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Human Consciousness – Psychology Essay

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Updated: Mar 23rd, 2020

Human consciousness has always been a great mystery. Attempts to analyze it and understand the peculiarities of its work have never been stopped. Again and again, people tried to find out what phenomenon makes a person act in a certain way. To a large extent, these attempts were conditioned by the desire to cure or control a person. Such contradictory motifs led to the appearance of such practice as hypnosis.

It is a very old phenomenon, the origins of which could be found in Ancient Egypt. It was used by priests in their mysteries to underline their power and ability to dispose of some magic powers. With the development of science, people investigated this practice more carefully and produced its clear definition. Modern science and American Psychological Association determines hypnosis as “a cooperative interaction in which the participant responds to the suggestions of the hypnotist” (Cherry para. 1).

It should be mentioned, that the state of hypnosis is associated with the altered state of consciousness which can be characterized by greater attention, heightened suggestibility and in which people can be more involved in some actions. Usually, this state is achieved with the help of some verbal or visual aids. Being not a traditional way of treatment, this practice is usually associated with some kind of magic or some other mystical things. That is why it is necessary to list some common misconceptions about it.

The first misbelieve lies in the idea that a person could be hypnotized against his will. It should be said, that one of the main conditions of a successful hypnosis session is its voluntary character. A patient should trust the hypnotist and be sure in his intentions. Otherwise, this session will not be successful.

Another myth says that the hypnotist has total control over the body and will of a patient. It is easy to explode this misbelieve, as scientists and hypnotists are sure that it is impossible to make a person perform actions which contradict his principles.

Moreover, people think that a person remembers nothing after a hypnosis session. This misbelieve is partially true. The problem is, that due to the influence of hypnosis a person could remember some facts, which can be dangerous or unpleasant for his consciousness. That is why it will try to push these memories out for a person not to suffer from them again.

Maybe the most popular misconception about hypnosis is that it helps people to obtain super powers or reveal some hidden sources of a human body. Hypnosis is not a remedy for creation of a superhuman, and it does not influence a persons physical abilities.

Having analyzed different aspects of hypnosis, it is possible to suggest the way of its usage for some medical purposes. The most obvious sphere of its application is for helping people to cope with their addictions. It is a rather widespread practice in the world, which proved its effectiveness.

However, there are some conditions of its successful use. First of all, a person should have the desire to get rid of his addiction and use this practice for this purpose, as hypnosis is a voluntary method. However, this procedure should also be accompanied by medical treatment. A person should consult a doctor for him to prescribe the necessary treatment. The only combination of these facts can guarantee a persons recovery.

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