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North Korea Political Concepts Essay

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Updated: Dec 19th, 2018

Power: It is the ability to achieve a desired outcome. Power encompasses but not limited to the ability of oneself to do something or the capability of a government to grow the economy. On a political scale, power is thought as the ability to make someone involuntarily do something. Power can be political, personal, and economic.

The young North Korea leader, Kim Jong Un has got power over his people. He commands his forces to be ready for an attack on South Korea and United States of America (USA). The Koreans heed to his call and turn out for the rally. On the other hand, South Korea and the USA have got economic power. South Korea funds the joint factory park in North Korea. It also provides work force to the factory. Both countries have sophisticated war equipment including planes and nuclear weapons.

Sovereignty: Sovereignty means absolute and unlimited power within some geographical scope. It can be legal or political. Legal sovereignty is the total independence of the law making organs. Political sovereignty is the independence to entirely control, an area with no external interference.

Kim says that, the government, political parties, and organizations in North Korea held a joint statement. In the statement, they warn South Korea and (USA) of a possible attack without any prior notice if they are provoked. They promise to deal with the southerners according to “wartime regulations”. South Korean down plays the Northerners’ threats, claiming they are not new. The southerners say it is a routine military drill between the USA and South Korea. No country is ready to let its sovereignty threatened or undermined.

Government: A government is an institution that makes and enforces public policies for and on a society. Governments have three arms; legislature, judiciary and the executive that work jointly for a smooth running of a country.

Three governments are involved in the conflict; USA, South Korea and North Korea governments. Together with his generals, Kim Jong Un makes decisions for the country including going into war. The South Korean government collaborates with the USA government for military drills in the country. Analysts also argue that North Korean government is only using threats to draw the USA government into talks.

Authority: Authority is often used to mean the same as power. On the contrary, we do have a difference between these two terms. While power means having influence on someone to do something involuntarily, authority looks at the justification of exercising power. It looks at the legitimacy of one’s influence on people. We can refer to authority as institutionalized power.

The North Korean government, under the stewardship of its leader Kim Jong Un and his generals, exercises its authority to protect its borders. The North Korean government, political parties, and organizations also make a joint statement about the same. Given that the 1950-53 war between North Korea and South Korea ended in a cease-fire and not a peace treaty, North Korea had all the reasons to be cautious when USA carries out joint military drills with the South.

On its part, South Korea is also keen on the operations of their rivals. The government spokesman uses his authority to issue statement concerning the government’s position on North Korea’s threats. Exercising of authority is also seen when the UN exerts sanctions due to Pyongyang’s nuclear test. The UN serves to maintain peace and ensuring that human rights are kept by nations.

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