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Provision of Just-In-Time Technology Proposal

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Updated: Jun 20th, 2019

Purpose of the Request for Proposals

The aim of this Request for Proposal is to seek proposals to set up a contract with a qualified organization (School District of Beloit, 2013). In fact, this is to support all areas of ‘Just-in-Time’ (JIT) technology solutions Good Hope Investments (herein referred to as the “Company”).

Information about the Company

The Information Technology Manager leads the information technology division of the Company. The division has an IT assistant, network administrator and a technician.

Company’s Right to Reject

The Company reserves the right to reject any proposal without notice. Proposers of the rejected proposals shall be notified. The Company reserves the right to explain the grounds for rejection.

Schedule of Events

Event Date
Draft RFP 03/06/2013
Finish review of RFP 13/06/2013
Post RFP on Company website 14/06/2013
Deadline for Proposal submission 15/06/2013 5.00 pm
Pre-response meeting with vendor 30/06/2013
Vendor queries submission closing date 05/07/2013 1.00 pm
RFP response presentation closing date 08/07/2013
Request for samples 15/07/2013
Verify capabilities 17/07/2013
Complete negotiations with top ranking vendors 22/07/2013
Project committee review and approval 24/07/2013
Management review and approval 08/08/2013
Launch the contract 15/08/2013


Company Needs

The Company has identified fundamental technology functions that require support including:

  • Systems administration
  • Operations support
  • Support for technological innovation
  • Communications

The general scope of the required services includes all the above aspects. It also includes the evaluation, breakdown, advice and procedural support tasks (Oklahoma Office of State Finance, N.d.). The overriding objective is to assist the company to stay ahead of competitors in the apparel industry by effectively using technology to maintain competitive advantage.

Statement Of Work

The Proposer MUST meet ALL the Company needs. However, this RFP is not comprehensive of ALL the services and actions for which the vendor is accountable. Any other activities and functions the Proposer deems essential for proper provision of service shall be notified to the Company in writing.

Rfp Requirements

Right to amend, annul, or invalidate RFP

The company reserves the rights to do any of the above whenever prior to the execution of the Contract.

Compliance with RFP Requirements

The RFP must adhere to the provisions of this RFP. Compliance failure will result in disqualification.

Obligatory Effect of Proposal

Unless the IT Manager embeds a signature on paper, every Proposer shall be legally bound by the terms and conditions in the Proposal. This information includes the prices mentioned in the Proposal.

Certification of Proposer

A representative of the Proposer must sign the Proposal and include the date. The submission of the Proposal certifies that the Proposer binds with the RFP terms and conditions. Lack of the required signatures shall lead to disqualification of the Proposal. By embedding the representative’s signature, the Proposer confirms the entirety and correctness of Proposal information (Sinclair, 2001).

Requirements for Submission

There shall be one original copy of the Proposal marked “ORIGINAL”. The original shall be readable with at least 10-point New Times Roman font. Copies shall be provided for every Project Committee member.

Deadline for Proposals

Proposal must be submitted by 5 pm 16/06/2013 to the Company Contracting Office.

Risk of Loss, Damage, Delay

The Company shall NOT be liable for any liability arising from the delivery failure.

Ownership of Proposals

Upon reception, Proposals turn into the Company’s property.

Costs of Participation

The Company shall NOT be liable for any claims or expenses by the Proposer due to the Proposer’s participation in the RFP procedures.

Conformity with relevant Laws, rules, decrees, Board of Regents Policies, Company procedures and actions

The submission of the Proposal by the prospective vendor is an indication that the proposer consents and shall put up with any relevant laws and regulations of the State and policies of the Company.

Rfp Procedures

Rescission of Proposal

Proposers may withdraw a Proposal prior to expiry of the deadline through a written request addressed to the Company Contracting Officer.

Request for Electronic Copy

Proposers may request a soft copy of the RFP from the Contracting Officer. The copies shall be given through emails ONLY.

Request for Clarification

The Company may seek clarification on ANY information in the Proposal.

Questions by Proposers

No queries shall be accepted by the Company after 05/07/2013 1.00 pm. All the queries must be in writing.

Communications with Company Personnel

Proposers shall avoid communicating with the Company personnel responsible for the evaluation of the Proposals regarding the entire process (Sinclair, 2001). Such may lead to the disqualification of the Proposal.

Evaluation of Proposals

The Project Committee shall evaluate the Proposals in harmony with the processes set in this RFP. The Project Committee may disqualify incomplete, unsigned or non-compliant Proposals.

Proposer Presentations

The Project Committee may invite the Proposer before it for the presentation of the service. It is the prerogative of the Project Committee to schedule such presentations.

Proposal Contents

Provision of Information

Every Proposer shall provide current, accurate, complete and relevant information. The information will incorporate:

  1. Business and Financial Information
  2. Services, plans, reports and billing

Rates for Services

Every Proposer shall provide specific information regarding ALL products and Services

Proposer Affirmation Clause

Proposer must include an affirmation clause and embed signature that the information in the Proposal is TRUE. (Corporate seal should be used if applicable).

Evaluation, Selection And Award

Discussions with Proposers

The Company reserves the rights to negotiate with any Proposer that it deems suitable for an award pursuant to this RFP procedure.

Modification of Proposal

Qualified Proposers shall be given the opportunity to present the finest and final Proposal after negotiations with the Company.

Selection of Proposer

The Proposer considered being the most beneficial to the Company should be awarded. The Proposal must have met the evaluation criteria of this RFP.

Evaluation of Proposer

The Company reserves the right of selecting the evaluators including the Company personnel.

Criteria for Evaluation

Evaluation will be based on:

  1. Rates for Services
  2. Cost of Products
  3. Proposers’ ability to meet Company needs
  4. Maintenance of QC measures by Proposer
  5. Service warranties and guarantees by Proposer
  6. Accomplishments and stability of business profile

Consideration of Additional Information

The company may request any additional information deemed useful to the Company.


Required Coverage

The Proposer shall cover the following in full during the entire duration of the Contract:

  1. Workers’ Compensation: Includes all workers working for the Proposer
  2. Commercial General Liability: This includes products, operational and contractual liability (Clark & Mayer, 2011).
  3. Automobile Liability: This must be Comprehensive Insurance

Effect of Indemnification Obligations

None of the conditions in the Contract shall be interpreted to limit the utilization of insurance obtained by the Proposer.

Additional Named Insured, Subrogation

The Company shall be an extra-name insured. Any subrogation not in favor of the Company shall be relinquished.

Documentation of Coverage

The Proposal shall provide the Company with insurance documentation forty-five days preceding the Effective date and the beginning of renewing the Contract.

Notification of Cancellation

The Proposer acquires insurance coverage in situations where the insurance company nullifies the policy purchased by the Proposer to cover the remaining period of the Contract. Failure to meet the conditions shall mean the cancellation of the Contract.

General Terms And Conditions

Initial Term; Renewal Terms

The initial Term of the Contract shall be at least three years.


The termination of the Contract prior to the expiry of the Term shall be agreed upon by the Company and Proposer and shall be in writing.

Requirements for Recordkeeping

The Proposer shall diligently maintain ALL records originating from the pursuit of the Contract and furnish the Company when such is needed.

Indemnification by the Proposer

The Proposer shall indemnify the Company and ALL its personnel from any costs and claims arising from the Proposer operations.

Right to Inspect

The Company reserves the freedom to inspect ANY documents used or generated by the Proposer in pursuing the Contract.


Clark, R. C. & Mayer, R. E. (2011). E-learning and the science of instruction. San Francisco: Pfeiffer.

Oklahoma Office of State Finance, (N.d.). Request for proposal for information technology cost efficiencies solicitation. Information Services Division, 34(2), 1-57.

School District of Beloit. (2013). Request for proposal: RFP #2013-0006. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage.

Sinclair, K. (2001). Request for proposal approach. Retrieved from

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