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Personal Experience With Persuasive Writing Coursework

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Updated: Jul 24th, 2022

As a person, I have been in a number of situations that need convincing writing to get my way out. Application for my attachment, asking for forgiveness from the college administration, application for the chairmanship post in our youth group, just to mention a few are some of the cases when I had to exercise persuasive writing.

Attachments are normally a requirement for one to successfully graduate from college (Boud, 1985). The avenues for attachment acquisition are normally tight especially in an event where individual students have to look for these opportunities on their own. This is the case in many situations. Like other students, I had to write many application letters to different companies, firms, and non-governmental organisations to increase my chances of securing a chance for attachment.

My ability to persuade and convince reigned. I made my case to the prospective attachment-offering firms that I had the kind of qualities they were looking for in their interns. This helped me to acquire an opportunity, despite the high number of students looking for the very attachment opportunities against the few chances available.

At school, persuasive writing came in handy the day I got in trouble with my professor. This is when I delayed submitting my assignment for marking. This made the professor in charge to ask me for written explanation of the reasons for my delayed submission. Since delayed submission of such work in our school is a serious offence, it could call for severe punishment. I had to do a lot of convincing to make him give heed to my reasons for being unable to finish the work on time. Another written convincing I had to do was during the elections in our youth group. Here candidates for various elective posts had to apply through the association patron.

Persuasive writing is something we live with in our daily lives. For me, this art of writing will continue being a vital tool in my stay at the college. This is important especially when it comes to application for various opportunities around. These are, scholarships, which are normally very few and competitive, and while arguing out my thesis. Later in my professional, persuasive writing will help me get to greater heights as far as promotions are concerned. That is, in cases where an employee has to show cause as to why he/she deem fit for promotion or transfers, and also in search for greener pastures in my future line of work.

Doing persuasive writing for other people to asses and evaluate is quite challenging. Ranging from unfairness of managers and prospective employers, who are biased and tribal, thus will not make sound judgements, professors who have an already formed negative attitude, to corrupt prospective employers, who will judge not according to your arguments and presentation, but as per how willing you are to bribe.

Audience Analysis

Different types of writings are intended for different groups of people depending on the type of information contained in the paper. These group targets for the writings are categorised as primary and secondary audiences. Like in the case of a paper on motorcyclists and the passengers wearing helmets, the group of people forming its primary audience is wide. They include young reckless motorcyclists, motorbike passengers, and riders under the influence of drugs.

Reports show that young reckless motorcyclists overlook safety guidelines thus becoming most vulnerable to bike accident (Hough, 2010). This has been the case with drug and substance abusers and motorcyclists of unroadworthy bikes. Passengers of these reckless motorcyclists are exposed to the dangers involved thus also form direct beneficiaries of this paper.

Secondary audience to this paper can be formed by traffic police officers, parents, husbands and wives to these motorcyclists and the nation at large. Police officers form part of secondary audience too. This is because they are the ones in charge of enforcing better and safer usage of the roads by all people. Parents are not any better because any danger posed to their children is a liability to them. In general, all the above parties are part of the audience as they can play a part in reduction of these motorcyclist accidents.

The husbands and wives to reckless motorcyclists, under influence of drugs are part of secondary audience since they are the people close to such riders. This makes them feel much of the pain involved in cases of losing lives through accidents, than any other party. The nation comes in as it bears the obligation of safeguarding its citizens against such atrocities through population sensitization on the safety rules as far as traffic rules are concerned.

These audiences expect the writer to cover exhaustively the risks like asthma disease caused by exposure to a lot of cold, causes of neglecting of safety settings, nature of hazards that face the motorcyclists, and possible ways leading to safety of the motorcyclists and reduction in the rate at which they are faced by accidents.

The data involved in the research is expected to be the most recent and updated, in order to relate with the current situation well. The audience will require that evidence used in the paper clearly illustrates the researcher’s argument and are realistic.

Designing Formats and Including Visuals

Printing Medium (Pyramid Visuals)

This is a printing company that is involved in production of exhibition displays, point of sale materials, outdoor media like banners, and printing vehicles (Pyramid Visuals). It is located in Weybridge Surrey. This company has a wide range of audience that include all parties involved in cardboard engineering, individuals looking for banners, exhibition displays, those in theatre industry, and people who want to print on their cars or even buildings. There audience are a mixture of both private property owners and firms or organisations.

The company’s large format, digital printing, and impressive visuals are fascinating. These are from their previous jobs so attractive that would capture the attention of anyone coming across them. The company has greatly used format and visuals to advertise itself. From the display a potential client views in their image gallery to the videos of their services to earlier customers, one will choose to work with pyramid visuals team. These are in:

Brandings to ensure successful road shows and promotions as this has of late become the most successful mode of advertisement. Like it is shown in the marketing of “Adidas” below:

Printing Medium
  • Event branding is an avenue through which pyramid printing company’s team can help an investor greatly promote his business through accurate advertisement via outdoor events;
Printing Medium
  • Logo’s development and usage of pathos and ethos in the pyramid printing works has made it greatly boost the audience captivation and in the process help marketers achieve their goals. For an event ,a logo is recommended so as to ensure association of the event with its originality and freshness;
Printing Medium

The use of format design and visuals will be of great importance in my superseding papers. This is because it will convey the intended message adequately and help my work stand out of the rest due to its uniqueness and ease to asses. This can give one a hedge against the current competitive world.

Basing on the strength carried by format design and visuals usage, I am of the idea that their appropriate application later on in professional activities will add to the quality sought by most employers. Perfect exercise of this will be through presentation of my former papers, and research work to different potential employers or clients in the designed format accompanied by visuals. This will make employers have a better ground to make their judgements. This could give any professional a competitive advantage over the others, more so where opportunities are limited. For those thinking of business as the course to take, this is the best way to present their works, as it will give them an impressive brand. That is, a great boost to any business longing for success starts with the kind of brand it is given.


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