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Plan for Project Implementation Essay

Setting and Room Arrangement

Due to the fact that the target audience include students originating from various cultures, it is highly important to invite all students into discussion with leaving no one to be unrecognized. In this respect, a cross-cultural approach should be introduced while forming class groups.

In groups with students from different countries, there is a higher probability of exchanging experiences and acquiring knowledge on the specifics of copyright laws in India, Asia, and Japan. However, each lesson should be aimed at discussing a common topic that would reconcile all presented cultures. The best solution here will be analyzing the following topics:

  • Introduction to copyright law;
  • Basics definition of copyright laws;
  • History and origins for copyright law;
  • Discussing existing agreements, type of licensing, and assignments;
  • Studying copyright with regard to traditional knowledge, economic development and authors as presented in the considered countries;
  • Disparities between American copyright laws and the one established at the international level

In addition to the above, the final lesson should focus on assessing students’ knowledge and experience in implementing and using U. S. copyright laws.

The teacher’s main task here is to make students quickly accommodate to the mode of learning and learn the specifics of sites usage. Increase in motivation can also be achieved if students get more involved in the problems they should overcome as well as objectives teacher pursue.

Audio-visual media platforms needed

The project implementation should start with working out specific training courses for international students to freely utilize the created site. Particular emphasis will be placed on identifying the definition of copyright laws, reasons for studying this issues, and consequences for copyright law infringement. This matter will be considered from an educational perspective to increase students’ academic awareness.

The training course will be placed on the website so that everyone can access it freely. The lessons designed will involve overview of presentations, video, and audio materials and, therefore, students will need specific software enabling them to look through these lessons and presentations.

In order to spark students’ interest in the subject and motivate them to learn more about this issue, online thematic forums will be organized where students will be able to discuss the most burning issues dedicated to the problem of copyright laws.

Such an option will enable students to expand their knowledge on specific issues, gain experience through engaging in activities connected to lifetime experience. In addition, cross-examination and online communication will also contribute to students understanding of disparities among copyright systems in different countries.

It should be stressed that the usage of online presentations involves specific knowledge on building charts, diagrams, and tables. These principles should be conceived before proceeding with the actual study.

Enhancing Students’ Computer Knowledge and Eliminating Problems with Knowledge Management

In order to better handle the site designed for learning the basics of copyright laws, students should also acquire sufficient skills in managing software and other computerized equipment. Computer assisted instruction is crucial for drill-and-practice activities and for solving problems connected with computer technology.

Advanced knowledge on communication technology will help students to facilitate their study and interaction with teachers and their peers. While evaluating knowledge management techniques, teachers should pay close attention to gaps each student has in terms of their level of understanding of computer essentials.

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