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Program to Help Meth Addicts Essay

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Updated: Sep 18th, 2022


Recovering from methamphetamine addiction is not easy. Personal qualities such as determination to succeed in overcoming addiction are important but not enough. A support system is required to help the patient avoid relapse during and after rehabilitation. Support system is one of the core elements of sober living. Basically, a program designed to help meth addicts must meet their needs. The study identified the core elements of such a program.

Providing addicts with spiritual and emotional support is very important. Failure to support them this way will lead to relapse. Support should be holistic and designed to include all aspects of addict’s life, not just the addiction problem.

The environment in a rehab centre is very supportive. This is not the case outside the confines of the centre. Addicts face challenges in their recovery process outside the rehab centre. To help addicts and their families live together in an environment of mutual understanding, counseling is required. Counseling is an important component of sober living program.

The role of counseling in the program is to satisfy the needs of addicts as well as those of their families. It builds on the strength of the addicts, and seeks to help patients overcome their weaknesses that may lead to their relapse. For best results under the program, counselors must be well trained and experienced.

To a great extent, addiction is a medical problem, and that is why medication is important for meth addicts. Depression is a major problem recovering addicts have to contend with. Patients need to be under medication for depression. Depression management should be done together with other components of sober living program.

The old adage says that we are what we eat. The food we consume not only provides us with nutrients essential for our bodies to function, but also influence our moods. For a patient recovering from meth addiction, eating appropriate type of nutritious foods is important in their program. Education on nutrition needs of the patient is incorporated under counseling program. This is critical because the patient is especially required to consume food containing appropriate amino acids to help repair brain damage.

The program recommends minimizing distractions or situations likely to encourage indulgence in consumption of methamphetamine. This is because distraction predisposes addicts to relapse. One way that was found to help addicts avoid relapse is by keeping company of family members and friends. Relatives and friends provide moral support, and banish the feeling of isolation that may push the patient to drugs in order to cope. The role of counseling under this element is to guide family members on how to monitor and supervise the addict.

The program identifies the role of behavior in overcoming drug addiction. Drug abuse is a learned behavior which can be unlearned. Therefore, adoption of new behavior pattern by the patient is an important part of the overcoming addiction. A new behavior pattern is designed to be learned in the rehab, which should be continued back at home. This should be backed with counseling and support at home.

Throughout the program, family members and friends are recognized as important because they provide moral support for the recovering addict. Beyond that, financial support is needed to help defray the cost incurred by the patient during process.


It is difficult to come up with a recovery program that can assist every addict. This is why it is important to identify the needs of addicts in question and determine their ability to successfully complete the program and benefit from it. The suggested program was designed with this in mind after considering the important characteristics of a good recovery program for an addict recovering while at home.

One important element that is a recurring is the important role family and friend plays in assisting the addict go through the recovery process. For an addict, the road to normalcy is tough, and that is why they need encouragement from those near them. If they are getting it, it instills a sense of self belief in their ability to kick out addiction. The problem is that family members and friends are ill prepared to support the patient.


A generic program of recovery is unlikely to assist in full the recovery from addiction without customizing it to match the needs of the recovering addict. In general, a program as outlined in chapter 4 will work with most people. However, a counselor is required to ensure that the needs of the addict match with what is offered under the program. The counselor advises the addict as well as the relatives of the addicts. The implication is that a counselor is critical for the program to succeed; hence, the need for the counselor to be properly qualified.


The role of a counselor in recovery process should be enhanced so that they can act as life coaches. A program incorporating a counselor usually succeeds. What is not clear, however, is the extent of the influence of the counselor in preventing a relapse. The program also seems to discount individual addict’s will to overcome addiction. It gives more weight to the treatment of family members and the skills of the counselor in the recovery process. The question remains whether it is possible to overcome addition without all the outside support. Further studies can shed light on that.

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