departments, with individuals assigned to their specific roles in order to facilitate accountability and improve efficiency (Baker, Baker, & Dworkin, 2018). The largest department would be the medical department. It would include all medical and support personnel. 8 doctors would provide high-quality dental care services, perform consultations, and conduct surgical interventions when necessary. Support personnel would be tasked with providing the necessary tools when needed and facilitate any tasks that specialists would deem necessary in the scope of their work. Each specialist would have 2 support personnel assigned to them, and are expected to act as team leaders in order to manage clinical situations requiring the assistance of more than one employee.

Customer management department would include 4 staff members, which would be tasked with keeping the appointment schedule, paging customers, and providing all the necessary information about the organization, its policies, and practices. Accounting department would be responsible for managing financial expenditures of the organization. Legal department would handle matters in regards to the medical law. Depending on the necessity, legal department could be outsourced. Finally, sanitation and maintenance department would involve cleaners, janitors, and other staff necessary to keep the facility in good shape. The company would require an IT specialist to manage the computer systems, but given the relatively small size of the facility, this function could either be outsourced or placed on a singular specialist rather than an entire department (Baker et al., 2018).

The management board will be comprised of 5 managers, one per department. Their purpose would be to ensure that the clinic operates as intended, manage personnel in day-to-day activities, and form the budget based on the requirements of individual departments. The head manager will provide a strategic direction to managers and hold them individually accountable for their respective departments. He/she will also be responsible for making the final decision in regards to budgeting (Baker et al., 2018).

Departments and Management Team Compositions


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