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Project Color™ by The Home Depot Analytical Essay

Application Overview Project Color™

The application helps the user to complete the paint job without any additional efforts. According to the description, it “allows you to see, match, or find the perfect color for your interior or exterior paint or stain project” (“Project Color™” par. 1).

Key features of the app and overall impression

Project Color™ is created for digitally adding colors to the painted object before even picking up the brush; as a result, the user already knows which colors will best suit his project.

The target audience of the application is people who are dealing with the renovation of their flats of houses; students who are doing designer projects and possibly artists in order to make their job easier. In my opinion, the application was created out of good intentions, as it is free. Moreover, the Project Color™ is used primarily by amateurs; skilled designers hardly would use an application for an iPhone to fulfill their work.

Positive characteristics

The application has a list of practical features that make the using of it more efficient and pleasant. The major positive attribute is usability: the consumer only needs to take a photo of the room to be painted, or it could be uploaded from the iPhone library.

Moreover, there even is a ‘live view’ of the room. Another feature that makes the application enjoyable is the variety of dye and stain shades; every person is guaranteed to find a color to his taste.

Negative characteristics

I experienced only one unfavorable feature. While taking the photo in the live view, the application sometimes crashes.

Impact on society

To my opinion, the Project Color™ will help the consumers to capture the perfect color or shade, thus making the repair job easier and less stressful.

Application Overview Google Calendar

The Google Calendar allows the consumer to save time efficiently and allocate his business in order of importance and urgency. It was released by Google, Inc. and fully meets the company name. It can be used not only for business but for personal purposes as well.

Key features of the app and overall impression

The application can provide a schedule connected with Gmail; moreover, “flight, hotel, concert, restaurant reservations and more are added to calendar automatically” (“Google Calendar” par. 3). The application is designed for audiences of any age and employment with an iPhone available. Google Calendar is free, so to my opinion, it hardly was created for making money.

Positive characteristics

Google Calendar is quite comfortable in use, especially with a renewed schedule view added. It allows getting familiar with the images and maps of the place accumulated to the calendar. The application also suggests titles and headlines for different events and places of attendance. The calendar provides an opportunity for distinctive ways of outlook: switching from day to day or observe several days at once.

Negative characteristics

I have experienced one crucial negative feature while using Google Calendar. It has failed to assign an event to calendars of different users. For example, it was impossible for me to add the members of my family via Google Calendar for an event that is meant to be for several people. The application should be able to provide the observing of collective events to its members without giving access to a calendar of the organizer.

Impact on society

Google Calendar is an efficient application for those who value their time. It is meant to improve the distribution of events and business timetable, so its impact on society is quite considerable. This is one of the applications that will make your life better.

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